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Three fresh New Year movies to raise the festive mood


On the eve of the New Year, it will be appropriate to highlight the top three films that will best help you get a positive charge and get into the New Year's mood. Anyone with these options, on the eve of the holiday, we invite you to go to the theaters for one of the following New Year's films.

Christmas for two (UK, USA)

December 5

The first New Year's film, in addition to being really New Year's (for Catholics - Christmas), also gives fans of Emilia Clarke's work an opportunity to look at her from a different perspective.

Mostly we are used to seeing Emilia as the formidable Daenerys Stormborn from Game of Thrones or young Han Solo's quirky girlfriend from Star Wars. And although the actress starred, in addition to the above tapes, and in the melodrama "Me Before You" (2016), this role of her went unnoticed.

Well, we had another opportunity to evaluate Emilia's ability to play in ordinary "down-to-earth" films.

This time she will appear to the viewer in the role of a simple girl Kate, who recently barely survived the most difficult pages of her life. After a terrible illness, the girl decided that the romance in her life was covered with a copper basin. Now she goes with the flow, pawing her collar and completely not looking into her murky future.

And then somehow, working in a store that sells gifts and all sorts of things for Christmas, she accidentally meets a guy named Tom. This Tom is like stepping out of a romantic dating textbook. Well, everything in him is perfect, and he is good for everyone. Yes, only Kate is not going to dive headlong into the pool and does not strive. At least not right away.

As stated in the introductory materials, the plot of the film is inspired by the song of the same name (in the English version the film is called “Last Christmas”) by the English pop duo “Wham!”. We will remind those who do not know what song is. Here is a clip for her. Formal and nondescript.

Having studied the translation of the words of this song, we definitely did not notice any specific "plot" in it. Someone shod someone last Christmas, after which this someone (apparently, it is, nevertheless, a male representative) decided to open his heart to someone next Christmas (apparently a female representative, although now, in the era of tolerance, no one is really sure about it) to another.

It is not entirely clear why the main character of the song dates his novels to Christmas. Apparently, he has been moving away from another bummer all year. One way or another, judging by the trailer, for the sake of raising the spirits and Christmas spirit, go to this New Year's film as long as possible.

If only to find time. In addition, according to the release schedule, the film coincides with such blockbusters as the British "Aeronauts", Hollywood "Orphaned Brooklyn" and the domestic "Red Ghost". Competition is nowhere stronger. Let's keep our fingers crossed for Emilia and hope for the best!

Policeman from Rublyovka. New Year Mayhem 2 (USA)

December 12

In the next New Year's film, all the heroes from the domestic series of the same name take part, so both full-length parts are its direct New Year's sequel. The last "New Year's mayhem" was quite successful, collecting more than twice the amount of money spent on it from film enthusiasts who want to get into the New Year's mood.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the showrunners of the project immediately, rolling up their sleeves, began to churn out a new New Year story.

Let's rate the trailer.

After the last high-profile New Year's case with a bank robbery, that is, with the capture of counterfeiters, whose money was stolen from the bank by the police themselves ...

In general, after the last "New Year's lawlessness", the disbandment of the well-known police station was canceled. Everything seemed to go on as usual, but on New Year's Eve 2020, a "particularly resonant" crime took place in the district, which needs to be urgently uncovered in hot pursuit so that the New Year's celebration is not overshadowed by a terrible failure.

But how can one get down to business when Colonel Yakovlev was plunged into a real stupor by the joyful news associated with his promotion to a general's rank?

As the famous Masyanya would say: "I'll have to somehow ..."

Everything is overshadowed by the fact that the premiere of our New Year's film coincides with the premieres of such Western blockbusters as the Hollywood adventure-fantasy film Jumanji: The New Level, the thriller of the same registration "A Million Small Shards" and the British action movie "Courier". Let's hope that the domestic film industry will not be afraid of Western evil and wipe its nose over the foreign heavyweights.

Well, or, at worst, it will pay off one and a half or two times. So that you can safely start filming the third "New Year's Lawlessness", where Yakovlev will be promoted to the rank of Generalissimo, from which he will safely fall into a prolonged coma.

Real love in New York (Denmark, Canada, Sweden, UK, France, Germany, USA)

December 19

That blissfully rare case when a heavyweight western blockbuster in our country comes out almost two months earlier than in the whole world. Although, it's too early to rejoice. Its USA premiere coincides with the premiere of the 9th part of "Star Wars", so people, who are fed up with the fantastic spectacle of star battles, will again flock to cinemas to appreciate a new selection of romantic-dramatic short films.

Everyone who has watched the 2003 melodramatic blockbuster Love Actually understands what we mean. These are exactly short films, intertwined together so that at the end all the storylines converge at one point.

The main plot is not revealed. Probably, it will be interesting, although such a superstar line-up as last time, the tape will not be able to shine. But to be imbued with a positive will make sure


For those who will not have enough time to go to the cinemas on New Year's Eve, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with ourexpanded top of New Year's films of all times and peoples, from which everyone can choose a tape for their taste and mood. Not all films in this collection are fresh, but all are the best in their genre. KinoPoisk rating won't lie.

And we, meanwhile, say goodbye to you. We wish you all the best and, as always, more worthwhile films and TV series!

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