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More smartphones in the iPhone 12 family


Apple will increase the number of smartphones in the next iPhone 12 series. In addition to the three expected devices, the family will also have a new iPhone with a 5.4-inch screen. The newcomer will be the most compact representative not only of the future twelfth line, but also of all modern frameless iPhones. Only the iPhone 8 with a 4.7-inch display, released by the company in 2017, is smaller than it.

What is known about the series

Thus, the new 2020 iPhone with a small screen will make the family even larger, so it will already include four smartphones. Each model in the series will replace its predecessor, for example, the 6.5-inch iPhone 11 Pro Max 2019 will replace the smartphone a little more: with a 6.7-inch display and, in addition, it will have a built-in lidar.

According to data leaked to the public at various times, the new iPhone 12 will not look different from previous models. For the upcoming family, the manufacturer decided not to invent any design changes, taking as a basis the familiar concept that can be observed since the release of the iPhone X in 2017.


Therefore, the new items, like the three generations of their predecessors, will become the owners of the proprietary "monobrow", where the front camera is hidden. Although there is a possibility that its dimensions will become smaller. Apple has decided to retain the unchanged appearance of the front side of the branded smartphone, despite more modern solutions for placing a selfie lens, for example, a retractable or built-in sensor.

Smartphone Details

The iPhone 12 line can be divided into two parts. One of them will include two flagships, the other - "regular" models. The official names of all iPhones have not yet been disclosed, there are only working indices. So, the D52G model is a 5.4-inch gadget in an aluminum case, which is the fourth additional smartphone in the series. The 6.1-inch D53G can be considered the successor to the iPhone 11 - it has similar dimensions and camera count.

The next new iPhone with the working index D53P belongs to the "older" models. It has the same 6.1-inch screen as the D53G, although its body is already made of stainless steel. In this model, a main camera with three sensors and an additional built-in lidar is expected. The most flagship device under the reference number D54P will receive a 6.7-inch screen. Thus, the D53G and D54P can be considered the successors of last year's iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max.

Each new iPhone of the family will receive a basis in the form of a 5-nanometer A14 chipset. Also, all models will be equipped with access to 5G technology.

The annual autumn premiere of new Apple smartphones this year may be postponed to a later date. Due to the global epidemic of the coronavirus, the company faced difficulties in ensuring the workflow for the production of gadgets. Many of the employees involved in the creation of the iPhone 12 line are transferred to remote work, which makes it difficult to further advance the development of devices and test their working prototypes.

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