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Guide Devil May Cry 5 - How to play as Nero


Nero is a half-demon, half-demon, a skilled fighter against evil spirits of all types and sizes and one of the main characters of Devil May Cry 5. Whether you like Nero and his fighting style or not, in any case, the player will have to master the abilities blond demon hunter, because it is Nero who plays most of the gameplay fragments in the game. But we have good news - playing as Nero is quite simple, and in our guide to Devil May Cry 5 we will tell you about the character's abilities and give some effective tips on how to play.

Nero's main arsenal has remained virtually unchanged since Devil May Cry 4: the gigantic size of the Scarlet Queen sword and the Blue Rose multiple-shot revolver. The sword is suitable both for dealing significant damage with single attacks and for building complex combos, in addition, we recommend that you follow the accelerator scale, which allows you to additionally strengthen your sword attacks. The revolver, on the other hand, cannot boast of significant damage, but is useful to knock down enemy attacks and keep them at a convenient distance from the player.

Devil May Cry 5 Guide - How to Play as Nero

For a number of plot features, which we will not disclose, for a spoiler, Nero lost his demonic hand and acquired the prosthetic "Devil Breaker" - a new mechanic in the gameplay of Devil May Cry 5, which allows you to significantly diversify the range of Nero's combat abilities. Each prosthesis has unique features, has a normal and enhanced attack, but is subject to wear and tear, so we recommend that you acquire a significant amount of Devil Breakers in advance to give your opponents a worthy fight. Whenever possible, do not be afraid to use a prosthesis - copies of the "Devil Breaker" can be found on the level, and in front of each boss you can call the engineer Niko and replenish the ammunition for the red orbs.

Devil May Cry 5 Guide - How to Play as Nero

The last but extremely useful piece of Nero's gear in Devil May Cry 5 is the cable that is released from the prosthetic arm. It serves two purposes: either to attract small demons to the player, or, on the contrary, to bring Nero closer to the enemies, if the demon is particularly large in size. Frequent use of the zipline allows you to significantly reduce the distance to enemies, thanks to which it will be possible to maintain high dynamics of the battle and not spend the scale of combo attacks on movement across the battlefield. The only problem is that the basic rope grab range is insultingly small, so at the beginning of the game we recommend investing resources in the “rope grab” ability.

Devil May Cry 5 Guide - How to Play as Nero

Tips for playing Nero in Devil May Cry 5

Each boss or even an ordinary enemy, at the first meeting, can force the player to reconsider the fighting style. However, in our guide to Devil May Cry 5, we can still name some useful tips that will be effective in any battle scenarios:

  • Air attacks are the best way to stay alive. The concept is pretty simple: many opponents simply cannot deal damage to Nero if he is in the air. As an option, we propose the following tactic - to throw up a dangerous enemy with an uppercut and then carry out a series of attacks in the air until it disintegrates into red orbs.
  • Don't let enemies surround Nero. There is nothing worse than feeling surrounded by enemies, and things are especially bad when a line of demons trapped the player near the wall, limiting the escape routes. To protect yourself from such moments once and for all, we advise you to pump repulsive abilities when playing for Nero in Devil May Cry 5. For example, "Scarlet Queen Combo C"
  • Use the Blue Rose charged shot. If you hold down the key responsible for firing a revolver, the weapon will be able to accumulate a charge and inflict significant damage. This technique is suitable in two cases - in order to destroy several smaller demons at a time and to break through the protection of bosses if the enemy deflects blows with a sword.

To further improve your combat skills, we recommend that you check out the Devil May Cry 5 guide for tips on how to play the game.

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