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What interesting things we learned at the Facebook F8 conference


On the first day of May, the annual Facebook corporation conference kicked off in San Jose, California. The event is for developers. The presentation, which was personally conducted by the head of the company, Mark Zuckerberg, was quite informative and touched upon the topic of updates to the social network itself and other services of the company.

News from Facebook

Most of the changes occurred in the instant data exchange service - Facebook Messenger. The application will change its design and become more comfortable to use. The messenger will have a night mode, a built-in translator, customizable chats, and dynamic effects of dialog boxes. Also, Discover Tab is being created - a store of bots and extensions for the application. Facebook Messenger will be open for advertising and business projects.

Another innovation is the Watch Party technology. This function will make it possible to view content together, and everyone will be able to express their opinion about what they saw live. Also in Facebook, the view of comments on posts is updated and votes "for" and "against" are created. The social network is also setting up the functionality for searching for a blood donor, anyone can now register in this capacity.

Competition on the love front


Facebook is stepping on the heels of well-known dating services and creating its own function - Dating Home . It can be used at will by activating the heart-shaped icon. Mark Zuckerberg noted that the innovation is designed to search for serious acquaintances, and not one-day dates.


Videos from Facebook can now be transferred to a third-party resource, and the updated video player will display spherical video in the news feed. The camera will be controlled with the cursor. 3D Photos is slated for summer.

Virtual "subnet"


The Facebook Spaces virtual environment creates a drawn image of a person using photos on his Facebook profile. In the Facebook Spaces, users can meet and communicate using the Messenger application. So far, access to the network is possible only with the Oculus Rift helmet, which the company acquired a year ago, but soon access will be opened for other VR devices.

Instagram Updates

In Instagram Stories and Facebook itself, you can now share content from other applications, for example, add a song from Spotify. Moreover, you won't have to link your Instagram account with another service. Instagram will also add a group calling feature.

WhatsApp Updates

The main change affecting WhatsApp concerns its adaptation to work with business projects. The new functionality is being developed for the convenience of companies working with a large volume of messages. The app will also add group video chat and support for third-party stickers.

Oculus Go Headset

Facebook has introduced a new VR development - Oculus Go glasses. The headset went on sale in early May and starts at $ 199. There is a possibility that the novelty will become more popular than the previous more expensive analogue of Oculus, which required the support of a powerful computer.


The budget headset is equipped with 1000 available apps and the Oculus TV service for watching video content in virtual reality. Also, Oculus Go owners will be able to follow live sports events and music events. The device does not need a smartphone, computer or any other device to operate.

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