Insider # 11.10: iPhone SE 2; Nokia 9.1 PureView; Samsung Dual LED; chipsets MediaTek (Topic)

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Insider # 11.10: iPhone SE 2; Nokia 9.1 PureView; Samsung Dual LED; chipsets MediaTek


The next issue of insiders is devoted to information about the nuances of the Apple iPhone SE 2. We will also tell you about the reasons for postponing the release of the Nokia 9.1 smartphone to next year. In addition, we will discuss the prospects for a new TV model from Samsung. At the end of the review there will be information regarding MediaTek chipsets supporting fifth generation networks.

Budget iPhones use LCD antennas

Renowned marketing analyst Min-Chi Kuo recently spoke out about equipping the low-cost Apple iPhone SE 2 smartphone. Production is scheduled to begin in the first quarter of next year.

According to a specialist, the device will receive an antenna from an organic LCP substrate. It is a liquid crystal polymer that will help the company save money.


In addition, it is resistant to temperature extremes and has properties that can improve the quality of communication.

According to the analyst, the main supply of material for the production of such antennas will be carried out by the long-time partner of the Yabloko team - the Murata firm. Components will start shipping in early 2020.

Prior to this, the analyst argued that the iPhone SE 2 will resemble the iPhone 8 more than the first generation SE model. He also believes that the launch of this model will be "a key driver of growth" for Apple. By the end of next year, sales of at least 30 million devices of this type are forecasted. This is provided that the company will sell 2-4 million such devices per month.

Nokia 9.1 PureView will be presented next year

The PureView series was recently launched by Nokia. Immediately after the start of sales of the first model, the company began developing modification 9.1. Its main camera consists of five sensors. It was planned that the Nokia 9.1 PureView smartphone will be presented this summer, but there were problems with the photo module.


First, the release of the device was postponed to the fourth quarter, and then to 2020. Now it is said that its announcement will take place in the second quarter of next year.

The largest mobile developers Apple, Samsung, HUAWEI, Google and OnePlus have already presented their flagship devices. Nokia is unlikely to be able to compete with them during the holiday sales season. The company is not doing very well, and there are still problems with the flagship device.

There is one more nuance. Now Nokia 9.1 is based on the SD 855 platform. The release of the Snapdragon 865 chipset is planned soon. The company can wait for its release and try to use it as a more advanced hardware base. This will give it an edge over the competition.

Samsung will have a TV with Dual LED technology

Recently, information about a new application from Samsung has appeared in the database of the EU patent office. It indicates that the company is developing Dual LED technology, the properties of which are still unknown. The estimated announcement of the project will take place at the CES 2020 forum.

A Korean company is currently promoting TVs equipped with QLED displays. They are based on the technology of "quantum dots". Experts have analyzed the description of the new patent and concluded that the latest development will be used in LED TVs. Its difference from the QLED-system is not excluded.

This application was filed on October 21 by one of the companies that represents Samsung in the European Union. Dual LED refers to class 9. The description refers to “televisions, television screens, televisions, television remote controls, television stands and mounts.”

The Korean company registered two trademarks this month: Zero Bezel and Infinity Screen. They are likely to be related to new technology.

MediaTek will start mass production of 5G chipsets

The MediaTek MT6885 chipset, the first to support fifth generation networks, has already been launched into mass production. The developers of this important element are ready to start shipping early next year. They have already received orders from OPPO and Vivo.

The mobile platform is based on the Deimos chipset, GPU Valhall and a processor that is trained to process artificial intelligence algorithms.

In the summer of 2020, the company has planned a product announcement based on a 7nm process technology. It talks about the use of the MT6873 chip in budget smartphones that support 5G networks. It has the same basic architecture as the MT6885, but is cheaper and a quarter smaller.


The main production of this processor will begin in the second quarter of 2020. A few months after that, the first devices on its platform are expected to hit the market. There are plans to ship 30-40 million of these chipsets.

MediaTek then wants to move to chips made by TSMC using 6nm EUV lithography. There will be two new models. The processor will be named Hercules, and the graphics adapter will be the second generation Valhall. The design of this chipset will be finalized in the third quarter of next year. Its production will begin at the end of the year, and the first deliveries are planned in a year. It is planned that their volume will be at least 100 million copies per year.

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