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First Estimates of God of War Published - Western Press Loves The Game


One of the main events of the year in the gaming industry - the release of God of War - will soon take place. We were expecting him too, but not without fear, to be honest. The combat has changed, the locations have become much larger than in the previous parts of the series, and the once insane Kratos has now aged and plays the role of a caring father. But all fears were in vain. Game critics are delighted with the game and do not skimp on compliments, including the "best game of the generation".

As of April 13th, when Sony allowed reviews of the game to be published, the overall Metacritic score for the game stood at an impressive 94. The lowest God Of War rating so far is 8 out of 10.

Of course, you can refer to the fact that these are the villains Sony, sent out suitcases to the gaming media, so they are afraid to give the game a low rating. But we can assure you that any doubts about the God of War game will disappear after 3 hours of playing.

We have already started playing God of War and are already waiting for the opportunity to share with you our impressions of the game, but for now we will give you the brightest quotes about the game from Western gaming publications. - 100

No matter what we talk about - exploring the world, combat system or scenario, God of War is a real masterpiece in every aspect.

Easy Allies - 100

God of War is even more than just a new level for the popular third-person action series, it is a new quality bar for the entire gaming industry. Incredibly beautiful graphics, interesting exploration of the game world and a deep, with a huge number of nuances of the combat system - all this creates an impressive adventure that every person on the planet must go through. Santa Monica Studious sends us to Valhalla.

Atomix - 97

PlayStation boasts a great new exclusive that is difficult to compete with other games. And, of course, the release of the game heralds a new saga in the Kratos universe. It's not enough just to be ambitious. The most important thing is to know how to translate ambition into reality, which the developers at Santa Monica Studious fully succeeded in.

GamePro Germany - 93

The game world is beautiful, the combat system is fun and varied, and the plot is exciting. I liked absolutely everything in the game. Balder is a great villain, I like Atreus better than many kids on the subway in the morning, and Kratos is just Kratos. Monosyllabic, cool, but now also a father.

Shacknews - 90

God of War is like a breath of fresh air, thanks to a reimagined universe and some fundamental innovations in the game. But the game is based on the same game, a little less violent, but still harsh. Tearing monsters to pieces is still the main theme of the game. And this is good, because even if it's time to grow, you shouldn't change too much in relation to the past parts of the series.

Metro Montreal - 85

God of War is a breathtaking adventure that has a lot to offer hardcore players. This is without a doubt a good game that could have been great if it had a more elaborate scenario, better characters and a more varied combat system.

As we can see from the estimates of God of War, the reviewers received only positive impressions from the game. After the release of God of War, gamers will be able to verify the truthfulness of the words said in the reviews. There is not long to wait, only until April 20.

And if you don't have a PS4, then don't be upset, PC gamers this month will also receive several good exclusives, which we talked about in our selection of the main games of April.

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