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All endings for Devil May Cry 5: main and secret game ending


Devil May Cry 5 is an old-school reference game. No flirting with current trends like an open world or electoral system. Only a ten-hour adrenaline grinder, flavored with spectacular cutscenes familiar to the series. It would seem that with this approach there can be only one ending in the game, but the Japanese developers managed to surprise us. Therefore, today we will tell you how to get the secret ending of Devil May Cry 5 and at the same time devote a couple of paragraphs to the main ending for those gamers who, for various reasons, cannot play the new slasher from Capcom.

If you have just started playing Devil May Cry 5, then we recommend refraining from spoilers and reading the guide, where we have collected 10 tips for passing the game.

How to get the secret ending in Devil May Cry 5

Let's start with the most important thing - the secret ending of the game. Oddly enough, but you can get it at the very beginning of the game and then with a sense of accomplishment to watch the credits stretching across the screen. In the prologue, when we play as Nero, a supreme demon named Urizen will meet on our way. This boss can rightfully be called the strongest in the game and according to the plot it is planned that Urizen will easily deal with not only Nero, but also other demon hunters, after which the adventure of our heroes starts.

But the most surprising thing is that with due diligence, Urizen will still be able to win in the prologue, and he, squeezing out the phrase "Is this all ... what am I capable of?", will go down in history forever. Then, several messages will appear on the screen, congratulating the player on the victory, and the credits will flash in fast forward. Congratulations, you completed the slasher in 30 minutes, which is designed for 10 hours of play!

All Devil May Cry 5 endings: main and secret game ending

Now let's look at how to defeat Urizin and get the secret ending in Devil May Cry 5. There is only one rule: do not die. If you die in the first skirmish with Urizin, the game will continue and you won't be able to replay the episode. To simplify the battle with the boss, you can either choose the "Heaven or Hell" difficulty level familiar to fans of the series, which allows you to kill all opponents (and Urizin too) with one hit, or first go through the game and start replaying Devil may Cry 5 on minimum difficulty and with unlocked the demonic form of Nero.

Devil may Cry 5 main ending

If in the prologue it was not possible to defeat Urizin, then in the final there will be no choice - one way or another the player will have to destroy the lord of the demons, after which Dante and his brother Virgil will come together in a fight. At the most opportune moment, when it would seem that the brothers will kill each other, Nero intervenes in a skirmish with an important message: any squabbles between relatives are nothing compared to the hordes of demons who hide in the depths of the underworld and are eager to enter the human world. Despite the protests of Nero, Virgil and Dante are sent to the underworld, where demons are exterminated against the background of falling credits.

All Devil May Cry 5 endings: main and secret game ending

Next, we see Nero and Niko, driving around in a van and finishing off the remnants of evil in the city blocks. And finally, the game shows Trish and Lady, who, even with all their desire, will not be able to sit quietly in the office for hunting demons "Devil May Cry", because a new secret order has been received, which means the adventure is just beginning. This is where the Devil May Cry 5 finale ends. It remains only to believe that this time the sequel will not have to wait 11 years.

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