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Preview: Far Cry 5 - Ubisoft must have gone crazy


At a superficial glance, Far Cry 5 seems to be just an improved version of part 4 with new guns, cars, characters and animals - all according to the standard scheme. Once again, almost the same, and Ubisoft still says that the new Far Cry will be the best-selling part in the series? Are they all sane?

We have carefully reviewed all the information on the game available to date and can say that yes, Ubisoft's predictions are quite adequate, even more so - Far Cry 5 is likely to become not only the best shooter of the year, but also one of the best action games in open world in general. Want to know why? Then we invite you to read our preview of the new part of the crazy shooter.

And a new prophet has come

Far Cry from the very first part is associated with an exotic and unusual setting. In this regard, the developers did not disappoint the fans, so instead of the tropical jungle, sultry African shroud and mountainous expanses of Nepal, they send players to a provincial, God-forsaken town in North America. If at the first thought of a free America, images of glamorous Los Angeles and New York appear in your head, then after the release date of Far Cry 5 you will see another America, where religious obscurantism feels comfortable with cruel and eternally swearing people. A kind of Middle Ages with guns.

By the way, almost immediately after the date of the announcement of Far Cry 5, a whole tub of slops poured into the game, and especially gentle personalities even began to collect a petition demanding to change the characters of the game and make Muslims, not Christians, as antagonists. And all why? That's right, the new shooter decided to touch upon the theme of religion, atypical for games, and even in such a radical form.

Far Cry 5 flock

Just look at the gathering of religious freaks led by the new divine prophet (as he calls himself) Yosef Sid, with whom the player will have to fight. They torture locals, perform baptisms (often fatal), and keep the entire Hope County town in fear. In general, they hide behind God in order to do their dark deeds. It's a rather slippery topic and it makes me happy that the developers have not caved in under criticism and are preparing an unusual, uncompromising and cruel plot that does not care about political correctness.

By the way, the good news: Far Cry 5 will have USA voice acting, but very high quality, judging by the trailers.

Shoot. Go for a ride. Have fun.

Okay, according to the plot, we will need to raise an uprising and free local residents from another tyrant, nothing special if we remove the religious theme. Another question: how will it be played and what new developers will offer players in the gameplay? But here everything is more complicated, since in fact the standard formula for the series operates: we shoot fanatics with weapons, set cute animals on them, ride on typewriters and complete simple quests. But without numerous changes, which just justify the top five in the title, it was not done.

Far Cry 5 driving

First, it's worth mentioning the towers, they won't be in the game at all. An important step for Ubisoft! Now, in order to open new quests and marks on the map, you will have to interact with characters, which this time will be more than 60 people, which would be more suitable for some RPG. You can communicate with them, find out recent news and, of course, take a couple of quests. At the same time, the characters in Far Cry 5 will not be located only in local settlements, but can meet in the most unexpected places.

Just wandering around the world, you can meet an enemy cortege and if you stop it, deal with the guards, you can free several characters who will join the resistance and give the main character several unique quests. All this, as well as the absence of a minimap, motivates you to carefully study the world of the game.

Of course, the engine here is not the first freshness, but it still manages to draw a moderately beautiful picture, while the system requirements of Far Cry 5 are quite low by modern standards, which allows you to run the game even on a toaster.

Far Cry 5 fishing

Sin with your friends

Another innovation is the system of partners, whose help you can always resort to for a nominal fee. There will be six of them in total, including the yard dog Boomer. He, too, will have the motivation to gnaw on the sectarians, because the villains killed his entire family - here it is, the drama! In fact, the dog is really useful, of course, you won't be able to attach a rocket launcher to him, but he will be able to take away weapons from enemies. By the way, for the first time in the series, the entire game can be played in cooperation with a friend, just keep in mind that the story progress is not saved for the invited player, but he will be able to take valuable loot with him.

Among other changes in Far Cry 5, it is worth noting the ability to go fishing, independently choose the appearance and gender of the protagonist, fly airplanes, the presence of a hand-to-hand combat system and several types of cold weapons, a change in the genre of music on the radio, depending on the location where you are now and much more.

No major changes, but playing Far Cry5 will definitely give new emotions to fans of the series.

When and where to download Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 will be released very soon - March 27 , so we advise all shooter fans to circle this date in red in the calendar, so that then, without even getting up from the couch, go on an exciting adventure across the North America. You can download Far Cry 5 at a low price on incentive , we also recommend that you check out our top major games in March 2018, so that you have something to play while waiting for the new shooter from Ubisoft.

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