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Films and TV series from November 8 to 14 inclusive: full list of premieres with a brief overview and trailers


The next week can rightfully be considered a fantasy week. The list of films presented to us in the period from November 8 to November 14 is simply bursting with excellent fantastic films of various orientations. These include the long-awaited premiere of our filmmakers. "Alien", but first things first.

List of premieres that await us in the second week of November

First, let's take a look at the short list. And let's start, as usual, with foreign premieres:

  • Shop thieves - crime, drama, chap. starring Kirin Kiki, Riri Franky, Sosuke Ikematsu (Japan)
  • The Girl Who Stuck in the Web - thriller, drama, crime, chap. starring Claire Foy, Sylvia Hooks, Luckith Stanfield (England, Germany, Sweden, Canada, USA)
  • Overlord - horror, fantasy, military, action, thriller, detective, in ch. Cast Wyatt Russell, Johan Philip Asbeck, John Magaro (USA)
  • Under Silver Lake - thriller, drama, detective, comedy, crime, in ch. Starring Riley Keough, Grace Van Patten, Topher Grace (USA)
  • Duplicate - fantasy, drama, in ch. Starring Ansel Elgort, Patricia Clarkson, Sookie Waterhouse (USA)
  • My boys - animals - fantasy, comedy, chap. starring Steve Howe, Justin Chatwin, Sean Astin (USA)
  • Unsinkable - a comedy starring Mathieu Amalric, Guillaume Canet, Benoit Poulvord (France)
  • To the End of the World: In Search of the Unicorn - cartoon, adventure, family (India)

Next, let's move on to our premieres. There are also a lot of them, there is something to go to, and to reduce the kids:

  • Walnut - adventure, comedy, chap. starring Kirill Kaganovich, Anton Vasiliev, Alexander Robak (USA)
  • Alien - fiction, drama, adventure, in ch. starring Andrey Smolyakov, Yuri Tsurilo, Grigory Siyatvinda (USA)
  • CARTOON in cinema. Issue No. 84. Best friends - cartoon, for children (USA)
  • Baba Yaga. Beginning - cartoon, adventure, family, comedy (USA)
  • Surf - adventures, documentary (USA)

Let's finish the list with novelties from the field of serials. Even one full-fledged premiere was added to their short list. And again, by the way, from the category of science fiction:

  • Room 104 . Season 2, 11/9/2018, HBO (USA)
  • Patriot . Season 2, 11/10/2018, Amazon (USA)
  • Mars . Season 2, 11/12/2018, National Geographic Channe (USA)
  • Begins . Season 1, 14/11/2018, BBC England

And now you can review the new items offered to us in more detail.

Brief announcements of foreign film premieres

Of the eight film premieres presented to our attention, four are full-fledged fantastic tapes (yes, fantasy, whatever one may say, also belongs to the category of fiction), three are works on the verge of a foul, that is, it seems, and not fiction, but still this cannot be in principle. And only one film is a comedy drama from the category of those that can be considered vital. Let's start with her.

Shop thieves. Directed by Hirokazu Koreeda. IMDb 8.1 rating

For some, this will be a complete surprise, but such a multimillion-dollar metropolis like Tokyo also has its own slums. And although they look more pleasant than the slums of the same Johannesburg, they have not ceased to be them. And people of the most different kind live in them.

In this picture, we are talking about a family of thieves who only earn their living by stealing. They steal from pockets, in supermarkets, in short, wherever there is something bad. And somehow they find a little girl. And when they find it, they decide to keep it. But this girl, it turns out, was kidnapped by someone, and a ransom was announced for her.

It's clear that the family of thieves was not involved in her abduction. Just go and prove it ...

The girl stuck in the web. Directed by Federico Alvarez. IMDb Rating 5.8

Continuation of the theme "Girls with the Dragon Tattoo". Or rather, an attempt to create something similar. The journalist Mikael Blomkvist and the advanced Madame with the dragon tattoo Lisbeth Sandler also take place here. Only the script let us down a little. Yes, and the actors are somehow indistinct, as well as their acting. This is evidenced by the very mediocre IMDb rating.

Those who, unexpectedly finding themselves in the location of the cinema, also unexpectedly find out that they have nothing to do, can go to the film. Well, or those who have not looked at previous "interpretations", otherwise the sediment will not be very ...

Overlord. Directed by Julius Avery. IMDb rating 6.9

No large-scale offensive is conducted without careful preparation. It may be intelligence, or it may be some kind of sabotage actions. Here everything is going according to this scenario. Events unfold on the eve of the landing of allied troops on the Norman coast. Two experienced specialists from the airborne unit are thrown into the rear of the enemy, so that they disable his communications system.

If they only knew what they had to face. It turns out that the Germans conducted secret experiments in this part connected with something otherworldly. Through the fault of the saboteurs, the "project" of the Germans begins to malfunction and the paranormal evil spirits rushing into our world non-stop, infiltrating the bodies of people and making them horrible monsters.

Who is not afraid - welcome to the session. Who's scared - welcome to a session with friends ...

Under Silver Lake. Directed by David Robert Mitchell. IMDb Rating 6.8

The film is somewhat similar to Conspiracy Theory (1997) with Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts. There, Gibson's hero was also always looking for hints of a conspiracy where he could not get. And just like here, few people believed him. Idiot, they say, what else to say. But, like there, the boy insists on his own, and his strained efforts, in the end, lead to an unexpected outcome.

The idea, of course, is completely idiotic. Well, who will need to put some hints in some newspapers, etc. How much fuss does it take? How many people (or who there?) Should be involved in such work? It is worth it if we consider that it will be possible to solve all this confusion only in one case in a million ...

Duplicate. Directed by Bill Oliver. IMDb 7.0 rating

Prem on, and again - fantastic. This time we have to observe a strange guy named Jonathan. Rarely, but there are people with a split personality. And there was nothing new on this topic for a long time. This fact was noted by screenwriters Gregory Davis, Peter Nikowitz and Bill Oliver.

They dashed off a good scenario in which David lives two parallel lives at once, and even sometimes sends himself messages on the network from "one life to another." And everything would be fine if, as is usually the case, two people in one body did not start to conflict ...

My boys are animals. Directed by Finn Taylor. IMDb rating 6.5, KP 6.3

The fantasy continues. Only this time she's heading into the comedy genre.

What if you are a girl a little out of this world? Well, or from the world, but still something is wrong with you. Everyone around is living a full life, everything is going well for everyone, only it seems to you that everyone around is kind of unfinished. Or is it you?

No one comes to the rescue, but pets - a cat and a dog, who, suddenly turning into two guys, begin to contribute to your "social education".

This is complete nonsense, but there is something to laugh at. And despite the fact that the film, in itself, is not the first freshness and was released on large screens abroad at the end of 2016, it will find its audience. Or already found ... On torrents ...

Unsinkable. Directed by Gilles Lellouche. IMDb 7.1 rating

Synchronized swimming ... Male? Yah! What, and this happens? In France, it turns out, yes. Well, here only one idea smiles in full. And again, mind you - fantastic. But, meanwhile, it's worth a look ...

For those who have not yet had time to look at pirate sites. The premiere was back in May ...

To the End of the World: In Search of the Unicorn. Director Kamal Bansal

India never ceases to amaze. And this time not only with his feature films, in which every Indian is a fighter, and the strength in him is like in a diesel tractor with six huge pots.

Here we can see the work of Indian animators who shot a full-length cartoon about how two children go in search of their father-traveler, who got lost in his next journey.

So tempting to revise "Gwendolyn" 1984. There the girls were also looking for dad. And they found an underground world inhabited by solid half-naked girls.


But here, unlike "Gwendolyn", the path of our heroes lies not in the desert, but in the opposite direction. And they are not helped by some mercenary with a pretty face, but by a whole family of inventors, with a funny robot in the appendage.

And the ratings should not be confused. There - up to 18, and here from six ... Children in an armful and in the movies. They will definitely love this fantasy.

Brief overview of USA film premieres in the second week of November

There is no such dominance of fiction among USA premieres, although "The Alien" alone outweighs all our other "masterpieces". And the kind Baba Yaga in itself - is it not a fantasy? In short, let's go in order.

Walnut. Director Stas Ivanov

A living example of how your bride can take your brains out in five minutes so that your whole life, overnight, begins to burst at the seams. No, though. It's not life that is bursting at the seams, but your moral foundations. No, though. Probably not the foundations, but the belief that you are doing everything right in this life of yours. Although - no! What the hell is faith? It turns out that there is no faith!

Have a problem with your girlfriend? There is an exit! Go to Greece, find homies there, the same moral degenerates, and have fun in full. Perhaps you will find the meaning of life. And in addition - and something else ... Or, someone ...

Alien. Director Alexander Kulikov

We finally got to our main premiere of the month. Why main? Well, the budget itself hints at it. 350 million rubles are not bullshit. So we have the right to expect something worthwhile from our "creators".

And the story in the picture will go about this. On a distant planet, as a result of an unfortunate coincidence of circumstances, our astronaut is left alone. And no matter what. I would have collected feces, like Matt Damon in "The Martian", would have planted a potato, it would, as usual, grow a thousand times more than these same feces, I don't want to eat it.

But everything is not so smooth here. On the planet, as it turns out, our astronaut was not alone. And now it becomes clear who is the "alien" for whom, and who will be kicked out of our (or theirs?) Village ...

CARTOON in the movies. Issue No. 84. Best friends. Directed by Alexander Lyutkevich, Alexey Mironov, Mikhail Medvedev and others.

The 84th issue of the cartoon "Cartoon in the cinema", which has already become a duty officer. This time little kids will see the continuation of their favorite animated series “Four in a Cube”, “Katya and Ef. Kuda-Ugodno-Door ”,“ Mi-Mi-Mishki ”,“ Leo and Tig ”, as well as the continuation of the epic“ Belka and Strelka. Secrets of Space ". All cartoons are bright, colorful and interesting. The smallest kids will be very interested, even if they have not watched the beginning of some stories. The plots are not interconnected.

I wonder if adults will tell their children how many dogs and cats adult uncles and aunts killed before they launched the famous Air Force Major Gagarin into orbit? Probably not. First, they themselves do not know entgo and do not want to know. And, secondly, Belka and Strelka landed normally, didn't they? Why then drive a snowstorm?

Baba Yaga. Start. Director Vladimir Sakov

Time after time, cartoon after cartoon and film after film, all the epic villains begin to turn into the most good-natured people. So, you look, we will accelerate - and we will get to Hitler. After all, he probably also poured millions for the sake of good ... Well, okay.

But we somehow do not dare to speak about the kind Baba Yaga. After all, she cooked and ate children. Only one thing is not clear. What were these kids doing in the deep forest? And what did the poor grandmother eat when the kids were not there? Fall into suspended animation? It's a shame, but we do not know for sure.

And for those who want to familiarize themselves with the annotation for the "newfangled" cartoon - a trailer to help!

Surf. Director Konstantin Kokorev

Soundly, with soul and knowledge of the matter filmed documentary, which is worth watching. But, alas, people go to documentaries with a creak. But in vain. In the film you can really make sure that we have not only beautiful places in our country, but also professional surfers. And even, concurrently, operators.

TV Shows, New Seasons and Long-awaited Premiere: "Origin"

And now let's focus on the four premiere seasons of the series, the main and most anticipated of which is the ambitious fantasy space project of the YouTube Originals channel "Beginning" or "Origin" in English. But first things first. And again, everything here, except for "Patriot", is from the category of fantasy. Although "Patriot" is also not very real.

Room 104. Season 2 starts Friday, November 9, HBO, IMDb 6.1 rating, CP 5.9

If someone thinks that the strange and abnormal can only happen in the "Animatrix", he is cruelly mistaken. In one of the usual average American motels in room number 104, sometimes things are happening that not only "Animatrix", but also the heroes of "Quantum Leap" with "Sliders" will envy. And who does not believe it - welcome to Amidiateka!

Or torrent trackers ...

Patriot. Season 2 starts on November 10, Saturday, Amazon TV channel, IMDb rating 8.2, CP 7.8

Prevent Iran from becoming a Nuclear Power? Yes Easy! This, and not only this, is occupied by the main characters of the series "Patriot". And they do it with such a perky and genuine humor that you will wait for the next episode!

Mars. Season 2 starts on November 12, Monday, National Geographic Channe TV channel, IMDb rating 7.5, CP 7.0

A very interesting series, in which the actions unfold, as it were, in fact, in real time. What would happen if an expedition to Mars flew in our time? This is exactly what it would be.

This is the opinion of American filmmakers, and the same is the opinion of their advisers from National Geographic and Nasa. It just looks incredible anyway. But very expensive, and therefore spectacular.

Worth seeing. At least in order to make sure that everything in space is not only crooked. Everybody gets crooked in space ...

Start. Season 1 starts Wednesday November 14, YouTube Originals TV channel (England)

A very ambitious, expensive and spectacular project. Earthlings send a ship into space with a huge number of colonists on board. Everyone is asleep, only the shift on duty is awake. But, as usual, an emergency occurs on the way, communication with the Earth is interrupted, and strange and terrible things begin to happen on the huge ship ...

Watching the trailer, enjoying, fearing and waiting for the premiere episodes ...


On this phantasmagoric note we will finish with you. Next week will be especially desirable for us, because it is on it that we will see the premiere screening in USA of David Yates's blockbuster "Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald." And although the world premiere will take place on November 8, we will only show it in a week.

What is the reason for such a delay, we will talk about in our next review of film premieres. In the meantime, all the best to you, and more cool films and TV series for you!

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