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Films and TV series from November 1 to 7 inclusive: full list of premieres with a short review and trailers


A new month is coming - November. And new films come along with it. Let's take a look at the list of paintings offered to our attention in the last month of autumn. Yes, the pre-Christmas premieres are just around the corner, but for now we will be content with the usual set. And this time the most anticipated of them are "Bohemian Rhapsody" with Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury, Hunter Keeler with David Butler and the domestic horror movie "Lost Place". But, first things first.

Films and TV series November 1-7, clean list

We start, as usual, with a short list of all upcoming foreign premieres, of which this week, by the way, will be less than last. And let's start, of course, with the most anticipated one, which, according to the Queen members left without Freddie, should simply blow up the world.

  • Bohemian Rhapsody - drama, music, biography, in ch. starring Rami Malek, Lucy Boynton (England).
  • Enchantress - fantasy, family, in ch. Starring Gerda Lee Kaas, Sonia Richter (Denmark).
  • Horror 2: Hectic Halloween - Comedy, Horror, Fantasy, Ch. starring Wendy McLendon-Covey, Madison Iceman (USA).
  • Letter of Death - horror, thriller, drama, chap. starring Aurora Perrino, Jaden Piner (USA).
  • Hunter Killer - thriller, thriller, chap. starring Gerard Butler, Gary Oldman (USA).
  • The prose of stray dogs. Film - anime, cartoon, action (Japan).
  • Basement - drama, chap. starring Jean-Marc Barr, Olga Simonova (USA, Slovakia, Czech Republic).

Let's continue the list with USA premieres. There are also a lot of them this week. Particularly distinguished in it is the "Crimean Bridge", the release of which was timed to the Day of National Unity. We will dwell on it in more detail a little later. In the meantime, here's everything that our filmmakers offer us for viewing in the first week of November:

  • Lost Place - horrors, in ch. Starring Anna Mikhalkova, Alexey Dyakin (USA).
  • Bassoon - comedy, chap. starring Anastasia Pronina, Julia Aug (USA).
  • Crimean bridge. Made with love! - comedy, melodrama, chap. Starring Alexey Demidov, Katerina Shpitsa (USA).
  • A guy from Hollywood, or The Extraordinary Adventures of Venya Lucky - family, comedy, adventure, in ch. Cast Roman Svetlov, Stanislav Duzhnikov (USA).

Now about the series. As we mentioned, closer to the new year they will come out less and less, since all the new seasons of the most successful projects have already started. But, meanwhile, among this shortened list was the most anticipated 6th season of "House of Cards". How will it be without Kevin Spacey? We will discuss later, but for now only a list:

  • Startup . Season 3, 1.11.2018, Crackle (USA)
  • Coming home . Season 1, 2/11/2018, Amazon (US).
  • House of Cards . Season 6, 11/2/2018, Netflix (USA).
  • Outlander . Season 4, 11/4/2018, Starz (USA).
  • Mr. Dee . Season 8, 11/7/2018, CBC (Canada).

Short previews of foreign paintings

November 4 is still a long way off, and therefore “We will postpone the Crimean Bridge until later, until the USA list. In the meantime, people are rushing about waiting for the premiere of "Bohemian Rhapsody". Let's start with her.

Bohemian Rhapsody. Director Brian Singer

The biographical tape tells about the formation, the dawn and ... Let's not talk about the "sunset", although without Freddie Mercury the group has dropped to the level of ordinary third-rate and nothing concrete on the pile. In general, we will talk about the world famous group Queen, how they came to fame and how their most powerful hits were born.

Whoever is interested in such a topic can go to the cinema. And without any flattery, we can say that the film will be interesting not only for connoisseurs of the genre of biographical dramas.

Freddie's life was short, but very full of interesting events and twists. He was a very extravagant person who, by and large, did not belong to that time. So it's worth a look.

Enchantress. Director Kaspar Munch, IMDb Rating 5.7

In this film, witches appear as saviors of the wild world. And 12-year-old girl Clara is one of them. She only finds out about it in a somewhat extraordinary way. And when she finds out, she realizes that she was drawn into the eternal struggle between good and evil, in which she plays the role of far from an average extra.

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that if these witches are really the defenders of the world of wild nature, then they need to protect it not from any ephemeral dark forces, but from world corporations, that is, an uncle with big money. But where can you compete with such. So we have to be content with being stuffed with minor fiends ...

Horror 2: Hectic Halloween. Director Eri Sandel, IMDb Rating 6.2

This film is shown for viewing by admirers of "Jumanji" and "Zatura". Only here the key to the start of the chaos (here - a crazy holiday) is not a game, but a book. Having opened it, an unwary curious reader releases into the world an innumerable host of all kinds of personalities of horror films, which will be very problematic to drive back into the otherworldly (or whatever) world. Well, they will drink blood to our main characters!

The film is recommended to cheer up on the eve of the holiday. And this is perfect for the world premiere on October 11th. But since in our country everything is through one place, then from this film in raising the Halloween mood it will be neither cold nor hot. Since it will be released on screens in our country exactly the day after Halloween. A strange move.

Probably, the price for a painting the next day after the holiday fell by half, as the management of the WDSSPR provider realized.

Death letter. Directed by Luke Jaden Sawicki

Another excellent translation of the title of the picture from our filmmakers. Maybe the film is about the "letter of death", as such, and it goes, only the film is simply called "Boo!"

First of all, we renamed the movie because search engines look for the name of the movie with only 3 characters or more. There are only two characters here, and therefore those who do not go to the cinema premiere will be deeply disappointed when they try to find this film on the net. No search engine will "fall for" two letters.

And the film is about a mysterious letter, having received which all sorts of bad things begin to happen to a person. And all this horror can be stopped only by forwarding this letter to another addressee, that is, by dropping the byaka on the neighbor. The idea is idiotic, but even for idiotic thoughts, you can shoot some kind of masterpiece (who doubts, can look, say, the same "Call" 2002 release). But something about this case is hard to believe. The figures didn't even bother to release a trailer. So confident in success!


Hunter Keeler. Director Donovan Marsh, IMDb Rating 6.8

Everyone knows that American scriptwriters and directors in their films have never hesitated to smack, strangle or kidnap the president of their country. With them, he will always be taken hostage, then he strives to explode together with the White House, then something else. At times, the President of the United States seems to be the most vulnerable in the United States itself. And therefore it seems wrong to them that the USAs do not remove such nonsense about their president. Like, why is he not getting into such trouble with them?

They thought, thought, and decided to restore justice with their own hands, having removed a picture about how the USA president falls into the clutches of bad people. Well, since it is not we who are filming the film, then the main mission of rescuing the president is not carried out by us, but by the Americans. And now the submarine under the ambitious name "Hunter Killer", which in USA sounds like "Hunter Killer", freely crosses the water borders of our state, and its crew and other specialists, led by Gerard Butler, are doing indecent things. As a result, of course, the president will be saved, and the third world war is prevented.

For Americans, this kind of nonsense will ride like clockwork. Our people know that it costs some super-duper submarine to cross our border, as it will immediately be at the bottom. Therefore, no one crosses this border. And the fact that they often shoot their president in a "pose of cancer" speaks only of the degree of respect for the head of their state, and for the citizens who elected him, that is, their own relatives. Unlike Americans, we respect both ourselves and our president, no matter what policy he pursues. That is why we do not make nonsense films about him. And this is not at all anti-democratic, but the most common sense!

Okay, even if we're distracted. Watching the trailer.

The prose of stray dogs. Film. Director Takuya Igarashi

A great gift for anime fans. In our country, Japanese films do not appear on the screens so often, and anime - even more so.

This time, the employees of the "Combat Detective Agency" will have to face a very unpleasant and mysterious case related to the disappearance of people with extraordinary abilities. Tensions are also spurred on by the fact that the main characters of the picture - all the same employees of the special department - themselves have such abilities. Therefore, it is not clear at what time they themselves will begin to disappear in turn, leaving behind a thickened fog ...

Basement. Director Igor Voloshin

A joint project of USA, Czech and Slovak filmmakers. And something suggests that these figures have gathered in order to shoot the most that sucks horror movie, the main trump card in which will be showing sophisticated torture. At least, judging by the trailer.

In general, we are even promised intrigue in this film. When a 16-year-old daughter is kidnapped from a married couple, during her search, this couple reveals many new and unexpected things about each other. It is not said thickly. The trailer makes even less sense.

It remains only to go to the cinema for explanations. Or wait for a friend (girlfriend) from the cinema with explanations. Or wait for the release of the movie in quality on the network and download the torrent ...

USA film premieres

Now let's start reviewing our films. They don't have a budget as usual, but hopefully they are full of meaning and have excellent plots. I immediately want to grin sarcastically, but ... What the hell is not joking?

Lost place. Director Nadezhda Mikhalkova

USA horror film, zakos under the "Call" and others like him, only in its own interpretation. Here people are killed not because they watched some kind of cassette, or, as in “Destination”, they did not do what they were supposed to. Here the juvenile idiots are killed by a movie theater seat. Whoever sits on it supposedly is a corpse. The whole film is built around this.

The creators of the plot did not take into account one fact. If there really was such a place in the cinema and people knew about it, this place would not be that no one sat down, no one would go to the cinema itself. Everyone would watch a movie in another cinema, on torrents or pirated movie sites. And there would be simply no one to die ...

Bassoon. Director Boris Guts

"Hardcore" version 2.0. The guy is tormented by thoughts of how to break up with a girl suffering from an overabundance of jealousy towards him. And all this nonsense is filmed and presented in the first person, as in the aforementioned "Hardcore" by Bekmambetov.

The trailer is amazing. Is there really no more jokes and jokes in this masterpiece, except about chlamydia or mats? Or does the director think it's cool? And in our opinion it is so naive, tasteless and idiotic. If you yourself are an idiot, this does not mean that everyone around is idiots and they are just as inserted from jokes about venereal diseases as you and your screenwriter.

We are watching either a trailer, or a clip with an undisguised swearing ending.

Crimean bridge. Made with love! Director Tigran Keosayan

We finally got to our famous national ferry - the Crimean Bridge. Why "popular"? Because, in the wake of fucking construction, we all had to tighten our trousers so that they wouldn't fall off.

Not all of this, of course, was reflected. But smokers, alcohol lovers and retirees felt the heavy burden of the Crimean Bridge. Why are cigarettes and vodka getting more expensive? Because the state does not have enough money for ambitious projects such as the World Cup or the Crimean Bridge. How to get them? That's right, raise the prices of excise taxes. And at the same time, raise the retirement age so that half (at least) of pensioners do not pay pensions in the law at once. So much for the Bridge.

But in the film we will be shown that everything was done with love. And against this background they will show a wonderful melodramatic story. So that we can forget a little what sacrifices we had to make because of this bridge.

No, no one minds. This bridge, of course, was very much needed. But only it had to be built somehow, and not at all ...

A guy from Hollywood, or The Extraordinary Adventures of Venya Lucky. Director Roman Svetlov

The comedy promises to be a little naive, but bright and stuffed with funny gags and twists. To cheer up - it is the most it.

The story of how Venya Lucky was passed off as a criminal boss "Antiquary", to destroy which foreign criminals threw all their best killers, no doubt many will want to watch. And, we think, they will not lose.

Watching a cool trailer.

New TV Shows

As such, there will be only one new product this week - season 1 of the new series “Coming Home. But the people of Startup, House of Cards, and, in particular, Outlander are already waiting too.

Startup. Season 3 starts on November 1, Thursday, Crackle TV channel, IMDb Rating 8.1, CP 7.3

What can a young programmer, banker, Haitian bandit and ... an FBI agent have in common? As it turned out, a lot. In two seasons did not fit, I had to sculpt the third. Fans of crazy dialogues and three-story mats - we ask you to watch! As well as fans of global ideas, good scripts and great actors, including Martin Freeman and ... Ron Perlman!

Coming home. Season 1 starts on November 2, Friday, Amazon TV channel, IMDb 7.4

The series is interesting, first of all, because it will not be played by someone, but by Julia Roberts herself. She plays a woman who has worked all her life in some kind of psychological support center for returning from service. And no matter what, but only some third parties believe that Julia's heroine has important information that she does not need to know at all. We think that everything will come to a fight and serious injuries here ...

House of cards. Season 6 starts on November 2, Friday, Netflix channel, IMDb rating 8.9, CP 8.4

After Netflix literally buried the hero of Kevin Spacey, it is unlikely that she will be able to keep the series on the high bar it was on before. No matter how tolerant the American public treats Kevin, we must give him his due, there are few actors like him today. It was he, first of all, who dragged this project on his shoulders. Now ... Although, what to fear, the season is final.

Let's not guess. We'll watch the teaser with the grave ...

And now the trailer is without her. What is called - buried and forgotten ...

This is how hard the fate of actors in Hollywood can be. Just grab someone by the ass, and, even a man, even a woman - no difference, and bam! You've already been thrown to the sidelines. Or, as in the case of Spesi, you have already bungled your grave ...

Outlander. Season 4 starts, November 4, Sunday, Starz TV channel, IMDb rating 8.5, CP 8.1

In the previous season, Claire and Jamie found each other, but they remained in a new light, where they still have unfinished business. They need to find Fraser's stolen nephew. But how can this be done if Fraser is suspected of treason and is being sought in order to bring him to trial?

Since the Starz TV channel gets down to business (all seasons are about Spartacus, "American Gods", "Da Vinci Demons", "Black Sails", "Flesh and Bones", etc.), then there is no doubt that the series will be solid, interesting and, most importantly, there will be a lot of sex in it.

Mister D. Season 8 starts, November 7, Wednesday, CBC channel, IMDb 6.3 rating, CP 6.3

Concluding our review is the TV series "Mr. Dee", season 8 of which starts November 7 on CBC. And despite the fact that comedian stand-up Jerry Dee has already fed up with everyone, as can be seen primarily from the steadily falling rating, some people are so used to his jokes that they simply cannot live without them. There is no trailer, alas, but this circumstance, like all others, we will survive.


On the good old "Mr. Dee" and finish today's review. See you next week in a new review. Until then, everyone! And more cool movies and TV shows!

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