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Why Far Cry 2 is Better than Far Cry 5 - Comparison in Detail


Far Cry 5 is undoubtedly a great game, even more, it is one of the best parts of the series that we talked about in our review of Far Cry 5. But oddly enough, the second part of the popular shooter series , released back in 2008, is much more elaborate in terms of details. This annoying misunderstanding was noticed by a Youtube user under the nickname Crowbcat.

In his comparison of two Ubisoft games, he clearly showed that the second part of the Far Cry series, using an outdated engine, looks many times more technologically advanced. Which is very strange, because in 10 years the technology should have improved significantly. But no, Ubisoft has persisted in proving the opposite.

Realistic nature

The second part of the series came out a year after Crysis, which was famous not only for its stunning graphics, but also for the realistic nature that reacts to the player. Ubisoft decided to keep up with the competitor and even surpassed Crytec in the second part of the open-world shooter.

So, each branch on a tree or shrub interacts when the player touches it - it realistically sways in the wind and crumples under the character's feet. In the game, it was not just a technological feature, but also helped to find the enemy hiding in the thickets.

Far Cry 5 VS FR 2

In addition, each branch could be shot off, and during the explosion, the tree realistically swayed from the shock wave. And what do we see when passing Far Cry 5? But nothing, the flora in the game is made of cardboard and absolutely does not react to characters or explosions. Here it is, the power of progress! The plastic world has won.

Fire spreading system

Far Cry 5 takes over the once innovative fire spreading system, which appeared in the second part of the series, but in a much more stripped down form. This has never happened, and now again. In Far Cry 5, fire from the grass moves to the trees and also allows you to arrange a little Hell, but with a few reservations. The flame does not spread with the wind, but along a predetermined radius, and the foliage only slightly blackens on burnt trees.

Far Cry 5 VS FR 2

As if this is not enough, the fire is graphically made much simpler and devoid of the effect of thermal distortion of air. And note that Far Cry 5 has ten times more system requirements than the second part.

Details, details, and more details

Yes, Far Cry 2, even at the time of release, was a rather boring shooter, but in connection with the release of Far Cry 5, I want to look at the game differently. In 2008, Ubisoft was obsessive about creating the most realistic gaming world possible. In the second part, you constantly had to change the guns, as over time they became covered with mud, jammed, or even exploded in your hands. Realism, damn it.

Far Cry 5 VS FR 2

The cars also had to be monitored: the body was blackened with dirt, covered with cracks, parts fell off from it, and the player could always repair the iron horse if necessary. And the saddest thing is that in the new game the developers have abandoned the unique healing system.

In the 2008 Ubisoft shooter, it was a special pleasure to get shrapnel fragments out of limbs, set a sprained wrist, and pick a bullet out of your hand. As I remember, the soul is already happy. How does a Hope County cop deal with injuries? Bandage only, hardcore only.

We have covered only a fraction of all the Far Cry 2 features that are missing in the new Ubisoft action movie. You can see a more detailed analysis in the video below. We also remind you that earlier we published a material about the main games of April 2018, among which there are projects for every taste.

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