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Best Ubisoft Game - Far Cry 5 Gets First Press Reviews


One of the most anticipated projects of this year - Far Cry 5 is out now and is getting the first reviews from the gaming press and ordinary gamers. Opinions about the shooter vary: some call the game far Cry 5 the best project in the series, which in all aspects is much better than the legendary 3 part, while other publications are less supportive of the new Ubisoft project and give the game mediocre ratings.

Judging by the total score of the game on Metacritic, which was set on the basis of numerous reviews, the game was generally received very positively, although the final score does not reach the previous parts of the series. The PS4 game is currently rated at 81, while the PC version received cooler reviews of 75. At the same time, the computer version was rated almost 7 times fewer editions than the console, and the final score can still improve significantly.

Gaming press impressions

Gaming Age - 100:

Far Cry 5 is the best in the series and arguably the best Ubisoft game ever.

GameSpace - 95:

Far Cry 5 is a lesson for each of us. On one side is a group of dedicated followers of Letters of Peace who live in violence. On the other hand, there is a cold-blooded leader who knows how to influence people and understands their problems. Both societies are united by anarchy. Far Cry 5 makes players think and answers 'what if?' about faith, family and religion.

Gamers Temple - 90

I've always enjoyed playing Far Cry and Far Cry 5 - this is probably my favorite game in the series now. Of course, the game is not without flaws, it has some mechanics that could have been done better, but overall it takes the familiar Far Cry formula and improves it many times over. If you have never liked the Far Cry series before, then the new part is unlikely to surprise. On the other hand, any Far Cry fan or someone who has never played Ubisoft's shooter series before is likely to enjoy all the hours they spend in Montana.

Everyeye.It - 80

Far Cry 5 is the return of a grand series and a new standard for all open-world first-person shooters. However, even with its many advantages, this game, which, unfortunately, does not offer anything new in every aspect.

Giant Bomb - 60

A potentially good game that stumbles over multiple gameplay issues and bad characters with illogical motivation. Play Far Cry 5 with a friend in co-op and try not to pay attention to the characters. Then you will probably have a good time.


The game has become more primitive, but at the same time there is something fun in Far Cry 5. But in any case, this game does not add anything new to either the shooter genre or the Far Cry series.

We decided to keep up with our Western colleagues and also managed to write a review of Far Cry 5. And if your PC does not support the new Ubisoft project, then it's okay, you can always familiarize yourself with other parts of the Far Cry series.

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