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Upcoming WhatsApp upgrades - new options will appear in the messenger

The WhatsApp developers have announced a number of new features that should appear in the next app updates.

New posts

One of the innovations will be the ability to make read marks of received messages without opening the application itself. In this way, the developers plan to simplify communication in group chats. The WhatsApp user will be able to notify the addressee of the message by checking the box from the notification center. The new feature is not yet available and is under development, although representatives of the messenger announced its appearance in one of the upcoming messenger upgrades.

By the way, recently WhatsApp has the ability to create group chats by analogy with Telegram, although only their administrator has the right to post in public groups. Also, recent updates to the messenger have affected forwarded messages. Now all transfers, the authorship of which does not belong to the “intermediary”, have a special identification marker. It lets you know the real author of the message. Such markings help determine whether the sender of the message actually wrote it or just forwarded it. According to WhatsApp representatives in their official blog, this will help reduce the number of fakes and increase the level of information security inside the application.

Long awaited stickers

A large number of popular social platforms have acquired stickers long ago, which could not be said about WhatsApp until the last moment. However, the new beta version of the messenger build 2.18.218 has revealed their imminent appearance.

For the first time, the announcement of the appearance of stickers on the WhatsApp platform was made at the annual conference for Facebook developers F8. The exact date from which they can be used in the application has not yet been announced, although visually assessing two groups of stickers called Bibimbap Friends and Unchi & amp; Rollie is available now. Most likely, the new option will become available after activation from the server side. The updated application will have a store where you can select and purchase a set of stickers you like.

You can start using the stickers feature in WhatsApp now. To do this, you should install the beta version of the messenger under the build number 2.18.218, although only the above two sets of pictures will be available. There is also an option to download completely new sets, although this does not work yet due to the fact that the sticker store is not in the public domain. According to unofficial information, users will be allowed to transfer stickers back and forth from the FB Messenger application, since both platforms are owned by the same corporation.

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Author: Jake Pinkman