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Facebook announced the closure of three recently launched services


Social network Facebook announced its intention to close existing services previously acquired by the company. These include Moves, Hello and tbh.

According to official information, the main reason for this was low user demand and small audience coverage, but there is a version from the side of specialized experts that Facebook simply stopped developing the acquired services. All user information inside the applications will be deleted within 3 months, which the company warns about on its website.

Abandoned acquisitions

The Hello service, launched in 2015, reached the audience of the USA, Brazil and Nigeria. Using the app, owners of Android devices could combine their smartphone address book with their list of virtual friends on Facebook. Hello is expected to stop working in the coming months.

The next candidate for relegation is the Moves platform. The service was originally launched by the previous owners in 2013, and a year later the fitness site was taken over by Facebook. Its functionality is aimed at calculating daily sports activity - walking, jogging, cycling, etc. Application work together with API ends at the end of July.

The technical resource The Verge expresses its point of view on the termination of the work of the two above-named services - Facebook did not properly deal with newly acquired assets and did not invest in their development and improvement. Both services have not received updates and significant improvements for about a year after starting work.

The social service tbh was developed for US teenagers, where high school students, while maintaining anonymity, can write what attracts them to each other. Comparing favorably with the first two applications, tbh received regular updates, and not very long ago a new function for recording and exchanging messages appeared in it. The platform started working less than a year ago, and became the property of the company in the middle of autumn 2017.

The company is a successful investor

While conducting objective analytics, Facebook is by no means an ill-considered investor. Among his acquisitions are quite successful and popular services all over the world. According to a statistical study by AppAnnie, four of the top ten most downloaded applications for iOS devices belong to Facebook.

The leader in the list is the social network Facebook itself. Owners of iOS devices have downloaded it approximately 700 million times (if you count from 2010). The pedestal of the second place was taken by Facebook Messenger, video hosting YouTube closes the top three.

Next in fourth place is Instagram, which officially reports more than 1 billion users. Then in fifth place will be the WhatsApp service, which became the property of Facebook in 2014. The application reports about 1.5 billion users using this resource. Below on the list are maps from Google, Snapchat, Skype, WeChat and the Chinese equivalent of Facebook Messenger, an instant messaging platform called QQ.

The Topic of Article: Facebook announced the closure of three recently launched services.
Author: Jake Pinkman