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Films and TV series of October from 11th to 17th inclusive: full list of premieres with a brief overview and trailers


Now our site will publish a weekly schedule of film premieres, as well as cover the release of TV series, or rather, the announcement of premieres and new seasons of the most popular of them. In today's issue - a list and a brief overview of film and serial premieres that will be presented to our attention in cinemas and on television from October 11 to 17 (inclusive).

Complete premiere schedule

Let's start, as usual, with the full meters that will appear on the screens of USA cinemas on October 11:

  • Hellfest - horrors, in ch. Starring Rain Edwards, Amy Forsyth (USA).
  • Mandy - action, horror, thriller, chap. Starring Nicolas Cage, Andrea Rayborough (Belgium).
  • Nothing good at the Hotel El Royal - detective, thriller, chap. Starring Dakota Johnson, Chris Hemsworth (USA).
  • Based on true events - thriller, detective, drama, chap. Starring Eva Green, Emmanuelle Seigner (France).
  • Remnant: I Still See You is a thriller, chap. Starring Dermot Mulroney, Bella Thorne (USA).
  • Patrick - comedy, chap. starring Jennifer Saunders, Ed Skrein (England).
  • RSC: Windsor Ridiculous - Comedy, chap. Starring David Troughton, Luke Newberry (England).
  • Man on the Moon - history, biography, drama, in ch. Starring Ryan Gosling, Claire Foy (USA).
  • Ecstasy - musical, drama, horror, in ch. Starring Romain Guyermick, Sophia Boutella (France).
  • Queen: Live in Bohemia - documentary (England).
  • Without me - drama, melodrama, in ch. Cast Lyubov Aksenova, Polina Maksimova.
  • Klubare - crime, comedy, in ch. Cast Basta, Evgeny Stychkin.
  • Hoffmaniada - cartoon.

Below is a complete list of new seasons of the most popular TV series, with release dates (from 11 to 17 October inclusive).

  • Bad Blood .Season 2 October 11, City TV (Canada).
  • Supernatural . Season 14, October 11, The CW (USA)
  • Blind spot. Season 4, October 12, NBC (USA).
  • Dynasty. Season 2, October 12, The CW (USA).
  • Crazy ex. Season 4, October 12, The CW (USA)
  • Supergirl . Season 4, October 14, The CW (USA)
  • Strela . Season 7, October 15, The CW (USA).
  • Separated Together. Season 2, October 16, ABC (USA)
  • Laudermilk . Season 2, October 16, Audience Network (USA).
  • Blackish . Season 5, October 16, ABC Channel (USA).

Now let's take a closer look at the movie premieres of the 2nd decade of October.

Hellfest. Directed by Gregory Plotkin. IMDb Rating 5.9

The director of the disastrous "Paranormal Activity-5" again took up horror films. We can only hope that a specialist with a suspiciously USA surname will succeed this time, although ...

Although those gathered for the film should not particularly expect something new. Judging by the trailer presented to our attention, the film is completely ripped off from "Halloween", and the difference lies only in the fact that the holiday is called differently, but the maniac will kill and mock his victims in a slightly different way. Anyone interested in checking out new methods of bullying can go to the cinema, others can just re-watch "Halloween1, 2" with Jamie Lee Curtis.

Mandy. Directed by Panos Kosmatos. IMDb rating 6.8, KP - 6.4

Since the film was released in the West a long time ago, it was appreciated not only by foreign connoisseurs of vengeful horror films. Despite the fact that the pirates were voiced by home-grown translation studios, there were enough connoisseurs of this masterpiece to give it a solid 6 points. This means that the movie is worthy to watch it anyway.

But let's make a reservation right away, the film is not for everyone. It was filmed in such a viscous manner and such a gloomy atmosphere that there is nowhere else to go. Some sectarians, and also motorcycle lovers, decided to steal his life friend from Mikola Cage. She really liked their chief. How he liked her is not entirely clear. She was not particularly shining in appearance or anything else.

Well, okay. The point is that by killing the poor woman, the sectarians found a reckless avenger on their heads, who, having thrown the binzaw (the hero of Mikola Cage worked in the felling), grabbed his weapon. Will he leave anyone alive now? And will he survive himself? It's hard to believe in this. If I survived, the rating would be lower ...

Nothing good at the Hotel El Royal. Directed by Drew Goddard. IMDb rating 7.6

Behind the cordon, this film was highly appreciated, and therefore fans of detective thrillers will not be disappointed by this masterpiece. Drew Goddard is familiar to us from "The Martian" and "Lost", but if he was among the writers there, then here he acts as a director. And stars like Chris Hemsworth (aka Thor from "The Avengers") and Dakota Johnson (Anita from "Need for Speed") will not be filmed for any nonsense.

And the meaning of that fable is as follows. Back in 1969, in one of the hotels located on the border of the states of California and Nevada, a motley group of people stayed for the night, each of whom has sin in their hearts. But these sins are relegated to the background when a horrible sexist bastard appears in the hotel who will wet everyone left and right until he calms down, or until he is calm. But will everyone in this creepy hotel die by his hand?

Based on true events. Directed by Roman Polanski. IMDb rating 5.7, CP - 5.9

As it turned out, today's writers and women writers should work very hard not only in order to become popular and grow a huge crowd of fans and fans, but also in order not to fall under the influence of these very fans. In the film, everything went even further. Here the writer (Emmanuelle Seigner) truly fell into bondage to one of her admirers (Eva Green). You can learn how the former girlfriend of James Bond managed to sit on the neck of a famous and once very successful writer by watching the film to the end. And for those who are especially attentive, the film will present a completely unpredictable outcome.

Remnant: I can still see you. Directed by Scott Speer. IMDb rating 6.5

What prompted people to return to the world of the living over and over again after death? Few people can say intelligible about this. But the dead themselves still look intelligible. They, in fact, cannot be distinguished from the living, until they, at one point, simply melt like fog in the sun.

And there is really nothing to be afraid of these remnants. All of them are harmless and, apart from moral inconvenience, do not harm people. At least, this was the case until the moment when the ghost of a notorious killer leaked into our world. The heroes Bella Thorne from Mixed and Richard Harmon from The Hundred will have to work hard to cope with this murder-obsessed, undead.

Patrick. Directed by Mandy Fletcher. IMDb Rating 5.8

A funny comedy about how to assert herself in a girl's life is helped by none other than a funny pug named Patrick inherited from her grandmother. The comedy does not promise to be full of hilarious gags and twists. Rather, it's just a cute story about a girl who was able to straighten out her affairs only after she became the mistress of an at first annoying and disgusting, and in the end - a cute and funny dog.

Man on the Moon. Director Damien Chazzel

It seemed to the Americans that USA, with its films about space exploration, based on real events, had gone too far ahead of Hollywood. Still, "Salyut-7" and "Time of the First", filmed very soundly, have gained good popularity not only among ours, but also among the Western public. For the time being, Americans can only be proud of Apollo 16, moronic and mediocre Gravity, and idiotic Apollo 18.

But most of all, the film “Gagarin. The First in Space ”, which was the feat of our American colleagues to create the“ Armstrong and Aldrin. First on the Moon ”, based on what the Americans can be proud of. Well, while the moon landing is still unproven for some, it's really worth watching the film.

Ecstasy. Directed by Gaspard Noe. IMDb rating 7.6

A very interesting combination - horror, thriller, drama, detective and ... Musical! And the creator of the sensational fantasy drama "Entering the Void" and the creepy thriller that illuminated 100% close to the real rape of Monica Bellucci - "Irreversibility" took up the creation of this strange combination. Let's see what the French will dance for us this time, under the harsh leadership of Gaspard.

After all, judging by the description, kindly provided to us by the creators of the masterpiece, who does not dance in this film is a dead man.

Queen: Live in Bohemia. Directed by Tom Corcoran.

This musical documentary will be of interest only to true connoisseurs of the work of Queen, and Freddie Mercury in particular. The film is based on the band's legendary pre-Christmas performance at the famous Hammersmith Odeon Theater in London (1975).

The film is clearly intended to warm up the public's interest in the forthcoming (world premiere - October 24) feature film "Bohemian Rhapsody", where the role of Freddie was entrusted to the well-known "Mr. Robot" Rami Malek. Those who have stepped on the ear since birth will be frankly not interested.

Without me. Director Kirill Pletnev.

The three USA full-length footage, preparing to be released in cinemas on October 11, will start with the drama of Kirill Pletnev, more familiar to us from the TV series "Saboteur 1.2", where he played Alexei Bobrikov.

The untimely deceased boy leaves a couple of his girlfriends who are madly in love with him, some hint letters that come to the smartphone in the form of SMS or something similar, following which they must either find out about something or what something morally to reach, and maybe something to find. Only I wonder if the girls will live with each other in the pursuit of this "something". Slightly naive, but ...

Clubare. Directed by Ivan Kurskiy.

Klubare is a delightful, promising and expensive project that is unlikely to come true, since the money for its implementation, as well as the implementation of the entire project, is collected by the notorious promoter-swindler Artur. Very quickly, he becomes a target for a whole bunch of interested persons, and in order to escape from the tenacious clutches of persistent clients, the mafia and the police, he will have to work hard. But what if you have no place to strain yourself? We'll only have to hope for a lucky chance or coincidence. Just like in the "Field of Miracles" ...

Hoffmaniades. Director Stanislav Sokolov

This cartoon is not for little ones. They will understand little about it. It is tailored for an audience from 12 years old, but teenagers are unlikely to go to such a frank "rubbish". There are no true admirers of the German Ernest Hoffmann among today's youth, and not everyone knows who he is. Therefore, they are unlikely to understand what is happening.

Well, there is no need to talk about adults. In our time, people do not have enough time for a "high". And if we go to the cinema, then to something worthwhile. And since, in the opinion of the majority, "worthwhile" is either horror films, or action, or, at least, expensive science fiction and fantasy, this cartoon will be preferred, alas, by a few.

Brief overview of TV shows, new seasons of which will start from 11 to 17 October

And now that the release dates of the films are covered in full, let's talk about the premieres of the series. A clean premiere, starting from season 1, during this period can only be considered the series "Titans", the start of the first season of which is scheduled for October 12. For those interested in watching Robin do good in Gotham right and left without Batman's support, welcome to watch the trailer.

The rest are invited to familiarize themselves with other serial premieres in mid-October. And especially, of course, admirers are waiting for the start of the next, 14th in a row, season of "Supernatural" and 7th season of "Arrow". But, first things first.

Bad blood. Season 2 starts on October 11, Thursday, City TV. IMDb 7.2 rating

No, this is not another series about bloodthirsty vampires. This is a dramatic and criminal story spanning 2 short seasons. And she tells about the large Canadian mafioso Vito Razutto. Well, that's right. When everything has been filmed and written about all the more or less well-known US mafia tycoons, it is time to move on to the still not very "chewed" mafiosi of neighboring states.

Who is interested in watching the tale of how Vito, released from prison, inflicts revenge on the right and left - welcome to the TV screens on the City TV channel on Thursday, October 11 at 20.00 local time. This is an extremely inconvenient positioning of the series in the grid, since it is at this time that the new episodes of Supernatural will be shown on The CW on Thursdays. In the USA voice acting, episode 1 of season 2, like all the others, will be released only the next day. Pirate sites will be happy to show them right there.

For those interested, we can offer a trailer for the first season.

Supernatural. Season 14 starts on October 11, Thursday, The CW. IMDb rating 8.5, KP - 8.2

One of the longest-lived projects of The CW is back with us. The tale of how two Winchester brothers fight with evil spirits, alternately becoming this very evil, has been going on for the 13th year. The scriptwriters got off their feet to come up with new intrigues, since so many of them have been invented during this time that nothing good has been invented anymore.

But, meanwhile, once again mixing religions, beliefs and beliefs of individual groups of people with nothing to say, the showrunners of the project knocked money out of the management of the TV channel for another season on a spring day in April 2018, which once again threatens to become the last one. But let's hope for the best and watch the comic-con trailer.

Blind Spot / Blind Spot. Season 4 starts on Friday, October 12, NBC. IMDb rating 7.5, CP - 7.0

For those who are wondering where the actors from the once famous TV series "Strike Back" have gone, we will tell you. Philip Winchester appeared in the then-defunct Chicago Justice project, whose only season came out in 2017. Sullivan Stapleton was more fortunate. The Blind Spot project with his participation has been extended for the 4th season.

In general, this is a good detective story, although the basis itself is somewhat lame. Here some superintellectual does not think of crimes, no machine prompts, no psychics are involved. It becomes clear about the crimes from the tattoos applied to the body of the girl who escaped in season 1 from the hands of no one knows who (at least at that time). Specialists from the FBI little by little decipher the tattoos of the person who has lost, in addition to everything, the memory of the person, and solve the crimes. Sounds weird. But when you look, everything seems quite convincing. Watching the Season 4 trailer.

Dynasty. Season 2 starts on October 12, Friday, The CW TV channel. IMDb rating 7.2, CP - 6.9

The series is involved in a fight for a huge inheritance. At the center of the feud is Fallon Carrington and her stepmother. With the will, everything is not so smooth, but therefore, as they say, we will fight. And there is something to share, since the family owns a well-promoted oil business. Intrigue, snot with oil and betrayal are here at every step, and all this is filmed against the background of luxury, from which the eye falls out. A very beautiful and solid series with a good, albeit sometimes naive (as, in principle, everything on the CW) plot. It's definitely worth a look.

Crazy ex. Season 4 starts on October 12, Friday, The CW TV channel. IMDb rating 7.7, CP - 6.9

Many people wonder where Rachel Bloom has gone? And it was here that she disappeared, so the people came in and welcome to the world of adventures of the awkward lady, whom she played just fine. It’s high time to jump from bursting at the seams, long-running sitcoms like "The Big Bang Theory" to quite solid comedy series like this. Here, at least, although humorous, there is a sense. And the series is 45 minutes long. Though it's not a shame to wait ...

Supergirl. Season 4 starts on Sunday, October 14, The CW. IMDb rating 6.5, CP - 5.7

Judging by the ratings, people are not quite sure that some girl can become a Supergirl in principle, even if she is at least in direct relationship with Superman. But, meanwhile, the series is puffing forward for season 4, which may very well be the final one for him.

In this series, hordes of evil aliens fell upon our mortal world. The special effects, of course, are not bad, but the supergirl's ability to resist everything and everything initially casts doubt on everything. And the mess, meanwhile, is complete. And where are the other heroes of the DC Universe - Aquaman, Superman, Batman and other "exchange" looking? It is not clear. They threw the poor girl and rake yourself with everything alone. Shameless uncles ...

Arrow. Season 7 starts on Monday 15 October, The CW. IMDb rating 6.5, CP - 5.7

A peculiar version of Batman in a slightly different "package", which was predicted to be a fiasco at the start, meanwhile, it has already knocked out season 7 for itself and is in no hurry to stop there. It's all like a blueprint. The superhero is not constrained by means, hides his face under a mask and takes revenge, revenge and revenge again, doing good to the left and to the right. In general, a good person, although behind him he has mountains of corpses deprived of life without trial or investigation. But that's just amazing for a super-duper series, isn't it? So let's rejoice and check out the new season trailer!

Separated together. Season 2 starts October 16, Tuesday, ABC channel IMDb rating 6.9

The spouses Martin and Lena found a peculiar way out of the situation. When a divorce dawned on the horizon, he decided not to put children in the course, but to approach divorce in a peculiar way. While living in one house, they, meanwhile, live separately (the house has an aboveground part and an underground one), bringing up and looking after the children weekly. What does this attitude lead to? Maybe not to anything. And maybe even to quite positive things. Or maybe just comical. Let's see - we'll see.

Laudermilk. Season 2 starts on October 16, Tuesday, Audience Network TV channel. IMDb rating 7.4, CP - 7.2

An excellent comedy, even somewhat underestimated in our opinion. Recently, few such worthy serials have been released. And although the episodes are only 30 minutes long, there is enough humor. It's worth the wait anyway.

And the plot revolves around a man who has tied up with drinking in the dawn of years, but at the end of his career. And it's very funny to see how he copes with his craving for a drink. The topic is relevant and topical. Therefore, respect to the scriptwriters and the long voyage of the project. Watching the dubbed Season 2 trailer. He will tell you everything better than words.

Blackish. Season 5 starts on October 16, Tuesday, ABC TV channel

Another worthwhile project from ABC TV company. And although it all comes down to a joke, and the project itself is included in the category of "black humor", the life of "blackish" in the country of "whitish" is shown here as it is, without any embellishments.

The comedy is shown to those who like to shout that in North America equality of sexes, colors and other "s" is flourishing with might and main. Equality and tolerance thrives there as much as shown in this series. It can be said that it is not there that flourishes, but it never blossomed. Everything is only in words. We are watching the starting trailer, since fresh ones simply do not exist in principle.

We will continue to try to cover in detail the release of films on the screens of our country in the most detailed format. In the meantime, on this cheerful note, we are saying goodbye until next week. All the best to you, not to get sick, and more cool films!

The Topic of Article: Films and TV series of October from 11th to 17th inclusive: full list of premieres with a brief overview and trailers.
Author: Jake Pinkman