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A new type of online advertising awaits us in 2019


Streaming services have changed the way we view video content. Many people have completely abandoned television in favor of services like YouTube and Netflix, because on the Internet you can watch anything, as much as you want, pause the video at any time and continue watching it whenever you want.

Many have learned to use ad blockers to get rid of annoying ads popping up in the middle of the video. But advertisers do not sit idly by. In order not to lose income in the new environment, they had to reconsider their strategies. As the Variety website reports, in 2019 we will see a fundamentally new approach to displaying ads.

The statement is based on the comments of specialists involved in the distribution of information products and e-business. According to them, advertisers are aware that Internet viewers independently stop the playback of content at a convenient time for them in order to have a snack, go to the toilet or be distracted by another, no less important matter. It is in these pauses that advertisers see special value.

So in 2019, when you try to pause your video, prepare to hear what you least expect from your speakers.

Hulu Video Service will be one of the first companies to start using the new method of displaying online ads in 2019. The streaming service will turn on the display of commercials the moment the user clicks on the pause button. The details of the new method have not been disclosed, and it is not yet clear if this option for displaying ads will replace the one that is currently generating revenue for Hulu.


American internet service provider AT&T is also gearing up to implement an identical solution next year. One of the employees of the company's advertising department told Variety that the provider intends to show at least 1 full-length commercial during the time when the viewer pauses viewing the main video file. The company promises that the viewer's attention will inevitably be focused on the ads and calls this approach “100% visibility”.

Thus, 2019 will bring a lot of new things for lovers of clean, ad-free video content.

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Author: Jake Pinkman