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Far Cry Series Overview


Ready Player One! After all, today was the release of Far Cry 5 - one of the main games of this year. Judging by the numerous trailers for the new Ubisoft project, there is no reason to doubt that another exciting part of the insane open-world shooter awaits us.

In the meantime, you are just starting to travel around Hope County, we have prepared a material for you with an overview of all the Far Cry series. The article will be useful both for fans of Ubisoft shooters, to refresh their memories of previously missed games, and for new gamers who are just starting to get acquainted with the series.

Far Cry

The history of the series began in 2004, when an unknown German game developer Crytek, with the support of Ubisoft, released its first game, Far Cry, exclusively on PC. Obviously, when developing its first project, Crytek partially spied on the gameplay from the Halo shooter popular on the Xbox. The game mechanics had the same emphasis on open spaces, smart opponents, a large number of controlled vehicles and multiple weapon slots.

But Far Cry wouldn't be a milestone in the first-person shooter genre if it simply copied the basic gameplay from Halo, he squared it. Open locations were striking in scale, John Rambo himself would have envied the amount of equipment, and in addition to land transport, boats and water scooters were available. We should also say about the graphics, which at the time of its release had no equal. Technologically, the game even surpassed Half-Life 2 and DOOM 3, released in the same year.

Subsequently, Crytek terminated the contract with Ubisoft, which released several add-ons and re-releases of the game for consoles. The console versions could boast of the new company, but were noticeably inferior to the graphics of the original PC game.

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Far Cry 2

Far Cry 2 was developed by Ubisoft independently, which is why there were numerous changes in game mechanics relative to the first part. If you want to get acquainted with the continuation of the ideas of the original game, we advise you to pay attention to the second Crytek project - Crysis.

In the second part, we can already see exactly the gameplay that, despite numerous changes, is easily guessed in Far Cry 5. The physics of fire, a huge world to explore, the presence of numerous vehicles (including a hang glider) and weapons, an innovative system treatment with pulling bullets out of the body and much more.

The second part also had several features that made this game the most hardcore in the series. The player had to constantly look for a cure for malaria and monitor the condition of the weapon.

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Far Cry 3

With its many merits, Far Cry 2 was an unimaginably boring shooter. Ubisoft realized its mistakes and in Far Cry 3 decided to fill the game world with adventure to the eyeballs and instead of a boring non-linear company, provide a cinematic story with memorable villains. As we all well know, the developers kept their promises and released the third installment, which many gamers still call the best game in the series.

The plot takes place in a tropical setting familiar from the first part of the series. The picturesque island did not impress with the quality of the graphics, but who needed it, if the game was the most important thing - it is really interesting to play it. The gameplay mechanics were polished and there was always something to do in the game world.

In particular, many players remember the main villain of the game - Vaas and we hope that the followers of the cult of "New Eden" in Far Cry 5 will be at least half as crazy as they are.

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Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Expansion

The announcement of the Blood Dragon add-on for Far Cry 3 was initially taken as a joke. Still, the game was presented on April 1, and who would believe that such a large publisher like Ubisoft will be capable of such daring experiments. It turned out to be quite capable and already on May 1, players were able to plunge into the fantastic world of Blood Dragon.

Let's be frank, the game practically did not offer new game mechanics compared to Far Cry 3, and the new location was tiny and monotonous. But heck, Blood Dragon is a real hello to all 80s movie fans and retro wave lovers! A similar game simply does not exist.

There are just a lot of jokes here, the game even makes fun of itself through the dialogues of the characters. And, of course, what could be better than shooting dinosaurs with laser cannons?

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Far Cry 4

After the tremendous success of Far Cry 3, the release of the numbered part of the series did not take long, and after two years, players could plunge into a new exotic setting. Far Cry 4 takes place in the snowy Himalayas. The abundance of mountains could noticeably refresh the familiar gameplay and the player, to travel around the world, could use the "cat" grappling hook and fly across the Himalayas in a wingsuit.

Among the main innovations of the game, it is also worth noting the choice of one of two storylines and numerous additional tasks. However, the story campaigns as a whole were practically the same, and the additional quests were depressing monotony. Therefore, the game was greeted by gamers much less welcome than the third part of the series.

But in any case, far Cry 4 is one of the best games in the series and will be a worthy addition to the collection of any fan of high-quality first-person shooters.

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Far Cry Primal

After the release of Blood Dragon, it seemed that Ubisoft would no longer be able to surprise players with a non-standard setting. And so the French publisher again jumped over his head - announced Far Cry Primal. In the game, gamers had to go to the Mesolithic era and learn all the hardships of the life of a prehistoric man.

The new part of the series could be called a shooter at a stretch, since most of the enemies had to deal with melee weapons or use the help of wild animals. Overall, far Cry Primal received some of the coolest reviews in the series' history and was criticized for its monotonous gameplay and illogical storyline.

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Far Cry 5

Here we are getting closer to a new game in the series, which will take players to the North American setting and offer to overthrow a cruel religious cult led by Joseph Sid.

Download Far Cry 5 and start playing from today. You can learn more about the new Ubisoft shooter in our article, where we tell about all the known facts about Far Cry 5 .

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By the way, we ourselves made a short video review of the new headlights, we hope you will like it.

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