Insider # 3.12: about wireless iPhones; main camera Galaxy S11 +; Redmi K30; 5nm Intel processors (Topic)

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Insider # 3.12: about wireless iPhones; main camera Galaxy S11 +; Redmi K30; 5nm Intel processors


The third December Insider will consist of four news blocks. In the first, we will talk about the prospects for the emergence of wireless iPhones. A well-known analyst shared his opinion on this matter. In the second and third parts of the review, we will discuss some of the features of equipping smartphones from Samsung and Redmi. The final block of data will highlight information about the upcoming 5nm Intel processors.

Insider predicted fully wireless iPhones in 2021

On our pages, information and reports of the well-known analyst Min-Chi Kuo have already been repeatedly published on our pages. All of them were dedicated to American Apple products. The analyst recently released another report detailing what to expect from the new iPhone models.


The expert believes that next year Yabloko will bring to the market four iPhone models at once: two with 6.1-inch displays, and one version each with 6.7 and 5.4-inch screens. All of them will be equipped with 5G modems and OLED matrices.

These devices will differ from each other not only in size. They will also have different cameras. The younger modification and one of the versions with a 6.1-inch display will receive a dual main camera module.

Other models are equipped with triple units with ToF sensors and 3D function.

Also Min-Chi Kuo expressed his opinion on the design of new gadgets. Here, in his opinion, there will be a slight rollback into the past - the devices will have an appearance similar to the style of the iPhone 4. The characteristic features will be the presence of flat side edges and sharp edges.

The fifth smartphone to go on sale will be the 4.7-inch iPhone SE 2. It will be similar to the iPhone 8. It is expected to be released in the first half of the year. The gadget will not receive Face ID, but for the security of the entrance, a Touch ID fingerprint scanner will be placed in the power button.

The key point in the analyst's report was the assertion that Apple will abandon the proprietary Lightning connector in 2021. Subsequently, this will lead to the transition to fully wireless versions of devices. The expert believes that the flagship of 2021 will be the first device to be released without physical ports.

Then there are design changes to the rest of the iPhones.

Samsung's new flagship will be equipped with an impressive main camera module

Insiders suggest that the Samsung Galaxy 11 line of smartphones will receive equipment for impressive photo capabilities. It is even assumed that a camera with five lenses will be placed on the rear panel of one of the models. This will affect the design of the device, and not for the better. Some of the buyers may even be a little embarrassed by this appearance.

The other day, one of the manufacturers of cases for Samsung devices posted on the network photos that were taken from the contours and drawings of the Galaxy S11, Galaxy S11e and Galaxy S11 Plus. They show that the latest model will receive a camera block that will occupy almost half of the upper part of the back cover.


The manufacturer has not yet responded to this information. This line is expected to be presented in three months. Redmi K30 will be released in two versions

Lately, there has been some excitement around fifth-generation networks. The developers are vying to report on the start of production of their models, most of which are planned to be equipped with support for 5G networks. However, some users do not see the point to overpay for products equipped with appropriate modems. This is especially true for those regions where services of new generation networks are not yet available.

These devices include the Redmi K30 smartphone, which experts consider one of the most balanced in terms of price / quality / performance ratio.

Yesterday, the head of the company Liu Bing posted a teaser on the social network Weibo confirming his words that the model will also be released in the 4G version.


Its announcement is scheduled for December 10.

Intel will master the production of 5nm processors in 2021

At the Credit Suisse forum, Intel CEO Robert Swan spoke about the company's plans for the coming years. He admitted that the development of the new 10-nanometer process technology had delayed the enterprise and violated all the planned terms. The reason for this was the company's exorbitant ambitions.

The specialists of this manufacturer faced difficulties in creating chips with a density factor of 2.7 units. At the same time, a number of problems arose that took a long time to solve.

Then the head of Intel explained that when mastering the 7-nanometer process technology, a factor of two units will be applied. It will also be used when working on a 5-nanometer process technology.

Robert Swan said Intel 5nm processors will not hit the market until 2024.

The main competitor of this developer, AMD, promises to start selling similar chipsets in 2021.

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