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Films and TV series from November 15 to 21 inclusive: full list of premieres with a short review and trailers


We present to your attention the schedule of premieres of films and TV series early in the second half of November. And since the long-awaited film "Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald" starts just from the 15th in USA, the schedule of premieres this week is very thin. It is understandable, hardly anyone wants to compete with this blockbuster.

A short list of movie premieres

This time we did not divide the already thin list into foreign and domestic tapes. And they will show us this from the 15th:

  • Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald - fantasy, adventure, family, chap. Starring Eddie Redmayne, Catherine Waterston (USA, Anshelia).
  • Sonata - thriller, detective, in ch. starring Freya Tingley, Rutger Hauer (England, France, USA, Latvia).
  • Dogman - thriller, drama, crime, in ch. Starring Marcello Fonte, Edoardo Pesce (Italy, France).
  • Cold War - drama, melodrama, music, starring Ioanna Kulig, Tomasz Kot (Poland).
  • Numb with fear - horrors, in ch. starring Ariel Chavarria, Maximiliano Gione (Argentina).
  • Not strangers - drama, chap. starring Tatiana Vladimirova, Sanzhar Madi (USA).
  • Sea buckthorn summer - biography, drama, in ch. starring Andrey Merzlikin, Sergey Agafonov (USA).

The list of premieres of popular serials is even poorer. On the eve of the new year, of course, there will still be new seasons. But before December, we always have a lull at this time:

  • Narki/Narko. Season 4, 11/16/2018, Netflix (USA)
  • Nella, the brave princess. Season 2, 11/21/2018, Nickelodeon (USA).

And now let's get down to a detailed examination of the new paintings. But first, a little explanation about such a miserable and feeble prime minister's schedule.

Where is the variety, dears?


Yes, for us, cinema is entertainment. But for those who make these films, it is, first of all, a means of making money. But this side of cinematography is somehow forgotten. The lion's share of film lovers truly believe that uncles and aunts from Hollywood are simply used to giving people a good mood, and they do it somehow automatically. Like, they pushed the cart from the hillock, and it rolls until the hillock ends. Only this is not a hillock. The cart, after all, does not roll downhill and does not go by itself. And it’s not the producers who push her with the directors, but we, dragging our hard earned money to the box office.

And it just so happened that the more money we bring for the painting, the more hope we will see its continuation next or next year. So, all the sequels of the franchises depend precisely on the box office, and not on the fact that the plot has not ended or on the fact that the creators can't wait to tell us what's next. Believe me, if the previous picture fails and does not collect at least a couple of times more money than was spent on it, we will not see any continuation.

Now about the poor graphics. Everyone probably saw what was happening when The Avengers; Infinity War. " All films that were running in parallel with them were in full span. Not everyone has the money to go to both paintings. By and large, people are used to going to the cinema once a week - the maximum. And if this week we went to the Avengers, all the other films will not wait for your money automatically.

The same will now be happening against the background of "Fantastic Beasts 2". The people will blame the shaft on the blockbuster, and all the premieres, exhibited in parallel with them, will miss a lot of money.

Just imagine, you are shooting a film for two years, and the entire box office that you hoped to collect from it flies to hell due to the fact that its premiere coincided with such an expected blockbuster. It's just awful.

That is why there are no films of thoughtful competitors from the USA on the posters of this week, and our providers do not post anything worthwhile, for which the box office can be missed.

Basically, this week features cheap films that have long since passed their world premiere. Even USA figures have quieted down with the premieres of their paintings this time. There are only a couple of domestic paintings this week.

Well, now that the dots over the "i" are placed, let's move on, as they say, "to our rams", that is, in fact, to the prime ministers themselves.

Brief overview of movie premieres

And let's start, as usual, with the most awaited premiere of this year, which was expected no less than The Avengers and Han Solo: Star Wars. Stories ".

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. Director David Yates


Since 2001, moviegoers have become so accustomed from time to time to look into the parallel world of cinema, where wizards live, there is a ministry of magic and its own political, economic and other life, that they don't even know what they will do when the trilogy ends " Fantastic creatures.

We dare to assure you that as long as the chicken lays the golden eggs (here the chicken is the universe of Harry Potter), no one will kill it for soup. Rather, on the contrary, it will be milked like a cash cow until something new appears that distracts the contingent from this universe, or until this universe finally bores people. And therefore, to replace "Fantastic Beasts" will come new films from this universe, as "Fantastic Beasts" replaced "Harry Potter". Wait, a couple of TV shows will be launched.

But what about the movie itself? The throats from YouTube have torn their throats with each other to announce their assumptions, but in order to find out what will happen in the picture, you just need to look at this picture. And groveling in assumptions ... This, alas, is simply ridiculous.

So let's be patient, dear. There is very little time left before the premiere, and the only thing that is known for certain is that the film will finally meet Grindelwald and the youthful Dumbledore. In the Harry Potter franchise, little is said or shown about their friendship. To find out the details, you should have read the book, not watch the movie.

But it is also known from the film that these two were friends at first, and then fought in a duel. And Dumbledore won, having worked out for himself the famous elder wand, one of the so-called "Deathly Hallows" at Grindelwald. Well, we'll see how everything goes there. And from what side did Newt Scamander needed a hot spot ...

Sonata. Directed by Andrew Desmond

The violinist Rosa's daddy was a recluse during his lifetime and stirred up something muddy in his country mansion. When he died overnight, leaving his daughter his mansion by inheritance, she had to rake up everything that he had stirred up there.

And he muddied, as it turned out, a whole sonata, playing which in a certain key and in accordance with the special signs placed, it was possible to call the Antichrist.

Having begun to understand the "muddy sonata", Rosa releases muddy essences into our world, which are impossible to cope with. Or is there a way out?

Dogman. Directed by Matteo Garrone. IMDb rating 7.5, CP - 7.3

Marcelo has his own business - a hairdresser for dogs. Little daughter. And everything would be fine. Yes, only there is one local here who always does not give a pass. Taking advantage of Marcello's openness and inability to refuse, he pulls him into his dark affairs. And then also cool substitutes.

Will the squishy Marcello be able to get together overnight and give circumstances a real battle?

Judging by the rating - it's worth a look. And, again, judging by the rating on KinoPoisk, it has already been watched on torrents for a long time. Well, right, who will roll out the expensive fresh meat as a competitor to Fantastic Beasts-2? Here it is better to limit yourself to cheap stale crime drama ...

Cold War. Directed by Pavel Pavlikovsky. IMDb rating 7.9, CP - 7.7

Also not afraid of "Fantastic Beasts" providers from "Central Partnership", who decided to roll out to them another rotten premiere of "Cold War". The film is not bad. Yes, only everyone who was interested had already seen it on pirate sites in pirate voice acting, as evidenced by the presence of a rating on KinoPoisk itself.

The film about the difficult love of two people with difficult characters in a difficult time, after the screening in Cannes, caused an almost 20-minute ovation at the premiere. So it's worth watching this drama anyway. But if not for these "Fantastic Beasts" ...

Numb with fear. Directed by Demian Runja. IMDb rating 6.7, KP 5.8

Another rotten premiere that the world saw a year ago. Judging by the presence of the KP rating, they checked it out on torrents in USA. And the rating for a horror movie is not bad at all. Therefore, you can, leaving the "Fantastic Beasts", feel free to go to another hall, where the demonstration of "Numb with Fear".

Although, of course not. After Johnny Depp's antics, any other picture will be smeared into a single spot. We'll have to wait a day.


And the picture is about the following. Horror is going on in the area. Paranormal phenomena shake him one by one. Murders, aliens from the other world and other otherworldly collisions that crawled into our world could not fail to attract the attention of the local circle from the "Battle of Psychics". And so witchers and witches arrive to rid the area of evil spirits. Only it is not clear whether the area will rid the area of witches and witches faster than they will understand what is happening here? Nothing! Operas have also pulled themselves into place! If he is not dealt with first of all, he will surely deal with everything ... Probably ...

Not strangers. Director Vera Glagoleva

Next, Vera Glagoleva signed up to compete with Fantastic Beasts-2 with her fresh drama Not Strangers. Two sisters from the USA hinterland, who pounced on a Central Asian stake named Rustam, will bitterly regret that the boy is not at all who he claims to be.

Hmm. In vain they just snagged, girls.

The play "Clay Pit" is very good. And the film, apparently, will not be worse. If only it wasn't for these damned Fantastic Beasts ...

Sea buckthorn summer. Director Viktor Alferov

A lot of films have been filmed about the difficult fate of Soviet playwrights, only mostly - documentaries and as some postscripts after death. And Viktor Alyerev took, and zababajat a whole feature film about the life of Alexander Vampilov ...

Don't know who this is? Well nothing. They don't want to tell you about him at all. And to show how bad things were under Soviet rule. Poor playwrights, like the cats of Bulgakov's Sharikov "Choked-choked, choked-choked ..."

The new generation is not interested in this topic. And the old generation, and without the Soviet playwright, has a head full of problems. They were deprived of their pensions, now it's time to think about what kind of government life was bad ...

TV shows - a bunch!

Indeed, the list of TV shows from November 15 to 21, as they say, to the sky! There are two of them, these series, and then one of them is children's cartoon. Well, let's review what we have.

Narcos (Narcos). Season 4 starts, Friday, November 16, Netflix channel, IMDb rating 8.8, CP 8.4.

The Narks were eagerly awaited, almost as much as the continuation of the "House of Cards", which, without Spacey, finally collapsed safely. About Colombian drug lords like Pablo Escobar, the movie turns out to be no worse than about the Italian mafiosi. In general, even better.

Another season about the harsh everyday life of the leaders of drug cartels is just around the corner. This time the case will unfold in harsh Mexico, watch an interesting trailer.

Princess Nella. Season 2 starts, November 21, Wednesday, Nickelodeon channel, IMDb 6.5 rating.

The animated series, which is very fond of our little kids, continues. Eight-year-old princess Nella with her loyal friends the unicorn Trinket and the knight Garrett are still on guard of the kingdom. We listen to the introductory song and are moved.

On this touching note, we say goodbye to you until a new review of movie premieres. We hope there will be more of them next week. In the meantime, all the best to you and more cool movies!

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