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7 most anticipated smartphones of the end of 2018


Half a year has passed, but the most interesting gadgets have not yet been presented by smartphone manufacturers. Everyone is waiting for new items from Apple, but other companies will still have time to surprise us before the end of the year. Today we will talk about the 5 most anticipated smartphones of the second half of 2018.

iPhone 9


It would be strange not to start our list with the upcoming new products from Apple, because this year the company will present us with three top-end smartphones with rhinestones, and the highest expectations are placed on the new state employee Iphone 9, it will look like an Iphone X externally, with the same notch in the screen, but lose some of the advantages of their older brothers.

As you know, it will be equipped with a 6.0 "LCD display and one main camera, perhaps 3D Touch will be removed, the body will be aluminum, not glass.

Nevertheless, the cost of $ 650 will allow us to close our eyes to small flaws, and this model is predicted to bring the company up to 50% of all sales.

iPhone XI


Those who take only the best from Apple will have to fork out for $ 1000 , or maybe a little more, because that is how much the apple flagships will cost. The improved version of the Iphone X will probably be called the Eleventh iPhone, and it doesn't matter in Arabic (Iphone 11) or Roman script (Iphone XI).

The model will receive a 5.7 "OLED display, dual cameras and more accurate Face ID. The plus version boasts a 6.5 ”screen, and there are rumors of even two SIM card slots, however the new iPhones should bring back Apple's lead.

Many do not give up hope and everyone is waiting for the release of the Iphone SE 2, the talk about which did not stop for the first six months, according to rumors, it had to borrow the design from the Iphone X, and the screen size would become larger with the same dimensions. Photos of covers and displays, pictures of renders flashed on the network, but several presentations have already passed, and the Iphone SE2 is still not.

Most likely the Iphone 9 will occupy the public sector niche, and SE will remain an old classic that can only be reminded of with nostalgia ...

Google Pixel 3


In October this year the third generation of smartphones from Google will see the light, the older model Google Pixel 3 XL will receive a 6.2 "screen and a cutout at the top.

The younger one is likely to keep the classic design, and the display size is one inch smaller. Both devices will be equipped with a top-end Snapdragon 845 processor, dual front-end, and the ability to charge over the air, but alas, there will be no headphone jack.

Nokia 9


Many people liked Nokia smartphones on android, these were Nokia 8 and Nokia 8 Sirocco. Nokia decided to repeat the success, and at the end of August it is planned to announce a new smartphone, it will be the Nokia 9 running pure Android 9.0 and an in-screen fingerprint scanner.

Another feature should be a multi-camera system, from 5 to 9 lenses will be integrated into the body, because of all these developments, the price may rise to $ 1,000. But will the costs be recouped old Nokia, time will tell

Sony Xperia XZ 2 Premium


Fans of high-quality shooting are eagerly awaiting the release of the Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium, because this is the first smartphone from the company with a dual camera, and due to its high light sensitivity, it allows you to take high-quality pictures in almost complete darkness, as well as shoot video in 4K and switch to Super slow motion at 960 fps.

Each limited edition smartphone has an individual serial number, but you will have to pay about $ 1200 for such a pleasure.

Razer Phone 2


The first gaming smartphone Razer Phone was released just a year ago, and many companies have adopted the successful experience by launching their phones for gaming. This fall, we are expecting the appearance of the second generation Razer Phone, which should become even more productive, and the screen of the device will also increase, no additional controllers have been announced yet.

But for that, along with the phone, a gaming laptop should come out, in which the Razer Phone is installed, which acts as a touchpad and a data center, and the laptop itself serves only as additional memory and battery. A very interesting solution - no one has done anything like this before.

Samsung Galaxy X


But the really innovative product should be the Samsung Galaxy X with a flexible display, which has not been rumored for several years.

It will appear, albeit not in a large circulation, but already at the end of this year and early 2019, and it will cost about $ 2000 , but this is not so much money for a truly revolutionary device.

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Author: Jake Pinkman