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Messengers are gradually replacing telephone conversations


USA users began to chat more on Viber, WhatsApp, Skype and Telegram than on mobile phones.

Such data was published by the international consulting project Deloitte after a study (June 2018) and an analysis of the responses of respondents in 46 regions of the country.

Different ways of communication

93% of respondents use their smartphone to communicate in instant messengers - thus, they were in first place among all phone tools. About half of the study participants indicated that they began to use more mobile applications of this kind. The respondents also noted that they have begun to make voice Internet calls more often, however, “classic” mobile phone calls are still more in demand.

The research company recorded an increase in the percentage of mobile calls among male users, while women prefer such communication to a lesser extent. Interestingly, the demand for calls over cellular communication was about half less among Moscow respondents (when compared with the average).

But voice calls over the Internet for Moscow, on the contrary, are more in demand. By the way, in the northern capital - St. Petersburg, researchers have revealed the opposite trend - communication through mobile calls is more popular there.

User preferences

WhatsApp turned out to be the most popular resource with the leading frequency of use. 69% of smartphone owners prefer this particular messenger, and this figure has increased compared to last year. Viber is behind it - it is preferred by 57% of respondents, the share of its use has also grown slightly over the year.

Among the owners of smartphones, 45% communicate via Skype , while the research company notes a decrease in the number of users who install this messenger on their phones. Telegram is preferred by 25% of respondents and this figure has also increased over the past year.

Some more analytics

Another study, already conducted by analysts from Ernst & Young, showed that the share of USA users who prefer voice calls using the messenger instead of mobile calls is 8%. About a third of the survey participants noted that they equally often use mobile communications and instant messengers, but at the same time, 50% preferred talking on mobile phones.

Another 11% of respondents did not use the capabilities of mobile applications at all, except for situations when mobile communication was not available.

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Author: Jake Pinkman