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Samsung's software app is officially recognized as a medical service


Health Monitor, aka Samsung's proprietary app, has been designated an Official Medical Product. This status was awarded to him by the South Korean ministry in charge of food and drug safety. The main purpose of Health Monitor is to track blood pressure indicators, while at the time of direct measurement, you do not need to additionally use a standard blood pressure monitor or other auxiliary devices.

The application was developed primarily for smart watches and smartphones. The official release of Health Monitor is expected in the second half of 2020. Initially, it is planned that the application will complement the software components of the branded Galaxy Watch Active2, and in the future it will be present on other gadgets of the family.

Samsung's medical application contains a special mechanism for measuring blood pressure, proposed by the company's developers. It differs from the usual technology of blood pressure monitors, and its main principle is based on the use of a pulse wave. A pulse wave can be thought of as an increased pressure pulse that is triggered by the release of blood from the heart. Such a wave spreads from the aorta to all capillaries and gradually fades away. It is believed that the pulse wave for each person passes individually, while this indicator will largely depend on the degree of vascular elasticity. In addition, it can also be considered a biometric identification method.


Tracking with a heart rate monitor will allow you to find out the individual value of the wave, after which the Health Monitor will analyze the indicators. At the moment of a direct change in blood pressure, a tonometer or its cuff is not needed - a smart watch with a built-in application will cope independently. To use your Samsung watch with the built-in medical app, it must be pre-configured to match the readings of a traditional blood pressure monitor. This will provide more accurate diagnostic results. After that, the user will be able to take the necessary measurements. The application will analyze the relationship between the reference value and the change, thereby determining the final result.

The Samsung app was originally designed to monitor blood pressure, and is mainly useful for those who have an increased risk of increasing pressure. To use the medical utility, you need a Galaxy smartphone based on Android and a Watch Active2 watch, but in the future, the list of wearable gadgets compatible with the application will be supplemented with other models.

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Author: Jake Pinkman