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Why are root privileges dangerous?


Today Android is a fairly stable system, which eliminates many of the shortcomings of the first versions. Now people do not need to do the work of improving the phone on their own, getting root-rights.

Also, getting root privileges for no good reason is a bad idea. This is due to the fact that superuser rights entail many problems that the average person did not even know about. Let's take a look at what to watch out for and why.

Introducing Root

What is "root rights?" In fact, everything is simple. On the phone, roughly speaking, there are 2 types of accounts: Guest and Administrator. In the guest account, programs are given relatively little freedom: they do not participate in the operation of the system, they simply live on their own, doing limited work. But in the Administrator account, programs are allowed to take on a lot of functions: change data in the system, use and "hack" other applications, etc. Root rights are, figuratively speaking, the key to the administrator account. Sometimes root-rights are simply necessary for solving specific and not very tasks. But, as practice shows, many people install them just like that, for no reason.

Why are root privileges dangerous?

First, unofficial. If you have installed root-rights, you can immediately say goodbye to the device license. Sounds strange, right? You will not be able to pay bank bills using your phone, as banks are actively fighting against root users. The reason is simple - you may turn out to be a hacker, and bank anti-virus programs will have restrictions on file scanning.

Secondly, viruses and hacker attacks. In principle, this also applies to the first point. Any of your data can be intercepted at any time: from your access to your bank wallet to your nickname in the game. Viruses, having entered the system, will simply tear your Android apart and it will become a "brick". Remember: if you have superuser rights, you can carry out hacker fun, but any person more experienced than you will make your phone a weapon against you.

Third, loss of warranty. Now no one will want to deal with your gadget (meaning repair companies). After obtaining root-rights, the warranty is nullified and your problems with your mobile device will not be needed by anyone, since the cause of the breakdown is, with a high probability, viruses. Although many argue that companies are not responsible for a device that has root rights, it is still not advised to take risks.

To summarize: it is not worth installing root-rights on the device without a good reason, as you risk getting a small electronic crap. Remember - every benefit has its price and its own, though sometimes justified, risk.

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