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Guide Devil May Cry 5 - How to play as V


Vee is a man with a mysterious past, a fan of British poetry, a newcomer to the series, and the third protagonist in Devil May Cry 5. It is clear that Capcom has added a character in an attempt to refresh the series' gameplay and move away from cliche combat characters. We admit that the Japanese developers did an excellent job with the idea and playing for V is significantly different from Dante or Nero, because he practically does not participate in battles personally and relies entirely on the help of summoned creatures, nicknamed familiars. The character is quite easy to learn, but still unusual, so in this Devil May Cry 5 guide we will tell you how to play as V.

Even with all the desire for V, it will not be possible to play a warrior. He is so weak that running several tens of meters becomes a difficult test for him, and what can I say, even if the character's familiars do not forget to laugh at his physical abilities. Therefore, when playing as V, you have to use the full potential of summoned creatures, of which there are only three types in the game:

  • Griffin. Sharp Tongue Raven Attacking Ranged Lightning
  • Shadow. A demonic creature resembling a black panther and attacking opponents at close range. Summoning "Shadow" additionally speeds up the movement of the main character
  • Nightmare. A giant demon arriving on the battlefield like a meteor, thereby inflicting significant damage on opponents. The only familiar that cannot be directly controlled
Devil May Cry 5 Guide - How to Play as Vee

Each of the summoned demons independently moves around the arena and often chooses the target on which the player is focused at the moment. Familiars can be controlled directly by selecting a suitable opponent and pressing the button responsible for a specific summoned creature. It may seem that the gameplay for V in Devil May Cry 5 resembles the famous in the USA gaming community meme “Press“ X ”to win”, but we still recommend that you maintain the maximum level of attention in each fight. The "Griffin" and "Shadow" have a reserve of health and if it is used up, then V can become an easy food for enemy demons. A second call consumes a scale of demonic energy, the restoration of which can be accelerated by reading books during the battle.

Another important point when playing for V in Devil May Cry 5 is that familiars are not able to destroy opponents, only to inflict significant damage and knock them off balance. It is at this moment that it's time for V to show off his fighting skills and heroically finish off the demons with a cane. If not, the enemy will replenish his health and return to the ranks, but, fortunately, V is able to teleport to the stunned demons.

Devil May Cry 5 Guide - How to Play as Vee

The main argument on the battlefield and the best tactic for destroying enemies is to summon the "Nightmare" on the battlefield. In addition to being extremely strong and can even provide competitive combat to bosses, Nightmare fully restores the health of Griffin and Shadow. Additionally, in the Devil May Cry 5 guide, we will advise you to spend red orbs on pumping skills that make it possible to ride the "Nightmare" and increase the duration of the demon summoning. Thus, "Nightmare" becomes an even more formidable weapon, and V can count on additional protection in especially intense battles.

Devil May Cry 5 Guide - How to Play as Vee

Tips for playing V in Devil May Cry 5

With the proper skill, when playing as V, you can build long combos with minimal effort. Even more, in our opinion, V is the most powerful character in the game, but in order to use his skills more effectively, we suggest following the following tips:

  • Keep your distance from enemies. V always plays the role of an observer during battles and is not able to adequately respond to opponents in hand-to-hand combat. Therefore, noticing how the enemy demons have lost interest in familiars and rushed to the main character, use a double jump to teleport with the "Griffin"
  • Attack with Griffin and Shadow at the same time. A dangerous enemy is best attacked of all weapons, and if we are talking about V, then simultaneously press the two buttons responsible for "Griffin" and "Shadow" to inflict crushing damage on the enemy
  • Monitor the health of your familiars. Watching how your ward demons are beaten is a terrible sight, just a blow to the sick person, but being left alone on the battlefield is also a deadly situation. Therefore, the next advice in Devil May Cry 5 is to pay attention to the health level of the summoned creatures and, if possible, summon them to you. Use a double jump to summon the Griffin, and side dodge to summon the Shadow. We also recommend keeping wounded familiars close to V, as the shorter the distance between V and the demons, the sooner their health is replenished

To achieve even greater skill in Devil May Cry 5, we suggest that you check out the guide, where we told you how to play for Nero and Dante.

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