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Far Cry 5 Review - Shooter of the Year or Failure?


Wait! Today is a holiday in the life of all fans of high-quality first-person shooters, because the hotly anticipated Far Cry 5 has finally been released. For a major publisher and developer of video games, Ubisoft is the most important project of this year.

They invested the most in the marketing campaign of the game, and if you haven't heard of Far Cry 5, then for the last year they have lived far from civilization, somewhere in the rural areas of the North American state of Montana.

And yet, is advertising alone enough to earn the love of gamers and, therefore, large sales of the game? Of course not. Ubisoft understands this too, so in Far Cry 5 players will see a huge number of innovations that should refresh the gameplay in the popular series of first-person shooters and, in general, make Far Cry great again.

Whether Ubisoft managed to return the love of gamers after the disastrous Fa Cry Primal, you will learn from the review of the incomparable Alice. She loves the Far Cry series very much, so she invited her Conscience to the video for a more objective look at the game. In the meantime, we will briefly tell you what players should expect in Far Cry 5.

Picturesque nature and crazy cultists

The most important innovation of the game is the setting of the American hinterland, the so-called Hope County, which is located in the state of Montana. Therefore, all players can immediately prepare a separate folder on computers for screenshots from the game. Massive coniferous forests, clean lakes and rivers, where fish swim peacefully - it is simply impossible not to fall in love with the world of Far Cry 5 if you are not indifferent to nature. Of course, the game engine is noticeably outdated and the ears of Far Cry 2 from ten years ago are sticking out of it, but thanks to the artists, the world looks great.


And, of course, Far Cry 5 did not go without the madness so beloved by the fans of the series and will have to fight against the sectarians from the cult of "New Eden". These madmen are preparing for the apocalypse and forcibly enslaving the inhabitants of the town of Hope to their Faith. The leader of the cult, Joseph Sid, is another scum that makes even Vaas from Far Cry 3 seem like a decent person.

Cannons, Cars, Rock and Roll


One of the main reasons for Far Cry's success is that it's a truly addicting open-world shooter where you can take out opponents in a variety of ways. And here the developers of Far Cry 5 decided to have a good time. Dozens of melee and ranged weapons are waiting for you. If you've always dreamed of hitting an insane cultist over the head with an oar so that he would stop screaming about Doomsday, then the new part of the shooter from Ubisoft will give you that opportunity.

Transport is still more fun. Far Cry 5 adds tractors, muscle cars and jeeps to match the setting of the American hinterland, on which you can additionally attach several machine guns. With such a car, you can even survive the zombie apocalypse, so the sectarians will pray even harder when they see you. And the highlight of the program is the addition of planes and helicopters to the game.

Music is worth mentioning separately. Rock 'n' roll, industrial, country, electronics 80s: In Far Cry 5, every player will find a soundtrack to their liking, making it even more fun to crack down on distraught farmers.

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