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The most interesting events from the world of gadgets over the past week


The last week of the first summer month was busy with events from the world of electronics. Our portal has selected the most interesting ones, not all of which have been properly covered.

Smartphone sales for the last 24 years now available

Interesting information has appeared on the pages of The Next Web in the form of infographics, which displays information about sales of mobile phones over the past 24 years.


According to the presented data, at the initial stage of this process, Motorola was the leader. This was in the period from 1993 to 1998, when in the market for such devices, besides this company, there was only Finnish Nokia.

A year after that, Nokia came out on top and stayed there for another 12 years. In 2012, it was replaced by the Korean Samsung, which is the leader almost to the present day.

In the diagram, you can see how in the second half of 2000, the Chinese companies Huawei, Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi began to increase their sales rates, breaking away from competitors in this indicator, behind only Samsung and Apple.


It is also interesting to observe how some firms were at first among the outsiders, but then dramatically increased their momentum and became one of the best. Others, on the contrary, changed their leading positions to the last places.

An announcement of a 120-watt device has been made

The iQOO brand, a subsidiary of Vivo, has announced its first smartphone to support 5G networks. Most of the features of its technical equipment are not yet known.

There is information about some of the nuances of the hardware. Everything here is run by the Snapdragon 855 processor and the Adreno 640 graphics accelerator. Next-generation networks are supported by the Snapdragon X50 modem. It makes it possible to transfer data at a speed of several gigabits per second.

Now there are devices that have the ability to support 5G networks. You cannot surprise anyone with this. This is probably why the developers have one more technological surprise in store. The fact is that the new device still received the most powerful charging to date, where this figure is 120 W.


The developers claim that when using it, in just five minutes it is possible to restore half of the battery's power supply with a capacity of 4000 mAh. It takes 13 minutes to fully charge. Awesome data!

The company's specialists did not tell about the fate of the 20V / 6A charging unit. It is unclear if it will be bundled with the new smartphone.

Augmented reality glasses from Vivo

Chinese companies continue to amaze specialists and ordinary electronics enthusiasts with their developments. For example, the company Vivo, in addition to a smartphone supporting fifth generation networks, recently showed AR Glass augmented reality glasses.


This product has received two displays, each with a resolution of 1280 ? 720 pixels. In addition, there are three cameras capable of detecting the distance of objects, sensors that track movement along six axes, two depth sensors and one RGB.

You can control the glasses with your eyes or using your smartphone. It is equipped with a USB Type-C connector as a controller and computing platform.

The developers told reporters that augmented reality glasses have five uses. They can be used not only in games, but also in office work, "5G theater", for face and object recognition.

Voice assistants will be able to determine the state of health of a person by his voice

It became known that engineers and scientists at the University of Washington are working on technology that will allow voice assistants to determine if a user has heart problems by their voice.


This will become possible after the analysis of breathing with a device, which becomes irregular during cardiac arrest. At this time, experts are conducting a series of tests and training of the neural network, while adding extraneous noise. Sounds characteristic of agonal breathing are used here. The experiments are carried out at different distances.

It is known that the measurement accuracy is now 97%. It is known that such technology is planned to equip gadgets that support Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

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