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Inside # 5.05: Apple Glasses; Redmi K30 Speed ??Edition; Samsung Galaxy A21s


Online informants are constantly on the lookout. This is the essence of their activities, shedding light on information that is not available for public use. Thanks to the efforts of these specialists, today readers will be able to learn something new for themselves. First of all, we will discuss the data regarding the augmented reality headset from Apple. It is alleged that the Americans are planning to equip it with a modem to be able to work on the latest generation networks. Then let's get acquainted with the nuances of the technical equipment of the Redmi K30 Speed Edition smartphone. At the end of the review, we will tell you about another Samsung device, which will be announced soon.

Apple's augmented reality headset will look like regular glasses

For several years, there have been rumors that Apple is developing an augmented reality headset. The way the user interacts with this product has recently become known.

Famous blogger John Prosser became the author of the leak. He claims that Apple has decided to integrate 5G networking into the Apple Glasses AR headset. This will allow the device to remain online regardless of its location. Also, the author of this data suggested that the Wi-Fi version of smart glasses was not destined to take place. The reason lies in the need to equip them with prescription lenses.


This approach will make the company's new product not just another interesting gadget. It will become universal. The user will be able to access all the most requested functionality, regardless of where his other gadgets are at that time, for example, such as Phone or Apple Watch.

The Apple Glasses headset will include its own set of sensors that can accurately represent virtual objects as they are projected.

The blogger claims that the device will be equipped with a new LiDAR scanner, for better calibration, the sensors previously used in the iPhone and Apple Watch will be used. It is believed that they will only be used when setting up a specific model. Serial modifications will not be equipped with them.

Prosser also talked about creating a new operating system and user interface called Starboard. It is expected to use QR codes for the purpose of displaying different experiences.

In this case, all displayed content will be available and visible only to the owner of the glasses. Any other person will not know anything about this.


Some of the design features of Apple Glasses were also revealed. It is reported that the gadget is being developed taking into account the wishes of the majority of users. It will not have a bulky look, most likely the device will have a lot in common with traditional glasses. Nothing is known about the colors the new product will receive.

As for the approximate dates for the start of commercial use of the headset, opinions differ. Before that, there was data on its launch into production no earlier than 2022.

The blogger claims that the device will be announced next March. Also, in his opinion, in the second half of 2020, some of the exact nuances of equipping the gadget will become known.

Redmi device will be equipped with an improved processor

According to insiders, the Redmi K30 Speed Edition smartphone will be released tomorrow. Before that, there were a number of leaks regarding the device. Yesterday, a teaser was posted on the network, which says it is equipped with a non-existent version of the processor from Qualcomm.


The image shows that the platform in the Redmi K30 Speed Edition uses the Snapdragon 768G chipset. According to some reports, this is an advanced version of the common Snapdragon 765G model. It features higher CPU and GPU frequencies, so the performance of this chip is 10% higher. He will also receive a modem to work in fifth generation networks.

Before that, it was said about equipping Redmi K30 Speed Edition with a 6.67-inch display with a 120 Hz refresh rate, 6 GB of RAM, a quad camera with a 64 megapixel main sensor and an NFC module for contactless payments.

There is also information about the imminent announcement of the Redmi K30i smartphone. The device will receive the MediaTek Dimensity 800 chipset. Presumably it will become the most affordable 5G smartphone on the market.

A video revealing the features of the Samsung Galaxy A21s camera has appeared on the Internet

Over the past few weeks, rumors about the imminent release of the Samsung Galaxy A21s smartphone have been actively circulating on the Internet. It is known that the device has already passed Bluetooth SIG certification, which only confirms this assumption.

In addition, the manufacturer posted a video describing the capabilities of the Live Camera mode. In fact, this is a broadcast of everything that happens to the device matrix in real time, but with some nuances.


Previously, it was suggested that the Galaxy A21s will be equipped with a 6.5-inch display with a resolution of 1600x720 pixels, an Exynos 850 processor, 3GB of RAM and a 5000mAh battery.

One of the features of the model will be support for augmented reality for publishing doodles and stickers.

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