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Inside # 09.07: BlackRock virus; augmented reality glasses from LG; Apple processor


We start this news release from netizens with information about the BlackRock virus, which steals data from smartphones and infects popular applications. Then we'll discuss the capabilities of LG's augmented reality headset. In conclusion, let's talk about the features of the first Apple processor, which is expected to be introduced in late 2020.

Another big Android threat

Insiders recently learned that cybersecurity researchers have discovered a threat that quietly harms Android mobile device owners. We are talking about the BlackRock malware, which is even more dangerous than the previously detected Joker virus.

The high harmfulness of BlackRock is due to its targeting of popular applications such as Uber, PayPal Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Telegram, Netflix, eBay, Amazon, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Twitter, Snapchat, Skype, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Reddit , TikTok, Tumblr, Tinder, Grindr, and even Google Play itself. There are 337 resources in the list.

All of them are relevant for most modern users. Therefore, there can be no question of primitive removal of any of these programs with the search for an alternative. You just need to be more scrupulous about the process of choosing the source for downloading the application.

It is known that the virus is not initially based in the files of most of the above resources. You can download them without fear (but making sure that the data source is reliable). Various updates (for example, for Google) are dangerous, especially if they are offered to be downloaded and installed from unknown sources.

Having penetrated the system, the BlackRock virus leaves almost no trace. No way to remove it is known yet. It spreads very quickly and blocks the launch of any anti-virus program. Having mastered the smartphone OS, the Trojan starts stealing information about the user's financial activities, passwords to instant messengers and social networks.

Attackers can find out credit card information, credentials of various applications. Most likely, text messages will fall into the wrong hands too.

It is worth noting that this virus differs from similar predecessors such as Parasite, LokiBot, MysteryBot and Xerxes. Its predecessors made things more complicated by adding new functions that increased in complexity.

BlackRock simplifies things. It shifts the focus to the most “useful” features in terms of identity theft. The ultimate goal of a virus is to infect as many applications as possible. To do this, it uses a wide network, the likes of which has not been formed by any known virus.

In fact, all Android users are now at risk of infection. The simplest thing you can do to protect yourself is not to use data to download from suspicious resources and updates from third-party sources.

LG develops lightweight augmented reality glasses

It became known about the collaboration of LG engineers with the Japanese mobile operator NTT DoCoMo, in order to create lightweight augmented reality glasses.


The start of product sales is scheduled for next year. The main nuance of the model is that it weighs 79.38 grams, which is quite a bit higher than the mass of ordinary glasses, which is in the range of 30-55 grams. This will add additional comfort to the product. It will not be the same as in the case of using, for example, sunglasses, but the manufacturer believes that the new product can be worn for hours. The gadget is much lighter than existing analogues. For example, Magic Leap One weighs 345 grams. The functional equipment of the device is not yet known. The source of information indicates that the specialists of the two companies are now thinking about it.

The glasses will almost certainly be able to work in fifth-generation networks, as they used to implement 5G in other products of the Korean manufacturer.

LG and NTT DoCoMo hope to get the most out of the joint project. In this way, LG wants to give additional impetus to its other developments, which in the future will receive an advanced accessory. The Japanese will certainly demonstrate the capabilities of their 5G network, launched not so long ago. It allows you to transfer large amounts of data.

Apple Silicon will get 12 cores

In early summer, at WWDC 2020, the Apple Silicon processor was first shown. No details were provided about it, but the Americans said that the first devices based on this product will go on sale quite quickly - at the end of this year.

Recently on Twitter, a user of the resource with the nickname "a_rumors0000" reported interesting news. He claims Apple Silicon will be equipped with 12 cores.


It is known that Apple A-series chipsets have performance and efficiency cores, but it is not yet possible to know the configuration of the new ARM processor.

Before that, there was a leak, according to which the new Yabloko chip will receive eight high-speed and four effective cores. They predicted its installation in a 13-inch MacBook Pro, which is scheduled for release in the fourth quarter of this year.

Insiders do not know anything about the performance of Apple Silicon. There are no exact numbers, but it is clear that this processor will become the most powerful mobile chip of the American company. In addition, it will contribute to better energy efficiency, which will increase the battery life of your MacBook.

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