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Films and TV series from November 29 to December 5 inclusive: a complete list of premieres with a brief overview and trailers


Finally, we have waited for this fabulous New Year's Eve month, but in the movie premieres of early December, the New Year's spirit so far emanates only from the Canadian cartoon "Elliot". The rest of the "filmmakers", both Western and ours, are still keeping their thermonuclear Christmas movie hits in a case, preparing to give them out just before the New Year. Well, it's not long to wait.

In the meantime, let's get acquainted with a short list of film and serial premieres of the first December week.

List of Western film premieres in early December

The films will come out mixed this week. There are horror films, fantasy films, action films and thrillers, dramas and comedies. Another would be to drop fantasies, and there would be a full "range". But even from such a poster, everyone will find a movie to their liking. And the most anticipated hit of this week is undoubtedly "Robin Hood: The Beginning" from the American company Summit Entertainment. Let's start our list with it:

  • Robin Hood: The Beginning - action, adventure, chap. starring Taron Edgerton, Jamie Foxx, Ben Mendelssohn (USA);
  • Suspiria - horror, fantasy, thriller, detective, in ch. starring Dakota Johnson, Tilda Swinton, Doris Hick (Italy, USA);
  • Sisters Brothers - drama, comedy, crime, adventure, western, in ch. starring John C. Riley, Joaquin Phoenix, Jake Gyllenhaal, Reese Ahmed (France, USA, Spain, Romania, Belgium);
  • Colette - drama, biography, history, in ch. starring Keira Knightley, Eleanor Tomlinson, Dominic West, Ayisha Hart (USA, England);
  • You will die or we will refund your money - action, comedy, chap. starring Christopher Eccleston, Anairin Barnard, Tom Wilkinson (England);
  • John Lennon and Yoko Ono: Imagine - documentary, music, chap. starring John Lennon, Yoko Ono (USA);
  • Elliot - cartoon, family (Canada)

USA "filmmakers" are also not afraid of rivalry with the Hollywood "Robin Hood" and announced this week the release of as many as 4 films in theaters. There is also a decent fan by genre, there is something to choose from:

  • The Last Test - drama, thriller, chap. starring Irina Kupchenko, Irina Alferova, Andrey Merzlikin, Anna Churina;
  • Explorer - horror, thriller, chap. starring Alexandra Bortich, Evgeny Tsyganov, Alexander Robak;
  • Spitak is a drama, in ch. starring Lernik Harutyunyan, Hermine Stepanyan, Alexandra Politician;
  • All or Nothing - comedy, adventure, chap. Cast Roman Kurtsyn, Artur Smolyaninov, Danila Yakushev, Kirill Kaganovich.

But of the significant series, only three franchises release new seasons. And the Amazonian "Mrs. Meisel" is undoubtedly the leader in the rating of expectations:

  • From Means Family. Season 3, 11/30/2018, Netflix (USA);
  • Berlin station / Berlin residency. Season 3, 11/3/2018, Epix, (Germany);
  • The Amazing Mrs. Meisel. Season 2, 5/11/2018, Amazon (USA)

Now let's move on to a more thorough study of the list.

Thorough analysis of films that came to us from beyond the cordon

We have already decided on the hit of the week. But the strangest premiere in USA is "John Lennon and Yoko Ono: Imagine". It is not entirely clear why the distributor "NevaFilm Emotion", 46 years after the world premiere, decided to "ride" this masterpiece of documentary filmmaking on our USA cinema screens. Probably given at bargain prices. And the management decided that even with a complete failure, the firm would benefit. In general, this is not our business. Let's start with the leader of expectations ...

Robin Hood: Beginning. Director Otto Bathurst

After the film crews of "Game of Thrones" and "Star Wars" in the Croatian city of Dubrovik, figures appeared who decided to shoot a new and improved version of "Robin Hood". And away we go. Now Dubrovik is not the city of Westeros and not a village on a planet located on the outskirts of a "distant, distant galaxy." It is now Nottingham.

And Robin Hood is no longer Kevin Costner, but Taron Edgerton. And the Moor, his friend, with whom he fled from captivity and returned to his homeland, is now not Morgan Freeman, but Jamie Foxx. That is why the rating of the New and Improved Robin Hood on IMDb is not 6.9 (like Kostner's), but ... But here it is not clear yet. The film starts in the world on November 21, then we will find out if the Egerton-Fox duo managed to surpass the Costner-Freeman duo.

And the Moor is kind of super advanced now. It turns out that here he is by no means picked up by Robin Hood and owed his life to a simple soldier, but a real military leader, under whose command Robin fought. American loyalist tolerants will be pleased. They did everything to ensure that the Negro in medieval England was taken for granted. Although at that time everyone would have stared at him, crossed themselves and pointed a finger ...

Well, let's see what the tampon was taken off. And on November 25, a new "Superspoiler" for this picture will be released on our resource. So whoever wants to, after viewing a sober assessment, you - to us!

Suspiria. Directed by Luca Guadagnino. IMDb Rating 7.3

Just like "Robin Hood", has undergone a total "sequelization" and "Suspiria". And if in the first case Otto Bathurst, director of the new and improved version of Robin Hood: The Beginning, went against Kevin Reynolds, director of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991), here someone Luca Guadagnino pushed against the king of horror Dario Argento himself.

As for the prizes, he has outdone the old man. At the Venice Film Festival, the new film grabbed the Golden Lion (albeit only for the soundtrack, but still!) And was nominated for the Blue Lion, while the 1977 film went quietly and unnoticed for the festivals, but ...

But as is usually the case, some films have heaps of awards, but their viewer ratings are below the floor. And some - the opposite. So it is here. The new and improved "Suspiria" did not succeed in picking up the old man for audience sympathy. On IMDb, the newer has only 7.3, while the old has 7.5. But here we must not forget that the old tape with such a rating lasted for 40 years. While the new rating keeps high only in the first days and months after the rental.

In general, whether this time the main character will manage to pull herself together in time and enter the secret of the damn castle with a ballet school, we will see after November 29. Until then, check out the trailer.

Sisters Brothers. Directed by Jacques Audiar. IMDb 7.2 rating

Another winner of the Venice Film Festival. Only here is the Golden Lion more serious - for the best director. And the film, judging by the highest rating for a comedy, turned out to be really good.

And the comedy begins with the title. "Brothers Sisters" - this is our translation for distribution. In fact, the name should have sounded like "The Sisters Brothers", since this is how their surname is translated from English.

Well, you must see what chaos these Brothers Sisters are doing. The film makes it clear with his own eyes that it is not always possible to overcome the subtle mind that the swindler Warm has embodied with a bad force, which the reckless brothers are. Namely, he was ordered to catch the bounty hunters Sisters ...

Colette. Directed by Wash Westmoland. IMDb rating 6.9

It is unclear why to have a parasite husband on your neck? Colette Willie's husband is worthless as a man and as a writer. But she is a writer from God. But the hubby, for some reason, takes the fact that you can pass off your wife's masterpieces for your works for granted. And it gives out.

And that fool, she writes and writes everything. And he gives out everything, yes it does. Until, finally, the heroine of Keira Knightley got it. When her hubby once again turns to her with an order to give out another masterpiece, she suddenly, for no apparent reason, sends it to ... all four. But is it so easy to break free from the tenacious clutches of established rules?

As it turns out, it's not that hard to send everything to hell. Well, since I sent you, why not try to open up in something new?

You will die or we will refund your money. Directed by Tom Edmunds. IMDb Rating 4.8

The script is a bit boring. The man is dissatisfied with himself and his worthless life and wants to part with it. But either he cannot, or for some reason he does not succeed. In general, he goes to the special service and hires a hitman to kill himself. But at the last moment his life is getting better, and he no longer wants to die. But the order cannot be canceled for some reason ...

Will the main character be able to get out of a difficult situation this time? Judging by the fact that the genres include "comedy" and "action" and there is no "drama" at all, it probably can ...

John Lennon and Yoko Ono: Imagine. Directed by John Lennon, Yoko Ono. IMDb rating 7.4, KP 7.6

The documentary, first of all, will be of interest to fans of Lennon's work. To young people who are listening more and more useless, allegedly permeated with global thoughts, rap, read to three notes, "this nonsense" will not be that not interesting, but simply alien and incomprehensible.

That is why the desire of distributors from "NevaFilm" to shake off the old days, or, better to put it, "to give off the old days," is completely unclear. After all, there are not many old people who appreciate Lennon's work, like the Beatles. And those who stayed for the most part are already at an age in which you cannot drive to the cinema.

In general, nothing is clear! What are the tops? Lennon - give me! David Guetta is Foreva! Although, Lennon and so "give" already from the 80th year of the last century ...

Elliot. Directed by Jennifer Westcott. IMDb Rating 5.9

When one of the reindeer named Rudolph in Santa's team “retired” due to his retirement, the question arises: who, in fact, replace him? Around, in principle, is full of tractive power. And among the applicants, Elliot is found, a very young little horse, with little experience, but with very large ambitions. Will he be able to prove that he is worthy of this honor?

Abroad, the younger audience learned about this on October 19. And poor USA children are forced to remain in the dark for another whole month and a half ...

USA film premieres in early December

Our list of films this week accounts for over a third of all weekly premieres. Honestly, 4 domestic films against 7 zakardonny ones are the success of the USA film industry, gentlemen. Or maybe they just aren't afraid of the Robin Hood competition? In any case, we should take a closer look at what domestic “filmmakers” offer us in this period.

The last test. Director Alexey A. Petrukhin

It just so happened that everything that for people in life, drama and tragedy is an excellent plot and a means of enrichment for the leaders of the film industry. Therefore, everyone was amazed at how our filmmakers did not play the hostage-taking tragedy in Nord-Ost.

Now you can be calm. The tragedy is played out. Some who became unwitting participants were even invited to take part in the filming. Of course, it will be filmed only "based on", or, as they like to say, "the film is based on real events." Only when "real events", in which a lot of people died, are turned into an artistic farce, it smells not only bad taste, but also an outrage over the tragedy of people. Then they would have made a separate film without allusions to Nord-Ost.

But of course! Sorry, then we will lose half of the box office! And the families of the victims ... Well, we offer to participate, so that their mouths are not opened! A good thing! Only money will be sorted into our pockets ...

File Explorer. Director Ilya Maksimov

Katya is not an easy girl. She is able to see ghosts. It is this ability that helps her in the search for her missing twin sister, who, judging by what she discovered during the search, was the victim of an attack by a local serial maniac. Will she be able to get to the bottom of the truth and find her sister, and, moreover, alone, since the police insist that she never had any sister? Let's hope ...

Spitak. Director Alexander Kott

Another attempt to make money on the tragedy. In 2016, I remember, Sarik Andreasyan has already risen well on this. And despite the fact that his "Earthquake" with a budget of 200 million rubles barely paid off, the film was recognized as almost a masterpiece, and it is clear that a lot of money from the budget "cauldron" settled into the pockets of "filmmakers" even before the movie was released.

This year, another film crew headed by producers Elena Glikman, Teresa Varkapetyan and director Alexander Kott decided to weld on the tragedy in Spitak. Only here the budget is smaller.

And the plot is still the same. A man's family went missing during an earthquake. And he will search for her throughout the film. A terrible thing to watch for those who have not found their relatives in the rubble ...

Everything or nothing. Director Dmitry Suvorov

What to do when the bosses in the campaign get sick? That's right, give battle to this bosses! It is in this vein that a few brave guys from among the ordinary office workers think. And after some more brainwashing, they are going to bomb the negligent boss.

But behind the boss are such people from the criminal world, with whom it would be better not to deal. But it's' too late. As they say, the job is done and now we are fucked. Who knew that things would turn out like this?

But the brave guys from the ranks of ordinary office workers do not give up. Still, if they put them down, like everyone else - cranks. We'll have to somehow get out ...

Brief overview of new seasons of TV series in early December

The New Year's lull in the premieres of the series continues. Of course, many new seasons are coming out, but only a few significant and significant ones. Here's what to look out for this week.

C Means Family. Season 3 starts on Friday, November 30, Netflix. IMDb rating 8.0, KP 7.5

The Murphy family and their entourage continue to amaze us with their snobbery, simplicity, clarity, indifference and ... Nostalgism for the 70s of the last century. It is not clear who in our country understands the life of the 70s in the United States, when very few remember about our life in those years. And if anyone remembers, then he certainly does not know anything about life in America in the 70s of the last century. This is because the way the “hated Americans” lived in their country at that time was carefully hidden from us, altered and retouched.

Although, judging by the ratings, there is still something to laugh at. It's a pity the trailer for the new season in English ... But in general, everything is clear without translation!

Berlin station / Berlin residency. Season 3 starts on Monday, December 3, Epix. Rating IMDb 7.5, KP 6.7

In the third season of the spy series, passions are even more heated. This time the USAs are again to blame. Poor special agent Valerie Edwards will have to travel hard across Western and Eastern Europe in order to resolve the brewing and swelling conflict between NATO countries, the United States and, of course, USA. What the hell is a spy series without her.

And the matter is complicated by the fact that Valerie has 11 days for everything. This means you will have to travel faster ...

Amazing Mrs. Meisel. Season 2 starts, December 5, Wednesday, Amazon TV channel. Rating IMDb 8.7, KP 8.4

Miriam Meisel, a stand-up master of the late 50s of the last century, returns to us in the wake of the sky-high rating. Having snatched a couple of Golden Globes for Best Actress in 2018 - Rachel Brosnahan and the best TV series in the genre of comedy or musical, as well as as many as three Emmy (again the best actress, the best series and, in addition, the best supporting actress - Alex Borstein Mrs. Meisel is back on TV to give us another lesson in stand-up and a successful life.

Well, let's look and sigh why we don't live in the middle of the last century. Everything was simpler then, people were friendlier, and the world was much cleaner, happier, more carefree and amazing. Or does it only seem to us, because, as we were taught, it is good everywhere where we are not? But the show doesn't get any worse from realizing this.

And we, on this nostalgic note, say goodbye to you. Next week there will be new premieres, which means there will be a new reason to meet and contemplate the masterpieces of the film industry. Every week the New Year is getting closer, and our pre-New Year mood will be all "hot". But for now, you should cool down and be patient. After all, tomorrow - to work ...

Although the month with good films flies by! And therefore - more cool films for you!

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