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Films and TV series of November from 22nd to 28th inclusive: full list of premieres with a brief overview and trailers


A week will have passed since the premiere of "Fantastic Beasts 2" by the 22nd day, and the audience's interest in it will decrease somewhat, and therefore it is not strange that the number of Western premieres this week will immediately double in number. not. Although, all films that will be presented before our eyes from November 22 to 28 cannot be considered full-fledged "premieres". They started in the world much earlier. Some even managed to get a rating on KinoPoisk. And "Dogville" by Lars von Trier with Nicole Kidman in the title role is generally a masterpiece of the age of 15.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Let's be consistent. And let's start as usual with a short list of premieres.

A short list of feature films premieres from 22 to 28 November

As already mentioned, there will be more films this week. Including our two tapes, there will be as many as 13. Yes, the number is not very good, but this time there will be plenty to choose from:

  • Dogville - thriller, drama, detective, in ch. starring Nicole Kidman, Paul Bettany, Harriet Andersson (Netherlands, Denmark, England, France, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Norway)
  • Widows - thriller, drama, crime, melodrama, in ch. starring Viola Davis, Liam Neeson, John Bernthal, Manuel Rulfo (England, USA)
  • Nation of Assassins - thriller, drama, comedy, crime, chap. starring Odessa Young, Hari Nef, Sookie Waterhouse, Abra, Colman Domingo (USA)
  • Wife - drama, chap. starring Glenn Close, Jonathan Price, Christian Slater, Max Irons (England, Sweden, USA)
  • Upgrade - science fiction, action, thriller, in ch. Starring Logan Marshall-Green, Melanie Vallejo, Steve Danielsen (Australia)
  • Time-obsessed - fantasy, drama, melodrama, comedy, in ch. starring Mark Blokovich, Mary Elizabeth Boylan, Asa Butterfield (USA)
  • Being Astrid Lindgren - drama, biography, chap. starring Alba August, Trine Durholm, Bjorn Gustafsson (Sweden, Denmark)
  • Evening School - comedy, chap. starring Kevin Hart, Tiffany Haddish, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Keith David (USA)
  • I am a billionaire - drama, chap. starring Marco Giallini, Elio Germano, Eleanor Danko, Cho Sun (Italy)
  • Three Faces - a drama starring Behnaz Jafari, Jafar Panahi, Margie Rezaei (Iran)
  • Ralph against the Internet - cartoon, fantasy, comedy (USA)

Domestic cinema this week will delight you with only two tapes:

  • Throwing - drama, chap. starring Denis Vlasenko, Anna Slu, Danil Steklov (USA, Lithuania, Ireland, France)
  • Moth - drama, thriller, chap. starring Alena Babenko, Marta Timofeeva, Anatoly Bely (USA)

There will also be few new seasons of significant TV series. But three is still better than one or two:

  • Nothing is happening . Season 2, 11/22/2018, CBS (USA)
  • Boundary . Season 3, 11/23/2018, Discovery Channel (Canada)
  • Adam ruins everything . Season 3 11/27/2018 TruTV (USA)

Now let's get down to discussing new paintings and watching trailers!

A brief overview of Western films coming out on the screens of USA cinemas from November 22

The undisputed leaders here are the excellent drama Dogville and the fantastic action movie Upgrade, which, unfortunately, in our country, many have already seen on pirate sites. But, despite the fact that both leaders are not the first freshness, both of them will certainly find their viewers.

So let's get started.

Dogville. Directed by Lars von Trier. IMDb rating 8.0, KP 7.9

The story of the daughter of a mafia leader, who fell into slavery to the inhabitants of the snuffed town of Dogville, is still included in the top 250 best films of all times and peoples according to the KinoPoisk rating. In the ratings of films about revenge, this film is in the very first lines, because here, at the end, revenge was really the most brutal and comprehensive.

And there was a reason to take revenge. In general, having looked at this picture, you will involuntarily begin to look at people, and at life in general, in a different way. Well, how the real rotten soul is hidden behind the eternally smiling neighbor's face, secretly wanting to rape you or use you "for other purposes".

If you haven't seen it yet, be sure to check it out. And do not pay attention to the "transparent" houses, the walls of which are outlined by a dotted line. You will stop paying attention to this after the first 20 minutes.

Widows. Directed by Steve McQueen. IMDb rating 7.4

A company of bandyugans, by whom you can't even say that they are bandyugans in appearance, decides on a daring robbery. Only things are not going according to plan. Someone set them up and they were all filled in the process.

The police, meanwhile, believe that the robbery was successful, and shakes the loot from the wives of the untimely deceased bandyugans. Most likely, this is done to divert eyes, in order to divert the investigation from the plundered profits. Yes, only wives clearly disagree with this situation.

A film from the category "Am I trembling or have the right?" will give pleasure to anyone who decides to go to this masterpiece in the cinema. After all, the wives of the bandyugans will surely show that they also have gunpowder in their flasks ...

A nation of assassins. Directed by Sam Levinson. IMDb 6.0 rating

If the town is called Salem, then the authorities of this town should do their best to rename this town into something safer and less attractive for troubles and misfortunes.

But what if you still managed to live in such a town, and the authorities are not going to rename it? Then you need to be prepared for the fact that overnight misfortunes will fall on your head, as well as on the heads of the rest of the residents of the town, from which the entire population of this very town will begin to decline sharply in a matter of minutes.

And here you should be fully armed. As, for example, in this case, when, with the help of a strange hacker attack, the dirty linen of the inhabitants of the city was thrown in disorder on the heads of the inhabitants of the city. On the street, the real trashak reigns, and do not think that you will be able to avoid participating in it. So grab your rifle and let's reduce the population!

Wife. Directed by Bjorn Runge. Rating IMDb 7.3, KP 7.1

The film is based on the novel by Meg Walitzer, an American writer with Jewish roots. And despite the fact that the problem raised in the novel is not new, in this picture it is revealed from a slightly different angle.

Questions of the female component of society have taken a completely unpredictable turn here. The ferret husband, who in himself is nothing like a writer, exploited the gift of his wife for many years, until, in the end, she burst out, and she opened all the ins and outs of her pathetic hubby.

The most interesting thing is how she managed to endure the snobbery of her “other half” for so long, which in the end had already really begun to perceive her talents as her own. It sounds crazy, but ... This is a must see. Drama is aerobatics!

Upgrade. Directed by Lee Whannell. IMDb rating 7.6, KP 7.5

The film is a kind of "under-sequel" of "Drive" released in 1997 with Mark Dacascas in the title role. Only this time, an ignorant but cheap actor Logan Marshall-Green, familiar to us from the title role in the good 2016 crime series Mercenary Quarrie, was invited to participate in the film.

Only a cheap actor suited the creators of this picture, since the entire budget of the picture was only 5 million dollars. And for such a modest money, the figures managed to rivet quite a picture for themselves.

Of course, Gray's lack of sophistication in martial arts is seen a mile away, but all this can be attributed to the "angularity" of the fighting thinking of artificial intelligence - Steam, implanted in the central nervous system of the protagonist.

And about the plot ... Well, in principle, only the implantation of a kind of chip that enhances the speed of reaction, the similarity of the plot with "Drive" is limited. There the hero of Dacascos ran away from the villains who were trying to get a kind of "accelerator" built into his chest. Here, the "chipped" hero of Marshall-Green takes revenge for the murder of his wife, moreover, being paralyzed. It sounds like nonsense, but ... In order to understand what it is about, you should watch the picture.

And the unexpected ending will completely baffle ...

Freak of time. Directed by Andrew Bowler. IMDb Rating 5.8

As for the Americans, everything is simple. Fucked up? Invent a time machine, go back in time and fix your cant. Behaving like a loshara? Back to work! Invent a time machine and, returning to the past, taught by bitter experience, correct the situation, no longer behaving like a nurse.

Everything is the same here. Only here the reason for the "intellectual explosion" and the invention of the time machine was a break with a girl (by the way, her notorious Sansa Stark - Sophie Turner plays). In order to correct the situation, the young hero of the tape, a physics student sits down at the drawings and after a while goes to the past in order to fix everything and put the time line in a different direction.

But young geniuses, apparently, films about time travel filmed by Hollywood filmmakers do not teach anything. Or they simply don't watch them. But in vain. Would have seen, at least, the same "Butterfly Effect". We would have discovered a lot of new things.

Although, since this masterpiece is a comedy, maybe everything will turn out better here?

To be Astrid Lindgren. Directed by Pernilla Fischer Christensen. IMDb rating 7.4

All of us at one time were crazy about such masterpieces as "Peppy - a long stocking", or "Kid and Carlson". And it seems that only a truly cheerful and happy soul can write such creations.

The film will tell a completely different side of Astrid Lindgren's life. Brought up in an atmosphere of dullness and prejudice, the young girl had to endure so many hardships and hardships that you would not wish the enemy. How did the writer manage to carry a spark of happiness and enthusiasm through a heavy burden?

Let's see if it really was that easy to be Astrid Lindgren ...

Evening school. Directed by Malcolm D. Lee. IMDb rating 5.6

The understanding that it was necessary to study at school comes only when you come to work to get a job. This also came to Teddy, who, having taken off from his previous job, is looking for a new one. But crusts are required everywhere. Where can you get them today?

Although, you can try to unlearn again. Only now in the evening. Since you need to eat something for something, and therefore you need to earn money. In this case, chicken. But will you be able to study if you are an oak tree?

As practice shows, everything can work out if you get angry and follow the principle. The main thing is to find someone to be angry with and feel more deeply about your "principled policy" ...

I am a billionaire. Directed by Daniele Luchetti. IMDb Rating 5.9

The state does not care whether you are a billionaire or not, the main thing is to pay taxes on time, and there will be no complaints against you. But, as practice shows, it is precisely billionaires who dodge taxes. After all, the more money a person has, the more difficult it is for him to part with it. In general, what's the difference?

In this tape, the Italian authorities sentenced one local billionaire to a year of correctional labor in a homeless shelter for tax evasion. That's when the billionaire suddenly became really "poor"! To top it off, he may become even poorer (already in the literal sense of the word) if he does not get to a very important business meeting held outside the country. But how to get there if your passport has been seized from you?

We will urgently need to see how our cunning businessman will get out of this difficult situation ...

Three faces. Directed by Jafar Panahi. IMDb 7.0 rating

This week, the list of world premieres was supplemented by a tape of filmmakers from sultry Iran. And judging by the IMDb rating, it is not that bad. This is what it is about.

The famous actress receives a very dramatic video message from her young admirer, in which she asks to save her future. She complains that her conservative relatives do not let her go to study in the big city.

The actress touched by her soul goes to the Iranian outback and the whole film is looking for a young girl, bumping into a complete misunderstanding of her family. All over it would be better to make the legs otsedov and leave the village to deal with their own problems. But ...

Ralph is against the internet. Directed by Phil Johnston, Rich Moore. IMDb Rating 8.9

The first part of "Ralph", which was released back in 2012, was a complete success, and therefore it is very strange that the creators slowed down for so long with the continuation.

But they waited, and this time Ralph and his girlfriend Vanillopa von Keks will go outside the gaming hall in order to see what is called the World Wide Web. And having seen - to give him a real battle!

You should not refuse in any case from going to the cinema for this masterpiece. This is especially true for those who, well, really need a humorous shake-up. It will be funny, you won't regret it!

Review of domestic film premieres at the end of November

As usual, our "film industry" has released the next low-budget dramas. The first one was generally sponsored outside the cordon. But keeping in mind that cheap is not always of low quality, let's hope for the best and see the trailers and synopsis offered to our attention.

Throws. Directed by Ivan I. Tverdovsky.

The boy Denis, abandoned as a child, grows into a young man with a rare gift - he does not feel pain. In principle, life around him almost suits him, but then his dear (according to her) mummy suddenly appears and takes him to live in Moscow soaked through with charlatans and corrupt officials.

Well, this life suits Denis. Maman introduces him to significant "corrupt" figures, and everything seems to be nothing. But are all the mother's thoughts pure and does she want to drag the poor and naive boy into an evil trap for her own benefit?

The film, of course, can be called “USA” only with a stretch, since numerous sponsors from abroad took part in its participation. That is why our Moscow, and the people in it, turned out to be so rotten that it smells from them a kilometer away. And what else was waiting for the foreign money? Well, let's go see how bad we are, venal and worthless here.

Moth. Directed by Konstantin Khudyakov.

This is one of those cases when from the synopsis for the film about the film itself it is clear less than from the trailer, and from the trailer - less than from the synopsis. And so - ad infinitum, until you go crazy.

It is clear that everyone has some problems here, that is, both the aunt and her friend's uncle. And from now on, after a little abandoned girl falls into the hands of her aunt and uncle, going, according to her, to her grandmother, problems begin for her too ...

Let's see what kind of action-packed action movie Kostya Khudyakov gave us this time, the author of such well-known to our housewives series as "Once in Rostov" and "Walking through the agony". Or, let's not ...

New seasons of TV series at the end of November

This week will be marked by three new seasons of franchises worth watching, against two last week, of which, if you look at it, only one - "Narc", had weight. Here we give preference to the comedy "Adam spoils everything".

Nothing happens. Season 2 starts on November 22, Thursday, CBS TV channel, IMDb rating 6.3, CP 6.0

In the TV series "Nothing Happens" for a whole season, nothing happened. The same is not going to happen in his second season. That is why we cheerfully turn on the telly and continue to watch how during the surveillance nothing happens except ...

In addition to the irrepressible "blah-blah-blah" of the police and dispatchers themselves. Watching the English trailer for Season 2.

Border. Season 3 starts on November 23, Friday, Discovery Channel, IMDb rating 7.2, CP 6.5

The confrontation between the company of Jason Momoa ("Stargate Atlantis", "Aquaman") and the English corrupt henchmen on the inhabited part of the North American continent continues. Only this time, other Europeans, wishing to snatch their piece from the fur trade, will also pour in the light. Moreover, these Indians are always underfoot. But, XVIII century, what can you do ...

Such a slightly atypical Western, in which there is no sensible script. And if there is, then it does not count, since it does not intrigue at all. It is not clear what the figures from the Discovery Channel are hoping for? Probably, the fact that Aquaman plays the main role in their series. Who knows, maybe the ratings will take off on the wave he has raised ...

Adam ruins everything. Season 3 starts on November 27, Tuesday, TruTV channel rating IMDb 8.4, CP 7.9

It turns out that with our life and way of life, not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance. And Adam Connover will open your eyes to all the hidden pitfalls, doing it with such humorous ease ...

That in time will be and believe in everything that he brings there ...

On this cheerful note, we say goodbye to you, until next week. Until then - don't get bored, and more cool films for you!

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