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Schwarzenegger took offense at the USAn robot manufacturer


A humanoid robot created by the USA company Promobot, whose appearance clearly shows the features of the famous Arnold Schwarzenegger, became the cause of the conflict. The Internet portal TMZ writes that the Hollywood actor did not like how his appearance, without prior agreement, became the "face" of a robot double, and also that he had to file a lawsuit demanding multimillion-dollar compensation and a ban on the use of his image and voice.

Reason for conflict

As it turned out, the ex-governor of California did not give official consent to use his image in the development of the device. Taking care of his own image, Schwarzenegger is very careful about using his appearance in advertising without obtaining permission. The actor's representatives say that Promobot had no legal basis to use his image so that the Schwarzenegger robot would become a source of income.

In the claims, in particular, it is mentioned that a humanoid robot with the face and voice of Schwarzenegger appears in public at various events. The manufacturer uses it as a means of advertising and selling their own products. For example, a mechanical double "worked" at the CES in Las Vegas, and then, despite the request of the actor's lawyer to stop using his image, reappeared at another public event.


According to TMZ journalists, Terminator lawyers hoped for a peaceful settlement of the issue. The company, representing the interests of the Hollywood star, sent an official letter to Promobot asking them not to show the mechanism with the actor's face in public places, but Schwarzenegger's robot double continued to appear at events.

Information about the $ 10 million claims against the USA company from Perm came from TMZ with the words “a source close to the actor”. In addition, the published article does not contain a single image of the statement of claim. Promobot has not heard about the legal claims from the actor. The company's press service confirms that it received only a verbal warning from Schwarzenegger's lawyers, but no official documents were received from the court. However, after that the manufacturer will still dispose of the robot.

What is Promobot

Promobot has united developers from Perm. The company specializes in the production of autonomous service robots. Banks, the Moscow Metro and even the Museum of Modern History have already acquired devices of this type. Besides, "Promobot" creates mechanisms that copy any appearance at the request of the customer.


The first such project was a prototype with the appearance of the head of the company, and the Schwarzenegger robot double is the second famous character developed by the company's engineers. The very first popular person, recreated in the form of a machine, was "Albert Einstein", who utters quotes from a world scientist. Robots are stationary busts on a special platform. The Promobot family of androids supports several functional roles, they can be consultants, concierges, used to entertain children, that is, used for commercial and home purposes.

Created last year, the USA robot with the appearance of the "Terminator" has many built-in modes of movement of parts of the face and neck, thereby reproducing several hundred variants of human facial expressions. In addition, he is able to speak and maintain a conversation, and also demonstrate reactions to other people's emotions. The manufacturing company used its own patented robot face technology to achieve maximum resemblance to the original. In addition, the movement uses proprietary artificial leather technology.

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