Erotic Content in TLoU Part 2, Blizzard Refunds Warcraft III: Reforged, Silent Hill Comeback Movie - Gaming News Digest # 2.01 from Cadelta (Topic)

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Erotic Content in TLoU Part 2, Blizzard Refunds Warcraft III: Reforged, Silent Hill Comeback Movie - Gaming News Digest # 2.01 from Cadelta


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There is nudity in The Last of Us Part 2 - this is the first such case in the history of Naughty Dog

The Last of Us Part 2 has already received an age rating from the ERSB organization, namely M17 - for persons over 17 years old. It was pretty obvious, but DualShockers noticed that the list of things that make her rank high includes sex scenes.


For all 36 years of its existence, Naughty Dog has not inserted nudity into their games. The last game from The Last of Us series was rated by ERSB as containing sex themes, that is, sex references and references. "Sexual content" within the rating means scenes depicting sex and partial nudity.

At the same time, the ESRB has three types of determining the presence of sex in the game. So, the “sexy content” bar, as in this case, means that the game has naughty scenes, but they are few. "Significant sexual content" refers to projects where it is common and shown in different variations, such as in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and "sexual abuse" is given to games where there is rape or similar activities.

The organization also has a definition of "full" and "partial nudity" [when it flickers for a short time].

In The Last of Us 2, we see the first option. Blizzard in response to criticism

Warcraft III: Reforged began to return money for the game Warcraft III: Reforged was met, to put it mildly, not very well. I would even say with all hatred. Blizzard silently watched in cold sweat as their project drowned. This week, the studio still responded to criticism and launched an automatic refund, and also said what will be waiting for the game in the future.

It will be supported and new updates introduced. So, at the end of this week, a patch will be released that will fix the game's graphical flaws, as well as problems with animations, interface and sound. Also, one of the updates will return the leaderboards and clans to the game, which will also become available to owners of the original Warcraft III.

The fact that there are no modern cut-scenes in the game Blizzard explained by the desire to achieve authenticity, and the closeness of the game with the original Warcraft III. Otherwise they would have missed out on the spirit of the original game.

And as already mentioned, the company has launched a refund procedure, and players are reporting that it is working properly.

Christoph Hans will return to Silent Hill again, and will also film Fatal Frame

Christoph Hans shot the first part of Silent Hill, and the people consider the tape one of the few successful film adaptations of games. The director recently revealed in an interview with AlloCine that he intends to return to the franchise.


He is currently creating two films with the producer of the first Silent Hill, Victor Hadida. The first is Project Zero, which came out in the west under the name Fatal Frame. The director recreates the picture in her native Japanese setting. He's also working on a new Silent Hill.

Hans says that he was lucky during the work on the last film, because he was allowed to make exactly the movie he wanted, and not every French director can boast of such. He began to work on the sequel to Silent Hill: Revelation, but then realized that they wanted to rape the film just like the Americans did with Resident Evil and left. The director admits that he did not even watch the film, but judges it on the basis of negative criticism from the audience.

About the stage of creation of the film, Hans did not tell. It is very symbolic that this news came not too far from Konami's information, which may be working on the revival of the game Silent Hill.

Former DICE Artistic Director on Metroid 4 Prime

Former DICE Artistic Director Joni Jungstedt, who designed Medal of Honor, Battlefield 5 and Mirror's Edge: Catalyst has moved to Retro Studios and may be working on Metroid 4 Prime there


The fact is that this is the only announced game that the studio is developing. And it makes sense, given that the studio restarted development last year, that Jungstedt was hired to work on Metroid.

Amazing lighting and tons of mini-quests - new Cyberpunk 2077 details

Recently, there has been a lot of negativity around Cyberpunk 2077 associated with its postponement for 5 months. It's time to bring some positive and remember that we are not talking about some kind of Anthem, but about a revolutionary project [more likely].


The OnMSFT website spoke with the head of CD Projekt Red in Krakow, John Mamais, and learned from him new game details that we did not know about:

  • There will be no insane costemization with implants in the game, since the character's skeleton must remain unchanged for the animations to work properly.
  • In the game, as we already know, there will be so-called "Street stories" - these are mini quests that we will find on the streets of Knight City. Their exact number has become known - 75. Recall that street stories are separate tasks that are not related to either the main plot or additional quests.
  • Initially, the company planned to do VR adaptation of the game, since many technologies would look great in it. However, later they abandoned the idea, as they would spend a lot of energy, but they would not be able to earn much in this market.
  • The game will feature a global illumination system that Mimais claims will be breathtaking.
  • Realistic sound also awaits us. And for the sake of this game, we can buy speakers with Dolby Atmos support

A guy created a Death Stranding controller based on a treadmill

And we have a heading "oh, those crazy homemade gamepads." YouTube tech enthusiast Allen Pan created a Death Stranding controller from a treadmill to immerse yourself in the game.

Alas, he was able to transfer only movement control to the treadmill, all other Sam Bridges skills he carries out through the controller.

What other creations will we see when the game is released on PC this summer, even scary to imagine. Remember that before we wrote about a craftsman who made a controller for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order in the form of a lightsaber.

Gameplay of the first 10 minutes of Doom Eternal

As part of IGN First, IGN showed the first 10 minutes of gameplay for the upcoming hit idSoftware. The splash screen quickly tells us that most of the planet has been taken over by the forces of Hell and the Doom Slayer is about to fix it.

The game will be released on March 20 on PC, PS4, XOne, Stadia and later on Switch.

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