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Films and TV series of October from 18 to 24 inclusive: full list of premieres with a short review and trailers


We continue to introduce our readers to the upcoming autumn premieres. The next step is the list of films and TV series that will be released on the screens of USA cinemas and television screens from October 18 to 24. This time the list is more extensive and varied and see, believe me, there will be something.

What will delight cinemas?

And first, as usual, we publish a full list of movie premieres from "zakardonny" filmmakers:

  • Halloween - thriller, horror, in ch. Starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer (USA).
  • Apprentice of the Monster - Anime, Fantasy, Adventure (Japan).
  • Galveston - thriller, thriller, chap. Starring Elle Fanning, Ben Foster (USA).
  • Wildlife - drama, chap. Starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Carey Mulligan (USA).
  • Lukas is an action movie, in ch. starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, Sveva Alviti (France).
  • Smallfoot - cartoon, fantasy (USA).
  • Winter Brothers - drama, chap. Starring Elliott Crosset Hove, Simon Sears (Denmark).
  • Perfect Life is a thriller, chap. Starring Eric Da Silva, Suzy Filipe (Portugal).
  • Walk in Rome - adventure, chap. starring Stefano Ambrogi, Fabrizio Apolloni (Italy).
  • Prima Donna - comedy, drama, in ch. Starring Meryl Streep, Hugh Grant (England, France).
  • The Secret of a Toy Store - cartoon, fantasy, family (China).
  • Sunset - drama, chap. starring Suzanne Vuest, Julie Jakab (Hungary).
  • Ribbit Frog - cartoon, comedy, adventure (Malaysia).
  • Sixth post - crime drama, chap. Cast Sanurzhan Suleimenov, Zhasulan Omirbek (Kazakhstan).

And here's what USA filmmakers will surprise us with:

  • The Eternal Life of Alexander Khristoforov - a comedy in ch. starring Oksana Fandera, Alexey Guskov (USA).
  • On the shore of a dream - drama, chap. Cast Bair Uladaev, Anfisa Mankhaeva (USA).
  • Elephants can play football - melodrama, chap. Cast Vladimir Mishukov, Sofya Gershevich (USA).
  • USA Short. Issue 1 - drama, comedy, chap. Cast Nikita Efremov, Alexander Pal (USA).
  • Super Beavers. People's Avengers - family, comedy, in ch. Starring Pavel Derevyanko, Roman Madyanov (USA).

Now let's move on to the list of premiere seasons of TV series:

  • Creating an Assassin . Season 2, 10/19/2018, Netflix (USA).
  • Daredevil . Season 3, 10/19/2018, Netflix (USA)
  • Knowledge . Season 2, 10/19/2018, Amazon (USA).
  • Dangerous Henry . Season 5, 10/20/2018, Nickelodeon (USA).
  • Legends of Tomorrow . Season 4, 10/22/2018, The CW (USA).
  • Dream Corporation . Season 2, 10/22/2018, Adult Swim (USA).
  • Medici: Lords of Florence . Season 2, 10/23/2018, RAI 1 (Italy).
  • Guestbook . Season 2, 10/23/2018, TBS (USA).

And finally, let's move on to more volumetric coverage of the masterpieces presented in our recent listings above.

Halloween. Directed by David Gordon Greene. IMDb 8.0 rating

Don't expect this Halloween to be a continuation of 10 previous films. Rather, it is a kind of clarification of key facts, many of which, by the way, will conflict with some of the previous pictures.

But in general, the film will not disappoint its fans. Michael Myers is still in business, blood flows like a river, Jamie Lee Curtis is also back in the subject, so you can safely go to the cinema. During the first screenings in America, crowds near the cinemas gathered in 10 hours, which confirms the unusually high IMDb rating for this category of films. Well, we need to watch too ...

Apprentice of the monster. Directed by Mamoru Hosoda. Rating IMDb 7.7, KP - 8.0

An unusual gift for connoisseurs of good and solid anime. The holiday is a little blurred by the fact that the masterpiece of Japanese animation filmmakers was released back in 2015, and therefore true fans of this genre could already check out the tape a hundred times in pirated translations on pirate sites. But sites are sites. And a cinema is a cinema! And in light of the fact that we are rarely pampered with anime girls on the screens of cinemas, the cartoon will definitely gather its audience. Watching the trailer.

Galveston. Directed by Melanie Laurent. IMDb rating 6.5

The story is not new. The former "employee" of the mafia group did not particularly please this very mafia group, which is why he has to make his legs. And here he will have to make legs together with a petty prostitute who has fallen on his neck. About after - and with the daughter of a petty prostitute who fell on his head.

But the mafia is like that - run from it, do not run, but there is only one end - you will still find yourself in its tenacious paws. And the only way out is ... Let's see - we'll see.

Wildlife. Directed by Paul Dano. IMDb 7.0 rating

There is discord in the family. The couple are going to leave. How will their child react to this? It is through his eyes that the whole story is seen. There is nothing more to say about the film. The idiotic trailer has a lot of "Great Movie" style statements and not a hint of what this movie is about.

Can you figure out more? At least we didn't find any hint of "wildness" in this trailer ...

Lucas. Directed by Julien Leclerc. IMDb rating 6.3

Recently, Van Dam has been increasingly upsetting fans with his creations. But this film promises to be the best of the last.

The classified problem-solving specialist did not please the tycoons, and now they are trying to influence him through his daughter. Well, imagine yourself, can you scare Van Dam? Of course not. He predictably piles on everyone and saves his daughter. Yes, the plot is eaten away, and we will not go to watch it, but how Van Dam will give out plops to everyone. Hopefully it will be shot beautifully. And we hope the hero of Van Dam will survive.

Those who can't stand it, and who want to look at the masterpiece right now, may already find it on torrents in a pirated translation. The rest - welcome to the cinema!

Smallfoot. Directed by Carey Kirkpatrick, Jason Reisig. IMDb Rating 6.8

A funny cartoon in which not people are looking for Bigfoot, but Bigfoot does not believe in the existence of people. It is well known that people call Bigfoot exactly the Yeti, that is, Bigfoot. But what will the yeti call us then? That's right - Smallfoot!

But it's not enough to come up with a name for them, I would also like to find these Smallfoots. In this cartoon, to which the title would be more appropriate: “Someone has come down from the hill”, it will be possible to do it. Watching the trailer.

Winter brothers. Directed by Hlynur Palmason. IMDb Rating 6.8

The brainchild of Danish filmmakers, which was released over a year ago, has finally made its way to our cinema screens.

The measured life of an ordinary moonshiner Emil suddenly stumbles upon a pothole when one of the buyers of his booze suddenly ends up in the hospital with poisoning. And only then the “consumers” begin to figure out, and from what does our Emil, in fact, drive his moonshine? Is Emil involved in the poisoning and will he be able to get out of this difficult situation? In this film, everything is not as straightforward as it seems at first glance. And the blame for everything, as it turned out, was not Emil at all, but ...

Let's not expose, let's just say that it will be a complete surprise for many.

Perfect life. Directed by Luis Diogo. IMDb 7.2 rating

Lived Moreire was dissatisfied with everything in his seemingly excellent life. The job is good, but very boring and uninteresting. Daughters - beloved, but stupid and spenders. The wife is also beloved. Only forever gets to the bottom of everything and everyone is unhappy. But the fact that this life was ideal Zhil understands only when he faces mortal danger.

The thriller is pretty good. Respect to the Portuguese, we managed to shoot a masterpiece!

Walk in Rome. Directed by Karin Prooya. IMDb rating 7.4

The film by Italian filmmakers was released on big screens almost a year ago, and this year it was able to collect a huge number of various nominations and awards. And the 7.4 rating for an adventure film is simply sky-high. Therefore, it is already clear that going to the cinema will not be a mistake. The adventures of teenagers who have run away from their parents and lost in a strange city will touch the soul of everyone, without any doubt.

Diva. Directed by Stephen Frears. Rating IMDb rating 6.9, CP - 6.7

Despite the fact that the film is a hundred years old by lunchtime, and all connoisseurs of cinema, as well as fans of Meryl Streep, have already been able to enjoy this film on pirated online sites and torrents, distributors still risked launching this tape on USA big screens.

A naive tale about how Florence performed by Meryl will show the audience the wonders of vocals, despite the fact that God deprived her of this gift, not many will like it. But the film is not outright nonsense. To a greater extent, the film, of course, will appeal to older people and, mainly, women. After all, men prefer scuffle and jokes below the belt, which, alas, are not here.

The mystery of the toy store. Directed by Gary Wang. IMDb rating 6.7

The Chinese, it turns out, are also those masters of computer animation. And a funny cartoon about toys coming to life is proof of this. And although it is called "The Secret of the Toy Store", the action of the film will take place, for the most part, outside this store. And the adventure, judging by the trailer, awaits the main characters dizzying! If you are looking for a gift for your baby, the best application for it is going to the cinema for this masterpiece!

Not all Chinese are fake! Although ... Toys that come to life when people are not looking at them ... Somewhere we have already gone through this ...

Sunset. Directed by Laszlo Nemesh. IMDb 7.0 rating

Despite the fact that the world premiere of the film took place in September this year, the masterpiece of the Hungarian filmmakers has already managed to grab the golden lion - an award from the International Film Critics Association. This means that going to the cinema will not be a failure. Although, nowadays it is difficult to drive fans of dramas into cinemas. In our time, give people huge bibizians, robots, or, finally, just a good scuffle or shootouts. There is none of this here. A good acting and a clear plot will hardly attract a huge crowd ...

Ribbit the Frog. Directed by Chuck Powers. IMDb 4.1 rating

It is not entirely clear what prompted "Kinoloistika" to covet this masterpiece. Probably its low price. The cartoon, moreover, is ancient, so also clearly weak, and will not be interesting even to kids. The plot is talentless, the characters are indistinct, completely devoid of charm. No need to drive kids to him. Limit yourself to a trailer.

Sixth post. Directed by Serikbol Utepbergenov.

Let's finish the list of foreign premieres with the brainchild of Kazakh filmmakers, based on real events.

In 2010, 21 prisoners made a daring escape from one of the Kazakhstani prisons - the Akatau maximum security colony. About this and skaz. Only everything is flavored with the fact that the main characters of the tape - once friends "do not spill water" Erlan and Dauren, are, as they say, on different sides of the barricade. One is a prisoner, the second is a fighter nat. guard. Then the time has come to test their former friendship for strength ...

What have our filmmakers prepared for us?

And ours, for lack of funds, all continue to sculpt dramas, melodramas and comedies. But if you consider that the best films are not always those in which a bunch of special effects and machines tumbling in every frame, then it still makes sense to hope for worthwhile tapes. Let's briefly review.

The eternal life of Alexander Khristoforov. Director Evgeny Shelyakin

The once film and theater star Sasha Khristoforov is now interrupting backstage work. His life is a complete mess. Will she be able to establish a new love story? Watching the trailer.

On the shore of a dream. Director Bair Uldaev

The trailer shows that the masterpiece does not shine with either the idea, or the actors, or the acting. In short, this is a story about how a wounded veteran of the Chechen war tries to raise an orphan girl. It looks like he's not doing very well. But if you suffer for a long time ...

USA Short. Issue 1.

It is not clear what prompted our leaders to collect 5 short meters, absolutely unrelated to each other, into a kind of collection and launch it on large screens. The idea is not new, and as practice has shown, such a "freebie" is very rare. Let's see what comes out this time.

Super Beavers. People's avengers. Director Dmitry Dyachenko

A kind of interpretation of the zakardonny cartoon "The Incredibles". For those who are accustomed to high-quality Hollywood, this move will seem naive, stupid and tasteless.

But this picture will find its admirers. After all, how many connoisseurs we have, so many patriots!

Brief overview of the new seasons of the best TV series

The October list of TV series from year to year is full of new seasons of the most top and expensive projects. But, not this week. Here, only the new seasons of "Creating a Killer" and "Daredevil" from Netflix can be considered truly long-awaited. But, first things first.

Creating an assassin. Season 2 starts on Friday, October 19, Netflix. Rating IMDb 8.6, KP - 8.4

The Stephen Avery case took an unexpected turn when, after 18 years, DNA testing revealed that the jury had put the wrong person behind bars. All the people have fun and rejoice! But, as it turned out, not for long. Avery was soon closed again. Pancake! Why now?

Daredevil. Season 3 starts on Friday, October 19, Netflix. Rating IMDb 8.7, KP - 8.1

The rating of the blind "non-avenger" has not dropped for the third year in a row. Fans of the Avengers universe really like to watch how a person who has lost his sight, meanwhile, vomits villains right and left like Tuzik a heating pad. Interest is also fueled by the fact that somewhere here other superheroes from the same universe are running around - "The Punisher" (he is Shane from "Walkers") and others like him. Add interest and constant references to the turmoil arranged by the Avengers. But Daredevil has no time for major turmoil. He, as you can see from the trailer for the new season, is up to the neck.

Interesting. Will Daredevil be among the disappeared half of humanity?

Knowledge / Lore. Season 2 starts on October 19, Friday, Amazon TV channel. IMDb rating 6.9, CP - 6.7

This documentary series will open the veil over where most of the most eerie legends originate from, passed by word of mouth from the darkest depths of generations. As anyone, we watched with interest. We learned a lot of new things. It is not all the same to rule the TV channel Ren-TV ...

Dangerous Henry. Season 5 starts on October 20, Saturday, Nickelodeon TV channel. IMDb rating 5.6, KP - 6.3

A stupid parody of superhero films, it is not clear how it stretched out for 4 years. Maybe we just grew up from the age when such a third-rate acting and moronic jokes can be inserted? Be that as it may, let's remember what there was and be happy for the fans!

Legends of tomorrow. Season 4 starts on Monday, October 22, The CW. IMDb rating 7.2, CP - 6.1

I would like to say that the DC cinematic universe is puffing up, but so far, apart from puffing, nothing else is visible. No revving up. One continuous slack. But, meanwhile, the next season of "Legends" will see the light.

Watching a comic-con trailer hoping for the best and crossing our fingers for the upcoming Aquaman premiere!

Dream Corporation. Season 2 starts on Monday, October 22, Adult Swim channel. IMDb rating 6.7

The series has its fans, but to us the ability to heal in a dream, in a specially formed / generated virtual reality, seems somewhat idiotic. And why did the creators not like cyberspace? You can, of course, laugh at some of the jokes. With a stretch. But ... See for yourself.

Medici: Lords of Florence. Season 2 starts on October 23, Tuesday, RAI channel 1. IMDb rating 7.9, CP - 7.4

A good-quality TV series shot on a grand scale. We cannot vouch for the reliability of all the events shown in the series, but it looks great. The Italians did not spare money. Few have been filming quality historical franchises lately. This is just the case. Welcome to the long-awaited second season!

Guestbook. Season 2 starts on Tuesday, October 23rd, TBS channel. IMDb rating 7.0, KP - 6.2

A tale about how one lives and works in a hotel in the town of Mount Tres. Life is funny, but not so much. And not everyone who grew up in harsh USA will understand this humor. This is what the significant difference with the Western rating indicates. But the one who waited can rejoice. And watch the trailer for the new season.


At this point, our today's review can be considered complete. Going to the cinema - do not be lazy to dress warmly. It gets cold outside. And when leaving it, do not go unbuttoned, button up. A wet back stuck in the cold is the main cause of pneumonia. Therefore, behave well, do not get sick, and more cool movies for you!

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