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Five exciting projects that came to life thanks to Kickstarter


The crowdfunding portal Kickstarter for several years of its existence has already managed to publish more than one hundred successful projects. Recall that the main essence of this service is to collect voluntary donations for the implementation of interesting startups. In this article, we've rounded up five of the most original 2017 projects that have come to life thanks to Kickstarter.

Smart Buckle - smart watch buckle

This $ 39 solution turns any watch into a convenient fitness tracker. Smart Buckle users do not need to wear any bracelets, they just need to replace the clasp on their watch.


Inside the clasp there is a small chip that constantly monitors a person's activity and determines how much he has passed in a day, at what speed and how many calories were processed. All this data can be viewed on a smartphone through a proprietary application that is available for Android and iOS.

Splash Drone 3 - Waterproof Drone

The device is intended primarily for travelers and extreme lovers. The drone is equipped with a 4K video camera with a viewing angle of 106 °.


He is not afraid of water, he can dive and take off again, without stopping the shooting. The maximum speed of the drone is 56 km / h, while it can independently move along a predetermined route.

Manual control of the device is carried out either using a mobile application or using the control panel that comes with the kit.

GObyLIVI - display and smart helmet that turn a regular bike into a smart one

GObyLIVI is a set of two devices working in tandem. The main purpose of this solution is to simplify the control of a bicycle or motorcycle, while increasing traffic safety.


GObyLIVI includes a compact display that attaches to the steering wheel and a helmet with a built-in bluetooth headset. The display shows various characters; it also manages the entire system.

As for the bluetooth headset located in the helmet, through it the system informs the user of important information about the situation on the road. Among other things, GObyLIVI allows you to monitor the speed of movement using a special mobile application.

Circadia - a system that restores natural biorhythms

The device is a special lamp that simulates natural sunlight and changes its brightness depending on the time of day.

The main purpose of this lamp is to improve the quality of human sleep. According to the developers, their project is based on years of research in the field of sleep and biorhythms. Circadia collects a variety of data about the user, and about the room in which he is: breathing rate, heart rate; room temperature and humidity and so on.


After that, the system gives the person its recommendations in what conditions it is better for him to sleep. Circadia can simulate sunrise and sunset, and you can also choose the optimal melody for awakening.

Circuit Scribe - Conductive Ink Pen

A device called the Circuit Scribe is a special pen that writes with water and silver ink.


By drawing a line with such a pen on a piece of paper, we create a conductor of electric current. The Circuit Scribe comes with a variety of high-tech parts. For example, you can build a flying drone from cardboard.

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