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The most popular smartphone was decided in USA


Analysts have compiled a rating of smartphones for the initial period of 2019, in which the obvious leader in the USA mobile device market was determined. The experts took as a basis the sales statistics of large USA retailers, whose winners were the same. They are smartphones of the Honor brand, a subsidiary of the Chinese Huawei.

Honor smartphones outstripped other brands and became the leaders in USA sales. Their share among all sold mobile devices in the first quarter of this year was over 25%, thus taking over a quarter of the market. Honor has pushed aside other well-known manufacturers, including Samsung and Apple.

If we consider the above ranking of smartphones in 2019 by the number of devices sold, the Honor brand has won 27.1% of the market share. She was slightly behind Samsung, whose share of sales from January to March amounted to 26.5%. Apple was also in the top three, with unit sales covering 11% of the USA market. They are followed by other Huawei smartphones (9.2%), and Xiaomi (6.1%) is in fifth place.


It is interesting that in terms of quantity and money, the rating of smartphones has differences. This means that budget models are sold in greater quantities, and more expensive ones in less, but their manufacturer receives more revenue from their cost. In monetary terms, the rating is led by Apple smartphones, followed by Samsung products, and the third place went to the Honor brand. Huawei and Xiaomi also ranked 4th and 5th respectively.


The smartphone market behaved differently in the first months of 2019. In February, the revenue from the sale of smartphones in the USA market decreased by about 30% when compared with the 2015 indicator. However, the bottom line for the entire first quarter of the year showed growth, as evidenced by the sales reports of many networkers. Analysts associate this with the active price reduction in March for many models of devices. At the same time, the smartphone market as a whole stands still without visible changes.

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Author: Jake Pinkman