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The 2019 iPhone family will be an improved version of the 2018 models


Apple plans to release three new 2019 iPhones this year, two of which will be flagship models and one budgetary.

The previous family of iPhones in 2018 did not live up to the company's expectations and did not show such high sales rates as expected. The new line of Apple smartphones in 2019 is similar to the previous collection in quantitative terms, but the developers promise to improve the devices themselves.

New iPhones 2019 have so far received working names iPhone XI, iPhone XI Max and iPhone XR 2019, but the names may change in the future. Each of them replaces its predecessor from the previous 2018 model line. The iPhone XI Max, being the undisputed leader and flagship of the future collection, will follow the current XS Max, the XR 2019 will replace the current budget iPhone XR, and the XI will replace the XS.


Despite the fact that the released iPhones XS and XS Max have a certain similarity to the 2017 iPhone X model, the future XI and XI Max will not continue this tradition, and will technically differ from their 2018 progenitors. According to the information available to date, the flagship iPhone XI Max with OLED display will receive a main camera with a triple module, while the third sensor will be equipped with an ultra-wide-angle lens.

Model XI with a screen on the OLED matrix will receive a dual camera, like the iPhone XS, but with an increased resolution size. The biggest changes will hit the 2019 XR model, the successor to the iPhone XR. Unlike the budget model of 2018, the upcoming novelty will change the IPS screen to an OLED matrix and instead of the single camera, which caused many complaints about the XR 2018, it will receive a full main dual camera.


It is too early to judge how much the manufacturer will estimate the future Apple smartphones, especially since their expected announcement will not take place soon. Although, according to some forecasts, the new items will receive adequate prices to avoid repeating the story with the 2018 iPhone family. The drop in demand for them was a consequence of the company's pricing policy, which subsequently led to a decrease in sales.


iPhones make up the bulk of Apple's profits, so declining demand for 2018 models has forced the company to revise its expectations and cut its own revenue forecasts by almost 10%. The company is also negatively affected by patent conflicts with the Qualcomm brand and trade confrontation with China, which has reached the point that some Chinese companies have begun to impose bans on the use of Apple products and encourage the use of local devices.

The result of the conflict for Apple was the reduction in the production of smartphones in 2018, which also will not play a positive role in the company's financial position. However, for the consumer, this situation may be beneficial, since the company, taking into account all the events, may revise its policy and establish an acceptable competitive price on the iPhone 2019 model.

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