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Devil May Cry 5 Guide - 10 Walkthrough Tips


We have been waiting for the continuation of the popular series of slashers from Capcom for 11 years and the Japanese developers with the release of Devil May Cry 5 again managed to pleasantly surprise us, combining the developments of classic games with the restart of DMC. As a result, we have almost the best game in the series according to numerous critics and a project that is suitable even for those players who first meet Dante and Nero. And to save your time and simplify the hunt for demons, we have prepared a guide with tips for passing Devil May Cry 5.

1. Use a variety of attacks and moves to get SSS combos

We'll start with a piece of advice that might seem obvious to veterans of the series. But if you are new to the genre, then keep in mind that in order to get the maximum rating of combo attacks, you will need to combine various movements and fighting techniques. Dodge, launch opponents into the air, change weapons and targets, attract demons to you and make it a rule to constantly change your own tactics during battles. This approach would be the best way to knock out SSS combos in Devil May Cry 5.

Why do this if the game can be passed through endless spam of the simplest attacks? In addition to the obvious point that you can indulge your ego and revel in your own coolness, the game encourages the increased number of red orbs used to buy skills and equipment for creating spectacular and long-lasting combos.

Devil May Cry 5 Guide - 10 Walkthrough Tips

2. Don't forget to taunt

If you can hold a combo for a long time and not receive damage, it will already be a good taunt for opponents, but in addition, the gameplay of Devil May Cry 5 has an additional mechanic that allows you to activate a taunt. On a Playstation 4, it is done by pressing the controller's touchpad and making the demons come closer. This taunt is great for extending a combo attack, increases the total number of points awarded per battle and allows you to close the distance to enemies.

3. Explore the locations carefully

Despite the fact that Devil May Cry 5 is completely focused on non-stop action, sometimes it's still useful not to rush like a locomotive through the plot and thoroughly explore the surroundings. The players' curiosity is rewarded with the already mentioned red orbs, gold ones that can revive the hero in case of death, as well as blue and purple shards of orbs, which increase the maximum health and demonic form. Also, don't forget that you can find secret locations in Devil May Cry 5 that look like red demonic seals. Finding them is not easy and you have to tinker with the perspective of the camera in order to combine the scattered fragments of the print.

Devil May Cry 5 Guide - 10 Walkthrough Tips

4. Feel free to turn on automatic combos

This Devil May Cry 5 walkthrough tip is suitable for beginners and anyone who does not want to spend time memorizing difficult combinations. According to our impressions, the new game turned out to be somewhat simpler than its brothers in the series, but if you still have problems, do not forget that by long pressing the right stick you can activate the automatic assistance mode.

5. Hone your skills in training mode

We recommend that you often look into the "Void" mode for two reasons: to try the abilities before buying them for red orbs and to improve your own combat skills. Since there are three playable characters in the game: Nero, Dante and V with different sets of attacks, it is rather difficult to keep in mind all the combinations you have learned and then, in the game, fill the maximum combo counter. Think of the Void as a combat simulator that will allow you to become a real master at exterminating demonic creatures with a small investment of time.

Devil May Cry 5 Guide - 10 Walkthrough Tips

6. First of all, pump the skills responsible for the movement of the characters

Having gained access to the leveling tree, the first thing to do is to spend resources on combat skills. And this is not surprising, because the more ammunition skills, the sooner it will be possible to destroy opponents. But to begin with, we still recommend spending points on skills that allow you to bounce off opponents, move faster and make double jumps. They are in the arsenal of each of the three characters and are able not only to simplify the passage of Devil May Cry 5, but also to maintain a combo counter, since they will allow you to dodge attacks in time and get close to opponents in the shortest possible time.

7. Don't forget to use the Faust Hat as Dante

We will separately dwell in our guide to Devil May Cry 5 on Dante's "Faust" hat. Besides being a darn stylish accessory, a hat can be a formidable and, most importantly, a useful weapon. But you need to use it wisely: if you mark the selected enemy with a hat and then kill him, you will be able to knock out many more red orbs. Just keep in mind that if the marked enemy managed to hit Dante first, then the player, on the contrary, will lose several red orbs.

Devil May Cry 5 Guide - 10 Walkthrough Tips

8. Parry enemy attacks

The combat system, in addition to the new main character and a number of unusual abilities, received one not entirely obvious mechanics. It's about parrying, and in this Devil May Cry 5 tip we recommend you try to master it as soon as possible. If you choose the right timing and strike at the same time as the enemy, then it can be knocked off balance, leaving it open for subsequent strikes. In addition, it should be borne in mind that you can parry, including special attacks of bosses. For example, with the proper skill, Nero will be able to deflect the fireball of Goliath with a blow of the sword and launch it straight into the demon's fire-breathing mouth.

9. Call Niko if possible

Every boss meeting is always a test of your skills and patience, so it is recommended that you use all possible means to equalize the chances of winning. Alternatively, use the automatic combo mode, but if this approach is not to your liking, then pay attention to the phone booths. They are placed in front of each boss and allow you to call Niko for help. In the improvised workshop, you can buy skills that resurrect gold orbs and other useful equipment.

Devil May Cry 5 Guide - 10 Walkthrough Tips

10. Kill healing and summoning enemies first

We will end our guide on the passage of Devil May Cry 5 with a rather obvious secret, but given its importance, we simply cannot keep it silent. As you already understood, we are talking about demons who heal or with enviable regularity summon their fellows on the battlefield. It is recommended to destroy such opponents first of all in order to simplify the battle and not turn it into an exhausting meat grinder.

No matter how you act in Devil May Cry 5, the game encourages any way of passing, will be able to provide a worthy challenge for fans of slashers and at the same time manages to be the most welcoming game in the genre for untrained players. Therefore, fans of spectacular action, we strongly recommend not to miss Devil May Cry 5 and remember about the imminent release of Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, which we wrote about in the selection of the main games in March.

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