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Facebook Messenger Kids: online communication for the little ones

Facebook is launching a new messenger designed specifically for young users. The company made this decision due to the fact that surveys conducted by parent-teacher organizations in the United States showed how much society lacks a simple and safe communication tool.

Messenger Kids

Messenger Kids

Designed for an audience of four years and older: at this age, most children already know how to launch applications and make calls. With the new platform, they will be able to communicate securely with family and friends, and parents will have a tool to monitor their children's Internet activities.

Considering that the social network Facebook does not allow registration of persons under the age of 13, the new application will be a great option for all children hungry for online communication with their peers.

What are the restrictions?

Facebook messenger capabilities for kids

In general, Messenger Kids works the same as the general audience version of the app. However, you do not need to create a social media account to use Kids Messenger. Facebook hopes to reach younger audiences with optimized content such as bold stickers, emoji, GIF animations, video call masks, and painting tools.

What about parental controls?Messenger Kids parental controls

As for parental control functions, adult users have the ability to access the child's messages and saved calls through the full version of the messenger. Messages in Messenger Kids cannot be deleted or hidden, so parents can always follow their kids' online lives.

Every new contact must be approved by an adult. Remote blocking is possible. The child can report unacceptable behavior of the interlocutor himself, in which case the trusted adult will receive a notification about a possible problem.

Does it contain ads?

There are no ads in the application, it is completely free for all mobile platforms, but is still available for residents of the United States and some other regions. To install Messenger Kids on an iPhone or iPad in USA, you need to create an Apple ID for the country where the app is already available.

By the way, Facebook has been doing a lot of interesting things lately. More recently, the algorithms for delivering news in the Facebook feed have changed

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