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Review of Far Cry 5 - Skyrim with guns and cultists


When you buy a new Far Cry, you always know what attraction awaits you in the game. An open and incredibly beautiful world, dozens of types of weapons, cars and animals, as well as charismatic villains, every phrase of which is a hunt to add to the "golden fund of quotes." The same is true in Far Cry 5, but with minor differences, because Ubisoft threatened to significantly refresh the series and make the best open-world sandbox among first-person shooters. Whether the French publisher has kept their promises or is selling us the same game, but with new decorations, you will find out in our review of Far Cry 5.

Please note that we have previously published a review of the game, where we told about all the known facts about the new Ubisoft action movie. And now, having spent 40 hours in Montana and having explored almost every corner of the game, we hasten to share with you our final impressions.

Stanislavsky would say: "I believe"

Almost all open world games have one problem in common: they are fun to play only from time to time. That is, you are given a location open for research and several quest markers on the map. And we have to wade through the routine of monotonous trips around the game world to finally find something interesting. Ubisoft also sinned, although it tried to entertain the player with a miserable semblance of animal simulation in the open world.

Far Cry 5 review

And to make the world in Far Cry 5 as alive as possible, the developers simply multiplied the density of events per square meter. And here Hope County feels much more lively than the jungle from the third part or the Himalayas from Far Cry 4. You don't have to search for adventures to your fifth point, they, like a predator who took the trail, will find you on their own.

It is simply impossible to get from point "A" to point "B" without meeting cultists on a helicopter, a couple of insane killer turkeys (be extremely careful with them) or a random NPC who will give you a quest. In one of our past posts, we've already speculated that Far Cry 5 will be Ubisoft's next step towards RPGs. And it really is, the world is more like Skyrim or The Witcher 3 - there is always something to do.

Far Cry 5 review

Moreover, Far Cry 5 treats your free time very sparingly, all annoying animations like opening chests are excluded here, and flexible pumping allows you to explore the initially open and truly beautiful world of the game in your own style. By the way, you can take your time to upgrade your PC, as the system requirements for Far Cry 5 have not changed much since the release of Primal.

Crazy America

After the release of Far Cry 5, all the other open worlds of Ubisoft cannot be looked at without tears, they seem criminally empty, unrealistic. Last but not least, the choice of setting had a positive effect on the believability of the game world. When the past parts of us were sent to godforsaken exotic lands, in Far Cry 5 American provincial lands seem almost native. As if you went out into nature with friends and calmly fish, trying to drive away thoughts of all the madness that is happening around.

But you still won't succeed. The tension hangs in the air. Each NPC you meet will tell the story of how the sectarians mocked him and his family, scattered notes with chilling stories are scattered around the world, and crucified sinners, blood-stained churches and other attributes of local flavor are scattered around the world.

Far Cry 5 review

And as if that weren't enough, the developers prepared 4 antagonists for the player, each of whom seeks to shock the player with violent scenes and at the same time quote the Bible.

Compared to Joseph, Jacob, John and Vera Sid, Vaas Motenegro from the third part seems to be absolutely flat and even peaceful character. Far Cry 5 has arguably the best villains to appear in Ubisoft games.

The Far Cry We Know and Love

Fortunately, the developers have not forgotten that they are developing primarily a fun shooter, not a horror, so you are unlikely to have the desire to quickly escape from the world of crazy America. Ubisoft knows how to masterfully sit on two chairs, and when you get tired of the cultists' gestures, you will be sent to collect bullseed and do other things useful to society. Every character, even a positive one, is incredibly caricatured and always has a couple of funny jokes in stock, in which Ubisoft laughs at themselves or modern America.

Far Cry 5 review

Last but not least, the hero's companions add fun, who in any situation will make a few hilarious comments. In addition, comrades really help. Acts secretly, if necessary, and if you love a series of shooters from Ubisoft for the opportunity to blow everything to hell, then comrades will happily sit down at a heavy machine gun or bring "punishment from heaven", bombarding cultists from an airplane.

An additional innovation in Far Cry 5's mechanics is the ability to play the entire game in co-op with a friend. Just remember to set the difficulty higher, in which case you will really have to tactfully approach every battle in the game. Opponents, although stupid as a cork, shoot accurately, hurt, and are always ready to call a couple of reinforcements.

Far Cry 5 review

The perfect open-world shooter?

With all the positive innovations, it's hard to get rid of the thought that Far Cry 5 is an improved version of the third part, with all the advantages and disadvantages. Many side quests boil down to collecting or clearing monotonous forts, and the excessive number of opponents and the simulation of activities in the open world over time begin to be repeated and simply annoying. Even the same plot, it touches on the theme of religion, rare for games, but only for the sake of shocking and does not pose serious questions to the player.

Far Cry 5 review

One feels that the game has great potential, which, if revealed, then only in the next parts of the series. But in any case, downloading Far Cry 5 is recommended for all fans of Ubisoft shooters, they will definitely not be disappointed.

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