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Why is jailbreak a bad, very bad idea?


Every year iOS jailbreak becomes less popular. Today it is needed either by software developers or by those who want to use applications that were not included in the AppStore. What is the threat of jailbreak? Is it possible to somehow secure the device after hacking? This article will answer these questions.

Jailbreak your iPhone or iPad removes the manufacturer's restrictions and allows you to install additional, officially unsupported software on your device. Previously, jailbreak was the only way to achieve full customization of the system. Today, when the iOS functionality is truly wide, and the AppStore is bursting with offers, the urgent need for jailbreak has disappeared. Communities are dying out, and only the most inveterate experimental enthusiasts continue to update utilities to hack Apple's system.

Why is jailbreak no longer fun?

There are more risks than benefits. Jailbreak is primarily a damage to the device's security system, and any violation, as we know, can lead to serious problems.


1. Lack of updates

Despite the fact that jailbreaks include security patches, they quickly lose their relevance, and the jailbroken device does not receive official updates from Apple and other software developers. This means that the system remains unprotected against all existing threats.


2. User account loses protection

A compromised system will not be able to protect user data from malicious applications: any software can gain unrestricted access to payment information, Apple account and all personal files of the user. In fact, jailbreaking gives the green light to all sorts of crackers, spies and phishers.


3. The danger of installing a malicious application

After jailbreak, you can install any application on your device without any restrictions. This freedom of action, in fact, leads to big trouble, because you cannot distinguish a secure program from a ransomari or miner by eye.


4. Low security level

Jailbreak opens access to the root folder of iOS, allows you to modify and delete operating system files. One wrong action and the system will start to malfunction. One more thing - and the smartphone will never turn on again. Even professionals are not immune from mistakes, let alone noobs.


5. Loss of warranty

Apple does not prohibit users from jailbreaking, but warns that in this case, it disclaims responsibility for any consequences. Hacking disrupts the secure environment that the company has created specifically to protect its customers, so after it, the warranty or any other service agreement expires: no warranty repairs and no compensation for damage from hacking.


6. Instability

Jailbreak does not guarantee stable operation of the device. Among its unpleasant consequences are unreasonable freezes, lags, application crashes, etc. The system will not be able to control how much CPU and memory resources are requested by programs, and eventually jams will lead to hardware failures.


7. Baking

The system is an extremely complex structure. Even if everything is done strictly according to the instructions, there is always a tiny chance that something will go wrong. You can restore your smartphone or tablet after a failed jailbreak and return to the official firmware. But then the question arises: was it worth messing around at all?


Is it safe to jailbreak?

Some risks can be minimized, but, unfortunately, not all.

1. Change root password

The default password is known to everyone who installs this version of the jailbreak. The first thing to do after a successful hack is to change it to a reliable one.

2. Install antivirus

Protector should be on any device. This is a basic measure to protect your system from viruses.

3. Do not install applications from unverified sources


Dangerous viruses rarely sneak into the AppStore. And if they do, Apple quickly removes threats. Everything in the official app store is 99.9% safe. Unfortunately, this cannot be said about third-party stores.

If you installed a jailbreak just for this purpose - to try unique unofficial programs - then at least find out more about the developer and read reviews on his creations so that a miner does not come to you instead of a useful program.

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Author: Jake Pinkman