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Best anime action games. First part


Anime action has always been the main gateway to the anime world for newcomers thanks to its sharp confrontations. The main culminating points of the series, constantly climbing the ladder of popularity, did their job, and this is probably why most of your friends at one time or another in their lives were associated with anime, as if "hooked " on it.

The endless adventures of One Piece: Big Score, iconic shows that influence generations of viewers such as Dragon Ball, Boruto: The Next Generation of Naruto, or new releases like Attack on Titan, Tokyo Ghoul and "My Hero Academy". They successfully combine superhero elements borrowed from the West with the traditions of Japanese manga.

In order to help beginners take their first steps towards anime or people who are interested in watching the exciting adventures of manga heroes, we have created this list of the best anime of the fighting genre.

Sword of the Stranger

"Outsider" can be called the perfect anime, which we will open a list of the best anime in the action genre. The young orphan Kotaro, who is hunted by the agents of the Chinese emperor to perform some of their mysterious rituals and the boy's loyal friend, the brave dog Tobimaru, once accidentally meets the Nameless (samurai ronin), who vowed not to take out his sword, but he still sees even in a dream battles, the past does not let him go. Outsider's Sword is that high-octane anime with tons of well-organized battles that will glue you to your chair while you watch Outsider.

Despite the constant fierce battles in this anime, there is also a place for strategic elements, because the creators do not forget to include the general environment and the positions of the heroes in the dynamics of battles, which is not always found in this anime genre.

Mob Psycho 100

Although the "brother" of this anime can be called "One-Punch Man" and has a large number of fans, the appearance of Moba gives battle to this action anime and largely outperforms "One-Punch Man". Shigeo "Mob" Kageyama is in many ways an awkward but kind teenager who restrains himself, trying not to show his sometimes uncontrollable emotions. When they reach their peak, then Mob's latent psychological abilities come out, because he is an esper.

The actions associated with Shigeo are very exciting, but the real star of the series should probably be called the mentor Mob Reagan Arataka, who himself declared himself a psychic, and at the same time he plays the role of a parent figure in this anime. But don't get me wrong, "Mob Psycho 100" is an amazingly executed action anime.

The work of traditional artists with digital is successfully interconnected, but in addition to all this, we also observe the use of such rare techniques as animation in the spirit of drawing on glass. These techniques, as well as the dynamic development of events in the series, will not let you get away from the film. "Mob Psycho 100" is in every way one of a kind action anime not to be missed.

Hunter ? Hunter

When we talk about narrative and thematically intriguing action anime, Yoshihiro Togashi's "Hunter Hunter" might be the king of the genre. After the release of the manga, one of the Japanese broadcasters immediately got down to business and created a 62-episode anime series, but we recommend you the film adaptation of 2011, where the ending was also finalized.

For those of you who are still not familiar with the series, it should be noted that "Hunter Hunter" tells the story of a teenager, Gon Phrix, who lives with his grandparents on Whale Island. All he knows about his father is that he died, but one day Gon learns that his father is still alive and is considered the best of the best among hunters. The boy decides to find his father, and in order to achieve the goal he will have to become a hunter himself and pass the appropriate exam, because there are a lot of people who want to become a hunter.

The story, which at first does not seem promising, gradually reveals itself, forming genre arched connections, pushing to the limit the lack of concern and concern for their own good among some characters of this genre, which is already familiar to anime fans, and at the same time "Hunter Hunter" remains quite touching and an exciting adventure on the screen.

Great importance in the series is attached to the disclosure of multiple lines of characters, which proves to us that Togashi manifests himself not only as a conceptual artist, but also as a professional storyteller. "Hunter Hunter" may take some time to comprehend, but when you get into the essence of the series, you can bet that it will soon become one of the most beloved.

Report of a Rampage of Spirits (Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files)

Even before the "Hunter Hunter" appeared, Yoshihiro Togashi was already a legend of its kind thanks to the unforgettable "Report on a Rampage of Spirits", which begins with the death of the main character Yusuke Uramesi and continues with his own adventures, but already as a detective in the world of spirits. In the work of the late 90s, Togashi concentrates more not even on a multitude of characters, but on a group of four, and the battles themselves are distinguished by more pressure and energy than tactics.

That being said, we must admit that the creative abilities of the creator of The Hunter of the Hunter and The Report on Spirit Rampage are fully revealed, which makes the seemingly standard situations unusually fresh, shown in a new way, and all this ends with an absolutely unsurpassed final a tournament that has probably never been surpassed in anime history.

The sudden ending of the show still leaves some bitter aftertaste. However, it still truly stands the test of time perfectly. Try watching this show and you'll quickly see why it's considered a classic.


This anime is the epitome of cool. This kind of film that often provokes discussions about "style versus content" and at the same time nullifies the legitimacy of this debate, because the events, like the main character of the anime, make this film unforgettable.

The main character of J.P. is a cool racer and he was lucky to compete in the most prestigious and incredibly risky race "Red Line" since "Race: Cannonball". J.P. got this right to participate in the competition due to the fact that a couple of other participants suddenly withdrew from the tournament, which is not surprising, because the participants in the races are representatives of alien races and everyone has their own goals.

In general, in order not to talk about the plot for a long time, and even more so not to reveal intrigues, it is better to turn to the "Red Line" in terms of its quality in the anime genre. What might be even more appealing to fans of the genre is the fact that the audiovisual characteristics of Red Line are very difficult to beat.

Such an unforgettable soundtrack, and also the approach of the anime director Takeshi Koike to shadows, the entire level of work on the production of the film shows us that this can only be achieved by many years of hard work, and especially this fantastic representation of the sense of speed, which has taken on physical form makes anime a must-see for everyone who considers themselves not only beginners, but also all fans and connoisseurs of the genre. Indulge in incredible, chaotic and high-speed battles at the same time.

If you prefer a smarter and deeper anime, then do not miss our top anime with an outstanding plot , which, in addition to everyone's favorite Death Note, has many masterpieces.

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