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How Far Cry 5 - US Travel Was Developed


Today, the development of large computer games like Far Cry 5 is a massive process involving thousands of people of various specialties. The budget of modern games is approaching the most expensive Hollywood films, and the profit from computer entertainment is estimated at hundreds of millions of dollars.

But if you omit all the big words, the development of video games is not only difficult, but also an interesting process, as you can see on the example of the game Far Cry 5.

Setting the setting

Since the release of the third part of Far Cry, Ubisoft has been thinking about how to transfer the action of the new game in the series to the surroundings of North America. Of course, the publisher's financial interest can be traced here, since computer games receive the greatest income from US residents. But at the same time, the state of Montana, which is located in the Northwest of America, fits perfectly into the gameplay mechanics of the Far Cry series.

Far Cry 5 Far Cry Episode

Montana has huge picturesque locations that can be explored by transport, the inhabitants of the state are as far away from civilization as possible, and the fauna of the state is made up of animals of various species. To summarize, it becomes clear that the choice of the American setting for Far Cry 5 was a fairly predictable decision.

Travel to Montana

The developers took the Far Cry 5 world seriously and spent two weeks in Montana. A small group of developers talked to local residents, studied the surrounding area of the state and took thousands of photographs to accurately convey the setting of the American hinterland in their game. In general, when you start playing Far Cry 5, you will find yourself in a world that is almost indistinguishable from the real North America.

Far Cry 5 setting

Creating a realistic religious cult

When the game was announced, the developers of Far Cry 5 were bombarded with demands to change the main villains of the game. Representatives of the American public stated that Christian cults cannot be so aggressive, and indeed the religious sect is shown in the game too unrealistically. Is it really that unrealistic?

To make the cult as believable as possible, Ubisoft brought in Rick Ross, founder of the Cult Study Institute, to advise the developers. Rick Ross said that a real aggressive cult must have a charismatic leader, use violence to convert people to their faith and harm their followers. As we can see from the USA trailers for Far Cry 5, "New Eden" in Far Cry 5 perfectly fits all of the above characteristics.

Analysis of the data obtained after traveling to the USA

Based on the information received from Montana, Ubisoft made numerous changes to the mechanics of Far Cry 5. So, the developers saw that the inhabitants of the American outback spend a huge amount of time fishing, so they introduced the ability to fish into the game. Another observation was the large number of aerial vehicles used by the inhabitants of Montana. And to be true to the setting, Ubisoft has added the ability to fly helicopters and seaplanes to Far Cry 5.

Far Cry 5 aircraft

All professions are important, all professions are needed

It is obvious that the artists, game designers, programmers and many other Ubisoft employees did not waste time and really tried to create an authentic game in a unique setting. The game has already been released and you can Download Far Cry 5 to appreciate the work of the developers and go on a virtual journey through the picturesque expanses of North America.

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