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Review of small wireless headphones Nokia BH-705


Many smartphone manufacturers practice developing wireless headphones. This is easy to explain: among the users of mobile devices there are a lot of music lovers and those who like to chat using these accessories. In this review, we will tell you about one similar gadget presented by HMD. The company is considered to be one of the successors of the Finnish Nokia heritage. Therefore, all of her products are sold under this brand.

Features and specifications Nokia BH-705 Wireless Headphones are supplied with: case - battery, charging cable, additional rubber pads in two sizes and documentation.

All this is securely packed in a cardboard box, the top of which is fixed with a magnetic lock. All its contents are in a dense foam material covered with a polycarbonate pad.


Gadgets are shaped like plugs inserted into the ear canal. They have an interesting design. It uses black plastic from which the entire headphone case with a button is made. A mesh is made of metal to protect the driver and the charger contacts.


Some users found it unreliable to mount the headphones in the charging case. The downside here is the lack of magnets. In addition, the fact of too tight contact between the grid of the converter and the holding contacts raises concerns. This can lead to its rapid wear.

It is worth clarifying some of the characteristics of the Nokia BH-705. They use Bluetooth 5.0 for wireless connection. The case is capable of triple charging of accessories. Their independent autonomy is 4 hours. The earbuds are water and dust resistant due to their IPX4 rating. They are also equipped with microphones that can be used during communication.

Practical Operation

The instruction instructs to charge the earbuds before first use. The USB C cable, which is only 15 cm long, will help with this. It is not clear why the saving on the size of this important element is connected.

After charging is complete, you need to remove the BH-705 from the case. At this point, they automatically begin the process of pairing with the device they will work with. If this did not happen automatically, then it is recommended to repeat the procedure while holding the button on the body.


In most cases, everything happens quickly and without any difficulties.

The product is lightweight, fits comfortably and securely in the ear canals. Some users point out this fact. They point out that they tried to deliberately provoke the gadgets to fall out of their ears by actively shaking and rotating their heads. Nothing came of it.

Only control buttons cause complaints. They are of modest size. When the BH-705 is in your ears, access to the buttons is difficult, and sometimes even impossible. Therefore, it is more convenient to operate here through an application in a smartphone.

Microphones that are too small are also not very convenient for everyday and regular communication. Not all interlocutors clearly understand what is at stake.

Sound and autonomy

One of the music lovers shared information about testing the sound of these wireless headphones. To this end, he used the Apple Music test playlist with constant expansion. At the same time, the AAC codec was used to compress the songs. There were some losses here.

During the day, he frequently visited the Idagio website, which practices offering lossless compressed music.

It was subjectively found that there is no difference in sound quality. The range of frequencies they output is uniform. The bass is clean, but not the most active. Much depends on the degree of isolation from surrounding sounds. This can be done using additional complete inserts.


The high frequencies are slightly emphasized, but not dominant.

Users generally describe the sound picture created by the headphones as universal. It is noted that sometimes there is not enough sound energy. You can get more bass by placing your gadgets deeper in your ear. But this is not practical. In a few minutes they return to their original place.

I would like to note how the vocals sound. It gives off freshness and expressiveness. There are also good indicators of volume and separation of instruments.

Separately, it should be said about the quality of the connection. It is stable and problem-free.

The autonomy of the BH-705 is declared by the manufacturer at 4 hours. The owners of the headphones say that it is difficult to measure it accurately, since immediately after use everyone tries to put the accessories on charge. However, everyone is inclined that the battery life declared by the manufacturer corresponds to the actual one.

Grand Total

The Nokia BH-705 Wireless Headphones are generally good equipment. The advantages of the product include the presence of decent sound quality, ease of installation and use, the presence of a case-case.

There are also disadvantages. I would like more autonomy, a longer memory cable length. Also, developers should consider installing magnets in the case for a more secure fit of the headphones. They also need to change the way they control the headphones as the buttons are too small for that.

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Author: Jake Pinkman