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Guide Devil May Cry 5 - How to play as Dante


Dante is a half-demon, half-demon, a veteran of the series, one of the main characters of Devil May Cry 5 and also the most difficult character in the game to learn. The abundance of weapons and fighting styles can shock untrained players a little, so in this Devil May Cry 5 guide, we'll take a closer look at perhaps the most stylish demon hunter in history and tell you how to play as Dante.

Dante copes with the task of accumulating SSS combos better than other characters: just know that in a split second switch between fighting styles and weapons, making dizzying combinations. But this is the case when it is easy to say and difficult to do, so to simplify the task of mastering the gameplay for Dante Devil May Cry 5, we will first consider all 4 fighting character styles:

  • Deceiver. A style focused on the mobile player. Increases the speed of all actions of the character and allows you to acquire several skills to avoid enemy attacks
  • Blademaster. The best option for those who are used to chopping opponents with a sword. Increases hit damage and expands the range of combo attacks
  • Guardsman. Allows you to block and counterattack enemy strikes, but if used successfully, it consumes a reserve of rage
  • Shooter. A long-range fighting style for players looking to get the most out of Dante's gunnery arsenal

Now, in the guide to playing as Dante in Devil May Cry 5, we will take a closer look at weapons. Let's start with the familiar to fans of the Sword of Sparda series of weapons. The blade does not require habit, has high damage rates and a wide range of combo attacks. The Balrog gloves are generally not very different from the sword, but offer more damage due to the reduced attack range. We recommend using the "Balrog" as an intermediate weapon to build complex combo attacks. The Rebel sword is an average weapon between the Sword of Sparda and the Balrog: high speed, relatively low damage and acceptable attack range.

Devil May Cry 5 Guide - How To Play Dante

"Cerberus" is another weapon familiar to fans of the series in Dante's arsenal, similar to three-sided nunchucks. The weapon is extremely versatile due to a wide range of melee and ranged attacks, but it should be borne in mind that the types of attacks differ from the currently used elemental form of "Cerberus". The Cavalier Motorcycle is Dante's last melee weapon in DMC 5, which splits into two giant blades. The weapon is extremely slow, but the lack of speed is compensated for by high damage and a wide range of attacks, so the Cavalier will show itself best in battles with bosses or against numerous groups of enemies.

Devil May Cry 5 Guide - How To Play Dante

Dante is not deprived of ranged equipment. First, we have the trusty Ebony and Ivory pistols, suitable for keeping opponents in the air or at a long distance from the player. Secondly, the Coyote-A double-barreled shotgun, designed for close-range attacks and crushing shots, knocking down the bosses' defenses. Third, the Faust hat is a damn powerful and useful weapon that consumes red orbs. We recommend using the hat only for experienced players in Devil May Cry 5, and do not forget to note that for the destroyed enemies that were previously marked with a hat, they give more red orbs.

Devil May Cry 5 Guide - How To Play Dante

The last weapon is the Kalina-Ann rocket launcher. As befits a heavy weapon, Kalina attacks slowly and deals significant damage. Great against groups of opponents and as a finishing touch to combo attacks.

Tips for playing Dante in Devil May Cry 5

Using all Dante's gear and switching between fighting styles in a timely manner is the key to success in battles, but we still suggest sticking to the following tips:

  • Focus on one style. There is no need to switch between styles at the beginning of the game. Sooner or later you will try them all. But still, for a start, we advise you to devote separate time to each style in turn, in order to understand its advantages and disadvantages. Also keep in mind that each level in the game is allowed to be replayed in order to hone combat skills and at the same time earn more red orbs
  • Don't forget to change weapons and adapt to your opponents. As in the previous advice on Devil May Cry 5, the same technique works with weapons. If you have difficulties with a certain type of enemies, change your weapon, which will be further encouraged by the increasing counter of combo attacks. Look for a special approach to each enemy, for example, against defending demons, a well-aimed shot from the Coyote-A is best suited
  • Don't rush to upgrade your weapon. We advise you not to spend precious red orbs on pumping your first weapon in the first hours of the game, because Dante's range of equipment is gradually replenishing and it is likely that over time you will find weapons that are more suitable for your style of play

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