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Cryptocurrency wallet announced in Opera browser


Opera has introduced a new version of its browser of the same name for Android devices. Its main difference will be the presence of an integrated crypto-wallet. The new product is already being used for a closed beta test run.

Updated Opera supports Ethereum e-currency. The developers claim that the redesigned browser for android devices supports standard crypto wallet tools and is compatible with the Ethereum Web3 API. For end users, this means that they no longer need to take additional steps to conduct transactions in electronic currency - switch to a new browser, have additional plugins for various transactions with coins.

Cryptocurrency to every home

The official release of the new browser contains the intentions of the company to change its opinion about cryptocurrencies as dubious instruments and in practice to improve and simplify the use of electronic money. Charles Hamel, being the product manager of Opera Crypto, in particular, explained that the company is interested in the fact that browser users can make payments with virtual coins and make mutual settlements without obstacles. Thus, the company wants to make the "crypto world" a part of the daily life of a larger number of users.

At the moment there are many applications that allow you to perform all actions with virtual money quite simply. However, the main task of the new Opera, as conceived by its creators, is based on saving the user from installing additional extensions (for example, MetaMask) or using special decentralized applications (known as dapps).

Opera representatives admit that, in general, the use of cryptocurrencies is still not entirely clear and at the same time can cause difficulties. At the same time, for those who attach great importance to anonymity, the presence of a stored transaction history and the binding of a crypto wallet to a personal profile with personal data may not be credible. To all this, the product manager of the company claims that the updated browser is able to maintain greater anonymity of actions with virtual money and make all processes using currency faster and safer. Khamel also adds that the use of the crypto-functionality integrated into the new Opera, on the contrary, will be a good way for many to gain experience in working with virtual coins.

Opera is expressing some concern about the situation in the crypto industry. By the way, in the winter the company presented an update of the security system (including devices based on android), which acts as protection against cryptocurrency hackers. The security tool was a built-in anti-virus ad shield. As a reminder, the giant Chinese mining platform Bitmain recently announced its intention to acquire an impressive stake in Opera.

You can try the beta version of the new browser tool in the public domain right now on the site.

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