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How to improve sound quality on Android smartphone?


An Android smartphone is affordable for any user. Addicting games, favorite tracks and movies - all right in your pocket. The only thing that can spoil your enjoyment is the sound quality.

For some people, it is vital that their smartphone sounds as good as a home stereo system, and they are ready to spend any money on a device with advanced audio chips. But if you don't know much about audio hardware, there are still several ways to make your audio experience more comfortable.

Clean your speaker first

If you feel that your smartphone is playing worse than usual, remove the cover and thoroughly clean the speaker grill from dust. Sound problems such as rattling at high frequencies and wheezing are caused by dirt in the device.

Try different music players

Native player settings are usually sparse. Advanced options can only be found on Xperia smartphones. However, hundreds of players have already been written for Android, the best of them are Poweramp, VLC Media Player and Stellio Player. Take any and try. All of them have a convenient interface, various playback options (by tags, folders, track title, artist name). Each program works in its own way with the hardware of the smartphone, so the sound will be different. In the settings, you can set a comfortable frequency level or choose one of the presets designed for a specific musical genre.

Download Equalizer

The player's settings are only suitable for listening to music. But there are also separate equalizers, the setting of which will affect the entire sound of the smartphone: for incoming calls, notifications, voice chat, etc. Equalizer offers many advanced settings and is the best way to change the sound quality. The most popular are Equalizer FX (minimalist with 12 presets), Equalizer Bass Boost (focused on low frequencies and surround sound) and Precise Volume (able to raise the maximum volume level). They are all free.

Remove the cover

Of course, a cover is necessary, because you do not want to see how day after day the display is covered with a network of small scratches. However, poorly selected covers (especially books and flip cases) cover the speakers, which makes the sound seem dull and indistinct. The cover can be removed while listening to music, the main thing is not to forget to put it back on later.

Buy quality headphones

Those who say that all in-ear and in-ear headphones sound equally lousy just haven't tried quality products. In fact, good earplugs are capable of delivering a pretty good range of frequencies, they have sound isolation, and with the right EQ settings, they will just work wonders.

Get superuser rights

Root rights will give you access to hidden smartphone settings that you cannot use normally. They affect both operating system changes and hardware management.

How to get superuser privileges depends on your device model. This operation requires certain technical knowledge and programming skills. If you are not confident in your abilities, it is better to entrust this task to a specialist.

After obtaining root rights, you can install applications on your smartphone that were not previously available, for example, DSP Manager. This program has separate settings for all audio sources, including headphones. With its help, you can adjust low frequencies (a problematic place in most inexpensive Androids), compression, and add a concert hall effect - surround sound with imitation of echo.

In addition to the DSP Manager, Beats Audio and Viper4AndroidFX are compatible with rooted devices. Both are powerful tools for working with sound.

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