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Nokia has a smartphone with five rear cameras


In May 2016, HMD Global was established. This is a Finnish brand that also develops smartphones. The majority of its staff are Nokia employees who continue to work here.

The company produces devices with the Nokia logo. Thus, the Finns have preserved not only the famous name, but also its traditions.

The company has its own strategy. HMD Global develops smartphones and other devices, they enter the market under the Nokia brand. However, they are produced by another company - FIH Mobile. It is a subsidiary of the Taiwanese holding Foxconn.

Since 2005, this company has been actively assisting in the development of electronics to such well-known companies as Canon, Apple, Sony.

Yes, they decided to challenge Apple and Huawei in the camera phone market and develop a 5 rear camera smartphone. And by the way, the photo quality of the new Nokia smartphones is at its best.

Smartphones from HMD Global

HMD Global has been selling smartphones for over two years. However, they do not have a truly competitive flagship smartphone. Recently, there were rumors that such a device would be coming soon. It was named Nokia 9 PureView.


It is also known that this product will have a high performance camera. Allegedly, the delay in the start of sales is due to active work in this area and improvements to such a camera.

These rumors have been circulating for a long time, and HMD Global-Nokia did not have a flagship, and does not.

There are interesting devices from this company on the market. For example, Nokia 7. Nokia 7.1 Plus is coming soon.

But, even this device is not close to competing with the Galaxy Note 9, OnePlus 6T or Google Pixel 3. The performance is not the same and the level of specifications is low.

Why are five cameras needed

Roland Quandt, one of the bloggers actively collecting rumors and any other information in the field of the developed technology, provided the latest data.


In his opinion, the first flagship device of HMD Global will receive the already approved name Nokia 9 PureView.

The PureView brand is associated with the development of almost all Nokia camcorders. In the past years, they have actively collaborated. True, those smartphones had either Symbian or Windows Phone operating systems. They are hopelessly outdated, not used by anyone, users are not interested.

An interesting deal took place at the end of August this year. PureView was purchased by HMD Global from Microsoft. It was immediately speculated that HMD would kick-start the development of Nokia PureView smartphones. In addition, the new devices will pay special attention to cameras, their functionality and the experience of working with photos.

The most recent reports from the company's camp claim that the Nokia 9 will have five cameras. Most likely, they will be located on the back panel. This raises the question of the need for so many lenses. It is already known about the creation of smartphones with three cameras, there are four such devices being developed.

The creators of these devices explain this amount of functionality by the need to improve the quality of the resulting image. Including at night.

It is known that Nokia 808 PureView, created back in 2012, was equipped with a 41 megapixel camera. Therefore, it is natural to assume that Nokia 9 PureView will have a high-resolution camera. Probably now it is being brought to high quality standards.

So or not, everyone will soon be convinced. The wait is not very long. The announcement of this device will take place at the end of this year, or at the beginning of 2019.

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