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Opera has released a browser for gamers


The Opera team has presented a new version of the browser of the same name. The developers are positioning the announced Opera browser as the world's first solution for gamers with unique options and special features for lovers of video toys.

The main feature of the new Opera GX is a function that allows you to set limits on the use of RAM and processor resources. A special panel GX Control in the browser will limit the resources of the computer, thereby avoiding various freezes of the game. This can be useful for those who value an open browser while playing. Other popular browsers do not yet have this option.


In addition to the ability to regulate computer resources, the Opera browser version for gamers has a number of specific innovations. The side panel contains icons of various messengers, which is typical for the standard version of the browser. In addition, Twitch integration is available on the sidebar of the gaming Opera, where you can track channel subscriptions, receive notifications when a new stream starts, or find out which streamers are online.


In terms of basic browser functions, the new Opera GX has taken a lot from the regular version of Opera, including a floating video player tool, a traffic saving mode, an integrated VPN service and an ad blocker, built-in social icons of Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook. New to Opera GX is the GX Corner section, where all information on gaming topics is collected: news, announcements, releases, etc.


Even outwardly, the new Opera browser has a certain gaming style. There is a trend towards individualization in its design, with the help of which the user can customize the view of the browser according to his preferences. Opera GX has a sleek, dark red design that resembles a PC's LED backlight.

The gaming purpose of the browser is complemented by a large selection of background wallpapers that are adapted, among other things, for large gaming screens with 4K support. The user can choose the built-in backlight mode or create his own version using a variety of colors in the palette. You can also choose preset audio effects in your browser settings.


Opera GX is now in Early Access, and every user can download the Opera game format browser for free. In the future, the browser will be run in several steps. The browser is currently at the first level of development during Early Access.

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