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Films and TV series of October from 25th to 31st inclusive: full list of premieres with a short review and trailers


A new week has arrived, and a new list of premieres awaits us. This time we will introduce you to the films and new seasons of TV series, which will be released on screens from 25 to 31 October. And first, as usual, a complete list of premieres.

Films and TV series October 25 to 31, clean list

Let's start, as we have already become a habit, with foreign novelties, and here the fantastic thriller with the participation of Keanu Reeves “Reproduction” predictably came to the first place in the rating of expectations. But first things first. So, here's what awaits us from the 25th:

  • Funny Girl - musical, chap. Starring Sheridan Smith, Darius Campbell (England).
  • Loro 1 - biography, drama, chap. Starring Toni Servillo, Elena Sofia Ricci (Italy).
  • How to profitably skip school - drama, comedy, family, in ch. starring Francois Cluse, Jean Scandel (France).
  • Witches - horrors, in ch. starring Alexandra Quen, Selina Peter (Germany).
  • On the border of worlds - fantasy, thriller, melodrama, in ch. Starring Eva Melander, Eero Milonoff (Sweden).
  • Puppeteer - horror, thriller, in ch. Starring Yvonne Strahovski, Anna Pnevski (USA).
  • Reproduction - fantasy, thriller in ch. Starring Keanu Reeves, Alice Eve (USA).

Now let's figure out the novelties of full meters of domestic production:

  • Indestructible - military, history, drama, in ch. starring Andrey Chernyshov, Vladimir Epifantsev (USA).
  • Not They - Comedy by Daria Khramtsova, Polina Maksimova, (USA).
  • Short waves - USA, in ch. Cast Alex Dubas, Evgeny Grishkovets (USA).
  • Two tickets home is a drama in chap. starring Maria Skuratova, Sergey Garmash (USA).
  • The Man Who Surprised Everyone - drama, chap. Cast Evgeny Tsyganov, Natalia Kudryashova (USA).

Here's what the list of new seasons of the most successful TV series looks like:

  • Legacy . Season 1 10/25/2018, The CW (USA).
  • Sabrina's Chilling Adventures . Season 1, 10/26/2018, Netflix (USA).
  • Castles . Season 2, 10/26/2018, Netflix (USA).
  • Midnight, TX . Season 2, 10/26/2018, NBC (USA).
  • Channel zero . Season 4, 10/26/2018, Syfy (USA).
  • Ray Donovan . Season 6, 10/28/2018, Showtime (USA).
  • Stan vs. the Forces of Evil . 31.10.2018, IFC (USA).

Now let's move on to a more detailed acquaintance with the paintings.

Foreign paintings

This week on the screens of USA cinemas there will be a few of them and, as already mentioned, the main expectation of the audience is directed towards "Reproduction". But we'll start small.

Funny girl. Director Michael Mayer

Musicals in our country are not as revered as in the West. For most of today's USAs, dancing and antics on the screen mixed with vocals seem to be sheer delirium.

But, meanwhile, the same "Moulin Rouge" or "La-la-land" were held with us with even greater success. Therefore, the brainchild of British Michael Mayer should not be ignored.

In this musical, the plot revolves around a positively minded person of low-key appearance named Fanny, who is in love with an active male personality named Nick. Only, as shown in the production, no positive attitude can save your life's work from collapse, and your loved one from prison. Will it end so badly? We are watching the trailer for the musical.

Loro 1. Directed by Paolo Sorrentino. IMDb rating 6.7

The secular society of Italy is full of significant, strong, great and sophisticated natures in all respects. But you don't know Loro yet. This is where the quintessence of this world came together. Although, upon closer examination, a cut diamond can always turn out to be a real dummy ...

How to profitably skip school. Directed by Nicolas Vanier. IMDb rating 6.6

Poacher poacher strife. Sometimes you come across those from whom you can learn something that is not written in any textbooks. So why not spend time with a bearded guy who will teach you so many interesting things today, once again skipping school?

But how does it sometimes get in the way when hated foster parents are constantly behind you ...

Witches. Directed by Lucas Feigelfeld. Rating IMDb 6.1, KP 5.0

In the depths of the forest, trying not to be seen by the villagers, a hereditary witch lives with her daughter. The villagers are very critical against her, believing that their family is cursed. But what if the mother, for example, suddenly gets sick? What, then, should a girl who is not adapted to the big world do? Is it possible to turn away from the poor woman and her child without exception?

In general, as practice shows, it is better not to anger the witch ...

On the border of the worlds. Directed by Ali Abbasi. IMDb 7.2 rating

Somewhat tragic, somewhat comical, but certainly cute adventures of orcs in our world. What about a woman who from birth feels that she is not of this world? Feeling abnormally heightened, and indeed the perception of the world occurs at a different level, much higher than that of an ordinary person. In some cases this is a gift, in some it is a real curse. But everything changes when an unusual girl suddenly comes across him on the path of life ...

The most beautiful story about the most ugly in appearance and the most beautiful soul of humanoids ... People, nevertheless, their language does not dare to call ...

Puppeteer. Director Quinn Lasher IMDb rating 5.3, CP 5.0

Judging by the fact that every third thriller of modern film distribution will necessarily be about a sophisticated killer maniac, we can conclude that "mania" is in people's blood. And you never know where you will run into such a psychopath. So a mother and her daughters, going to rest in a house by the lake, did not even suspect that she would stumble upon one of these, with their brains turned inside out.

Will the woman be able to resist the maniac and protect her two babies from him? Hard to believe. But let's see ...

Reproduction. Director Jeffrey Nachmanoff

The one who banned cloning simply did not lose his wife and children. This is exactly what the hero Keanu Reeves, who specializes in experimental experiments on transplanting human consciousness into the brain of a machine, thought. And on reflection, he took and raised the clones of his wife and children who died in the crash. And when he grew up, he placed their recorded consciousnesses in their new bodies. Created a so-called reproduction.

But if he thinks that he will get nothing for it, he is cruelly mistaken. And problems should be expected in this case not only from the side of the judges ...

USA film premieres

Our filmmakers continue to lure us into theaters with their low-budget dramas and comedies. Although standing pictures and among them, sometimes, come across. For example, the most anticipated this time was the comedy film "Not About Him". Although, in our opinion, the military drama "Invincible" deserves special attention, with which we will begin.

Unbreakable. Director Konstantin Maksimov

Everyone is so used to the fact that only T-34 tanks differed on the battlefields during the Great Patriotic War, which will be a real surprise for some that this film was made about the crew of the KV-1 tank. The brave guys were able to take luck by the tail and on their far from perfect machine knock out more than 15 enemy tanks, as well as destroy a lot of other German military equipment, including manpower.

Details of the feat are in the film, but the trailer can also be checked out beforehand.

Not them. Director Alexander Boykov

A tale about how juvenile idiots in the person of Major, Mathematician, Bitch, Rocker, Blonde, Psycho and Losers were able to save the world. Or couldn't they? But the superheroes definitely screwed up here. Therefore, there is no one else. We'll have a motley company of slightly nutty, silly boys and girls, led by a home-grown super-psychic, to get out and save the world. As it will be? It will become known approximately from the trailer.

Or it won't.

Short waves. Director Mikhail Dovzhenko

As far as you can understand, this is a slightly different interpretation of the previous "USA Brief 1". A collection of short films that share a common theme - radio.


Trailer, unfortunately, the creators did not bother to bungle. Probably, there was not enough money or they forgot to chip in. Or scored ...…

Two tickets home. Director Dmitry Meskhiev

A hackneyed topic. The child grows, grows until he grows up. And he learns that he has a living parent only when he has already been raised by the state boarding school (mother has no time to raise her daughter). And it's also good that in this case, the girl's upbringing did not go awry, which very rarely happens in our time.

Well, now the child has a dilemma - to finish training and become a flight attendant, or devote his life to getting to know his father better? And do I need to find out? After all, as the famous proverb says, the less you know, the better you sleep ...

The person who surprised everyone. Directed by Natasha Merkulova, Alexey Chupov

Awards are rarely given to USA films. This is just the case. The film grabbed the golden lion in the Best Actress nomination (Natalia Kudryashova). He was nominated for the best film, but he fell slightly short.

And the tale here is about a young man, a gamekeeper by profession, who suddenly learned that he was terminally ill, did not accept, but gave the disease a real fight. But not everyone agrees with his chosen solution. Will Yegor be able to overcome the fatal illness and discontent of his loved ones? Let's see ...

New seasons of TV series

Now let's move on to the series, which will not be released in the period covered by us. By the new year, the prime minister will become smaller and smaller, as is usually the case. But, meanwhile, there will be something to see here. Moreover, this week Western channels decided to please us with two new premiere episodes of promising TV series.

Legacy. Season 1 starts on October 25, Thursday, The CW

The series that fans of the "Vampire Diaries" universe have been waiting for. The firstborn will henceforth sink into oblivion, and a new generation of vampires and other dark entities will come to replace them. And being born a dark entity will be especially difficult to overcome your dark self, and not everyone will eventually be able to come to the light (sounds funny in relation to vampires, but you can't say better).

Well, since there are good and there are bad guys, then intrigues, quarrels, wars and novels will again be tied between them. This means that there will be something to look at, and there will be something to be angry with and something to empathize with. In the meantime - a trailer for the pilot episodes for your attention ...

Sabrina's Chilling Adventures. Season 1 starts on Friday, October 26, Netflix TV channel

Another novelty and also in the fantasy genre with a touch of horror. But now from the eternal competitor of everyone and everything Netflix.

What if we take the "Sabina the Little Witch", which has been worn to holes, and, letting in a gloomy chorus, produce an updated teenage saga about witches and other evil spirits at the exit? Will Sabina be able to find herself in this world, not go over to the bad guys and effectively confront her enemies? We think Netflix can come up with something about this. Watching the Season 1 trailer.

Castlevania. Season 2 starts on October 26, Friday, Netflix. IMDb rating 8.0, KP 7.3

The vengeful cartoon Dracula stretched out his revenge into a second season. He made a lot of rustle to the common people in the first season in revenge for the fact that they burned his beloved girlfriend Lisa at the stake. What, interestingly, will people answer to all his dark inclinations in the second season? Will there be an end to the hordes of evil that are sent to them? To be honest, even the creators probably have no idea. Everything depends on the number of views.

There's a paradox right there. The better people watch the show, the longer the evil spirits scoff at its heroes. And if there are no views, the evil is thwarted at the end of the first season. Such are the things. It turns out that we, the audience, are to blame for the hardships of the heroes. In the truest sense of the word.

Midnight, TX. Season 2 starts on Friday, October 26, NBC. Rating IMDb 7.5, KP 6.3

Among people with side abilities, there are also losers. And for such losers, there is also a small town in Texas. It is called Midnight, and although not the coolest gathered there, it is never quiet there. Because even among not the coolest there will always be their coolest. Well, or they want to become one.

Sounds punishing, but it is.

Zero channel. Season 4 starts on October 26, Friday, Syfy TV channel. Rating IMDb 7.2, KP 6.2

Returning to his hometown in order to find out who is behind the disappearance of his half-brother through the brain-digging in the heads of witnesses, the child psychologist in the person of Brandon Scott will be bogged down there for 4 whole seasons. And this, most likely, is not the limit. Everything is going very well.

Ray Donovan Season 6 Sunday October 28, Showtime IMDb Rating 8.3, CP 7.8

Ray Donovan, famed LA problem solver, returns for Season 6. But who would solve his own problems. And he has heaps of them. And new ones are added every season. What kind of problem will fall on his head in the coming season?

Stan against the forces of evil. Season 3 starts on October 31, Wednesday, IFC TV channel IMDb rating 7.2, CP 6.7

A cool TV series like "Ash vs. Evil Dead." And from the same TV company. Only if Ash got more and more ghouls on his way, then Stan has to cope with the whole set of otherworldly creatures.

And he and his accomplices approach the question of the destruction of dark entities of all stripes and varieties, at times, so outside the box that it is simply impossible not to laugh. This is a wonderful parody of horror-thriller series of all times and peoples. So Stan's third coming is coming! People, pound, just don't break the TVs! Plasma is too expensive these days ...

On this positive note, we want to say goodbye to you until next week. All the best and more cool movies and TV series for you!

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