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Creative Outlier Air Sports Review


The popularity of wireless headphones is growing every day. There are several reasons for this: simplicity, design convenience, and good sound. The main problem with most of these devices is their low autonomy. Often, the energy does not last long, there are instances that require charging every 2-3 hours. Below we will talk about an accessory with a powerful battery. Its operation time on a single charge reaches 30 hours. And this is not the only plus of the product. Let's tell you more about it.

Package, design and specifications

Creative Outlier Air Sports wireless headphones are supplied with a charging case, a case made of practical material, an instruction manual, two pairs of silicone pads, a USB-C cable.


The developers of the device have not invented something new, they just gave their product a little personality. The result is a comfortable earplug that fits well in your ears.

Many users often express complaints about analogues from other manufacturers about their unreliable fixation in the workplace. This is out of the question here. The Creative Outlier Air Sports only needs to be rotated slightly, once placed in the auricles and a reliable contact will be ensured. It also helps block out unnecessary ambient sounds. Passive noise isolation is excellent here.

The presence of two additional kits allows you to choose the optimal overlays for each owner of the gadget.


We should also talk about the charging case. It is made of aluminum and looks stylish and high quality. The case is equipped with four LEDs to indicate the charging process. When you put headphones in it to restore energy reserves, the color of their border on the case turns red.


Creative Outlier Air Sports are equipped with 5.6mm graphene transducers. They are capable of operating in the frequency range from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. Communication with the sound source is provided via the Bluetooth 5.0 protocol, within a radius of 10 m. Codecs are used: aptX, AAC, SBC. The headphone batteries received a capacity of 60 mAh, the case-case gives an additional 380 mAh. Full charging takes 1-2 hours. The weight of the device is small, only 10 grams.

Simple controls and reliable communication

Creative Outlier Air Sports do not have touch panels, but control reliability does not suffer from this. Instead, they have large buttons, which are characterized by tangible clicks when performing a function.

This adds to the reliability of the product, since such a nuance does not allow you to accidentally turn on the device or issue an unintended command.

The gadget provides high-quality communication. Bluetooth 5.0 keeps the signal securely within ten meters of the signal source.

Regular activation of the headphones is not necessary. It is enough to connect them to the smartphone once and, in the future, they will always be ready for work after opening the charging case. The manufacturer guarantees a reliable connection, which is confirmed by numerous tests of the device.

How they sound

The sound quality of the Creative Outlier Air Sports is high. Most owners will love having a wide and clear soundstage. You can also note the creation of sufficient space by the accessory, which gives a lot of pleasure to the user.

Headphone support for AptX technology plays an important role in ensuring good sound. Therefore, the sound is accurate, where the bass fills the stage, but does not dominate.

Mids are quite pronounced, and highs form a complete sound picture, but do not protrude. This allows you to listen to works of various genres and characters using the Creative Outlier Air Sports: pop music, rap, electronic compositions, classics. Even hip-hop is no exception.

At the same time, the gadget processes everything perfectly, any instrument is heard clearly and accurately.

Separately, it should be noted the operation of the device during sports. Sweat generated from physical exertion and other moisture do not create any problems for him. This allows us to recommend the product to athletes and lovers of an active lifestyle.


Creative Outlier Air Sports have a powerful battery. On a single charge, the headphones can work for about 10 hours. This is if they are used for continuous listening to music. Together with the charging case, the autonomy of the product is 30 hours.


Testers note that they did not have problems with autonomy. Some did not even charge the case for several days, as there was enough energy in the batteries of the headphones themselves.


Creative Outlier Air Sports wireless headphones can literally be classified as universal. Their use is possible not only for listening to music files. Simplicity of design, functionality and ergonomics allow this gadget to be used when listening to audiobooks, watching movies, videos on YouTube.

The average cost of an accessory in a retail network is 6,000 rubles. This is the optimal indicator for a device with such characteristics and convenience. Many can afford to purchase such a product.

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